Vaughn – Living Single

Ladies, (or gentlemen), here is your great living partner.  He is easy on the eyes, goes with the flow, has good space in his heart and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  Let me introduce you to Vaughn.  Vaughn is brought to you by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts Home Plans and if he doesn’t meet all your needs, Frank has many other options for you.

Vaughn (B-2399) is charming with just shy of 2400 sq. feet.  He gives you 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths in single-story living.  Do you know what else adds to his charm?  Vaughn is a solid blend of cottage and craftsman-style character.  Natural materials, natural colors and textures are comfortable, cozy (even with open floor plans), functional, and timeless, which is exactly what both cottage and craftsman bring you.

Vaughn Front

Vaughn – Welcome

Stepping onto the covered porch, Vaughn offers you comfortable seating.  No matter the weather, you will be safe and dry here so sit with a drink and stay for a while.

Now, in the foyer, you can breathe easily as this is an exciting place to be.  Already you feel relaxed and curious about knowing more.  Vaughn knows this and it adds to his charm.

Right off, you’ll notice a suite to your left and a hallway to the right.

The suite can be used for a guest bedroom, especially with its attached full bathroom, but an office or multi-purpose room isn’t out of reality either.  Keep in mind that this room is in the front of the home but behind the covered porch.  It will let light into the room, but not as much as other spaces around the house.

There is also a small closet on the right, just beyond the hallway. Vaughn has a place for everything.

Vaughn Main Living

Vaughn – Down the Hall

Down the hall to the right, is another suite, a full bathroom, the laundry room and utility door out to the garage.

This suite has a walk-in closet and access to the bathroom, which is also accessed from the hallway.  I know this bright spot might be where your best friend comes to stay when you are ready to introduce Vaughn.  He or she will find this room comfortable for a long weekend stay, especially with a cozy bed and soft bed linens.

The bathroom is a full one, easy for entertaining and visiting friends to use. How about bold wallpaper in here?  That is a real mood changer.

Next up is the laundry room.  It’s in a larger space, like a room within a room and the ‘space around’ is ideal for a bench, storage and a counter to drop off packages or set your items to take out to the car tomorrow.  Beautiful, BOLD wallpaper on one wall here would also be amazing.

Now, you are just steps away from your two-car garage.  In the single life, live it up, have a sensible car and the wild one, get what you’ve always wanted.

   Vaughn – Office, Kitchen & Dining Room

Back in the house, pass the laundry room and head back toward the kitchen.  Take the hallway and sneak between a small pantry and an office space.  This office space is behind/under the stairs.  You might decide to use one of the suites as an office and then use the area under the stairs as more pantry space.  Now, walk into your kitchen,

The kitchen is open to an eating/dining area.  You have long walls of counter space and cabinets for cooking up great meals any day of the week.  The sink and bar top area looks toward the dining area and family room.

Vaughn – Back View

Vaughn – Family Room & Covered Lanai

Your cozy, but large, family room has a fireplace.  See, Vaughn thinks of everything you want.  This open space, great for gatherings and a fireplace, creates a feeling of cozy when you want it.  You might flank the fireplace with benches and storage, shelving or a combination of both.

There is a door that leads out to your covered lanai. Inclement weather?  No problem.  Vaughn is so thoughtful, don’t you think?  But, he knows that you will also want ‘al fresco’ time, so there is uncovered back deck space.  Plant a lot of pots with plants and herbs.

Vaughn – Owners Suite

The back right side of the house is your morning hello and nightly sleep well.  There is a door that leads to your back deck for late-night stargazing.  The room is big and has one solid, long wall, so go ahead and get that California king-size bed.

The bath has a long counter with two separate sinks.  If you like, a spa effect can take up residence in the separate soaking tub and glass shower.  Your commode is in its own space too.  See, told you Vaughn thinks of everything.

Rounding out the bathroom is a nice large walk-in closet.

Vaughn – Come and meet me

Whether or not you are single, are part of a couple or have a family, Vaughn checks all the boxes.  Take another look around, then reach out to Living Concepts and let the team help you secure the plan you want.


We make the plan, you make it home. 

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