The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

It is nearly that time of year, when you can sit outside on your porch without fear of melting or being carried off by large insects. You might wave to those leaving or beckon the best of friends inside upon arriving. Porches and terraces are like that-inviting, meditative spaces. The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside by Living Concepts gives you that needed space to sit outside and practice that deep breathing. 

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

This craftsman home has three levels, 4916 square feet, four beds, four full baths, and one half-bath. You will find outside spaces off of the basement and the first floor. Cedar shake siding and stone highlight the exterior. On either side of the front, stone is tapered underneath the windows. A screened porch is to the right of the portico (open porch). The garage is on the right side of the house.

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

     First Floor-Garage, Greenhouse and Grunge

First, on the far left of the garage, a door allows you to enter that space.  Another door in the far-right corner leads to outside, too. Then, there is the greenhouse along the outside wall of the garage. What to grow? Then how about flowers and vegetables. Or a mixture of both. (A bit of history- Roman Emperor Tiberius had one of the first so he could eat healthier in his latter days. And that was a long time ago!).

Next, you will want to shed the grudge and grime from your work clothes. Do that by walking into the house (using the door to the left of the greenhouse) and past the reach-in closet on your right. There is also a place/worktop on your left to drop your belongings before heading deep into the house.

Finally, the laundry room has its own closet space, countertops for folding clothes and, of course, room for the washer and dryer.

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

     First Floor-The Middle and Meals

Much of the middle of Touchstone’s first floor is involved with meals, their preparation and consumption. First, the formal dining room shares a wall with the laundry room. Then, to the left, the family room, kitchen and breakfast area are all open, allowing for family and friends to be together even while they are separate.

The kitchen is spacious. It has a generous walk-in pantry on the left, where you can store those vegetables you grew (canned, now) in your greenhouse. The double sink and dishwasher are on the outside wall. Two islands give you plenty of room for meal preparation. One of them has additional seating, another sink and your cooktop. 

Then, the family room has a fireplace in the right corner. The door leads to the open terrace where you might choose to install a grill. Plenty of room to enjoy the outside here! 

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

Finally, the breakfast room opens up into the screened porch. Take your donut and coffee outside to enjoy the morning. Another door goes out into the portico.

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

     First Floor-the Living Room and Left Side

First, doors open from the portico into the foyer. There are stairs on your right, one set leading to the basement and the other to the second floor. Then, walking ahead, you will be in the living room. You might choose to make this a more formal area from the family room, sans television or the extraneous noise you sometimes crave. 

Finally, the master suite is on the left side of the house. The entrance contains the powder room on your left, while a door on the right leads you to the sleeping area. Walking towards the front of the home, you pass by two walk-in closets. The master bath has two single sinks, separated by the doorway. An enclosed toilet (far right), a walk-in shower (far left) and a soaking tub between these two complete the master bath.

basement floor plan

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

     Basement-Media, Mechanical and More

First, once you are in the basement, you will see a reach-in closet under the stairs, which are on your right. Then, on your left, a countertop peninsula with seating and a sink offers you a place to refresh after a vigorous game of table tennis or indoor sport of your choice in the recreation room. (Maybe not the way I play it, but you can perspire if you play it with vigor). A fireplace is in the far-right corner of the rec room. A door close by opens up to the covered terrace. Enjoying the outside? Here, you will!

There is the option for a media room across from the recreation room. While mechanical storage is on your far left, other storage rooms are located on the right side of the basement, with one opening up to the outside. Suite #3 (walk-in closet included) is also on the right side. It has an adjoining bath with a sink, toilet and walk-in shower.

Finally, another guest suite, which could also be your study, is in the far-left corner of the basement. There is a walk-in closet. The bath has the same amenities as suite #3. Three more storage spaces complete the basement.

second story

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside

     Second Story: Suite and Storage (More!)

Upstairs, on the second floor, suite #2 is on the far-right side. It includes a walk-in closet. The bathroom has a single sink, toilet and a shower/tub. There is also space here to store your linens. The loft is adjacent to the stairs. This area is ideal for a small bookcase and low, plush seating. Finally, there is an abundance of attic storage on the left side of the second floor.

The Touchstone Plan: Enjoying the Outside


A good home meets your needs. A great home plan, however, exceeds that. The Touchstone plan by Living Concepts offers you the best in outside spaces, and then exceeds your expectations by delivering a well-planned interior. Be sure to click on the green rectangle that says add to cart to purchase the plan.

The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had. Author Unknown

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