The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

More than 50 years ago, my parents would take their five rowdy kids to Windy Hill (aka North Myrtle), the “pink cottage,” as it was known to us. We couldn’t wait until dark because my Dad would sit on the steps at night and tell us ghost stories. So, when I saw this plan, The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe, by Living Concepts, it just brought back that beachy, sentimental vibe.

The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

This cottage style home has a master suite plus three more bedroom suites. An elevator makes going from the basement to the second floor easy. Outside areas encourage movement from inside to out to enjoy the beach breeze. And those elegant stairs in front- who wouldn’t want to sit there and share stories? Let’s look at the basement first. 

The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

     Good Vibrations: The Basement

At the back of the basement, you will find doors that lead out onto the covered veranda. The garage bays (single) are on either side of the storage area (wave boards, stand up boards). The elevator is just left of center, and the stairs going up are closest to the right garage bay. 

You will notice the words wave break area on the basement plan. If you build this home at the beach, oceanfront, the house is designed so that waves in major storms or flooding may wash away the break-away walls that are non-supporting. However, the house is secure with the pilings that support it. (More info here, in case you’re interested). Now, that’s good vibrations!

first floor

The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

     Summer Nights: The First Floor

You might use the elevator to get up to the first floor, or perhaps the stairs. The front portico (or porch) opens up into the foyer. The guest suite is on the left. It has a walk-in closet and a full bath with a single sink, walk-in shower and toilet. Be sure to leave the windows up so you can catch that breeze and hear the waves as they lap the shore. Ah, summer nights!

Then, on the right side of the foyer, you have stairs leading upwards, and, nearby, those going into the basement. Also, on the right side, the foyer is open to the dining room. A door from dining opens up into the hall. On your right is the laundry room with enough space for your washer and dryer, as well as a utility sink. Walking forward, a reach-in closet is before you, perhaps for overflow of bath or laundry products needed throughout the season. Then, you enter the kitchen.

The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

     Stay: The Rest of the First Floor

First, on your left, you have a walk-in pantry. Summer snacks here? You bet! Inside the kitchen, countertops follow the walls in a reverse C shape. A kitchen island holds your cooktop. The double sink and dishwasher are on the kitchen peninsula. Then, you walk into the breakfast room, which is open to both the kitchen and the grand room. A door from the breakfast room opens up onto the deck. 

The grand room has three doors going out onto the deck. You can hang out here to keep working on that suntan or go back indoors. Then, looking towards the front of the home in the grand room, a niche in the right corner is the perfect spot to showcase those special, sentimental beach finds. (Just remember, sea stars are living things and need to be put back in the ocean).

Then, next to the niche, is the elevator. A powder room for guests is between the study and guest suite. Adjacent to the powder room is a reach-in closet. The study has its own fireplace and access to the deck with two doors. You’ll want to stay, of course, but there’s more to see. So, let’s head up to the second floor.

second floor plan

The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

     I Love Beach Music: The Second Floor

First, the master suite is located on the right side of the second floor. From the balcony, you enter into a generous sleeping area with a sitting area on the left side. This might be the spot where you turn up that beach music, either with your favorite stereo components (vinyl is coming back, y’all!) or with those earbuds you can’t live without. 

There are two walk-in closets. The master bath has two single sinks with a linen closet between them. An enclosed toilet, walk-in shower and soaking tub complete this space. Then, suites #2 and #3 each have their own bath. They are on the left side of the home. 

Suite #2 has two ample reach-in closets. Its bath has a walk-in shower, toilet and single sink. Suite #3 has these amenities, also. Suite #3 has a walk-in closet. Between both of these bedroom suites is another reach-in closet and your access to the elevator.

The St. Croix: Sentimental Vibe

     Myrtle Beach Days: Conclusion

Myrtle Beach was the place to go when I was a kid. Maybe it still is- it’s a personal choice. No matter where you choose to dabble in the sun and sand, consider the St. Croix plan. It may be just the place for you to create those family memories. Be sure to click on the green button to purchase the plan!

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