The Traditional Home: the Brickmoore Plan

The Traditional Home: the Brickmoore Plan

Front Elevation- Brickmoore

I recently went to the beach. When I was there, the sun would peek out every now and then from the cloud cover. Coastal areas can be like that- a bit of gloom then full of light, especially when the sun has set and the moon casts its guiding light for sea turtles. This house, the Brickmoore Traditional Plan by Living Concepts House Plans, reminds me of the beach. Open, airy- and yes, a traditional home. At 3384 square feet, this home has a master suite downstairs, three additional suites upstairs, three full baths, one powder room, plus a playroom and bonus room. So, let us begin!

First, on the right side, you will find the two-car garage with single bays. Then, your eyes are immediately drawn upward to the roof line- how varied it is! Dormer windows peek out from the roof; there are no shutters (as in the rendering), but rectangular windows are placed to bring in maximum light. Gaslights above the front entrance and to both sides of the garage add the warmth you desire.

First floor-Brickmoore

Brickmoore Traditional Plan, First Floor

Laundry Room and Mudroom

To begin with, you step up and walk from the garage directly into the mudroom. There are cubbies to place those school bags or items from the car you want to sort through later, a place to sit, and storage if needed. Then, on your right, you will see the laundry room. How easy is that? From mudroom to laundry, where the washer and dryer dominate, and a utility sink, countertop and cabinets fit in. Plus a door from the outside on the left because your dog walks though Every. Single. Puddle. So, in the sink he goes! 

Powder Room and Closet

Then, straight ahead (looking from front to back of the Brickmoore Traditional Plan), the powder room is on your left, and a closet can be found under the stairs you just passed, conveniently placed for outer garments shed before entering the main house. And yes, cooler weather will come. Just not right now (hoping October is crisp and colorful 🍂). 

Kitchen and Dining Room


Dining Room View                                                                    The Kitchen

Once inside the kitchen, you will notice the island that allows for extra seating; it also houses the kitchen sink, with room for your microwave and dishwasher, as well as cabinets for extra utensils (you just cannot have too much storage space for culinary necessities). The range/stovetop is on the far right wall, and space for the refrigerator, south of the island. Finally, a hard right in the kitchen (next to the refrigerator) will take you to an office on the left and a walk-in pantry on your right. The dining room overlooks the terrace; it is spacious enough for that traditional furniture you saw perusing your favorite magazine. 

Family Room and Covered Terrace

The Brickmoore Traditional Plan includes a family room which opens out into the covered terrace. In the family room, a fireplace on the left wall is embraced by shelving (moderately recessed) on either side. Outside, another fireplace on the same wall provides warmth and ambiance for the fall days to come (have faith- it will get cooler!). A covered terrace means you can choose to have a large screen television with furniture that may need to be out of the elements. Or not- outdoor seating is so much more durable than years ago (remembering my Mom and Dad’s rattan that slowly crumbled). 

                        Family Room                                                Covered Terrace

The Study, Foyer and Master Suite

From right to left and at the front of the house, you will find the study, foyer and then, the master suite. Before entering the study, though, this traditional plan has a small closet on the right and another one inside the study (with shelf). The study faces the front of the home, allowing natural light to fall inside. Additionally, the foyer has a niche (room for a mud bench, perhaps); the arched portico (entrance) is open on the left side.

Next is the master suite, which assumes the entire left side of this traditional plan. Another closet on the left side of the foyer, though, is not part of the master suite, but it is a convenient place to relinquish your jacket and shoes before entering into the hall that takes you to the master suite. Then, once inside the master suite, the first thing you will notice is the light pouring in from the tall windows on either side of the fireplace.

        Master Suite


A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart. Gladys Taber 

Kind of hard to disagree with that, right? After lounging in front of the fire, you can turn around and explore the master bath. Inside, you will find two sinks on your left (heading towards the front of the house), with ample countertop and storage space. A large walk-in shower is on your right. From there, a sliding door separates the master bath from the most generous walk-in closet. Ever.

Brickmoore Traditional Plan, Second Floor

              Second Floor

The Bonus Room, Three More Bedroom Suites, and the Playroom

First, at the top of the stairs, look left, and you will see the entrance to the bonus room. Windows on three sides (this room is above the garage) will let light stream in; at more than 360 square feet, you will have so many options to personalize this space. Exercise room? Media room? Storage room? Only you can decide. Back out in the hallway, a closet on your left can hold the necessities (linens, paper products) for the upstairs bathrooms. 

The second bedroom suite has a walk-in closet, and a bathroom with a single sink and a shower/tub combination. The third and fourth bedroom suites share a bathroom, which has a single sink and shower/tub, too. Both bedroom suites have reach-in closets. Finally, the playroom is between two bedroom suites. Need a place to store those Legos or Matchbox cars? This is it, because no one likes to step on those things in the dark. Or, for a more adult theme, store your European board games here, placing a game table and comfortable chairs in the middle of the room. Pencil, paper, quiet now-begin!

The Brickmoore Traditional Plan

Open and uncluttered, the Brickmoore Traditional Plan, like others from Living Concepts House Plans, is well-planned. The home feels more spacious than its 3300 plus square feet, and it will be the place where you can relax. Finally, to purchase the plan, click here! (Look on the right side for the green button that says add to cart). Then, you’ll be on your way to a traditional home that truly feels like home !


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