The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

    The Explanation

As I write this, it is a cool, wet, spring day. Perfect for frogs and worm-seeking birds. Yet, I know that those hot muggy days are just waiting to pop out, like the dandelions in our yard. Those months (yes, those long months) of sweat dripping brows make you want to hop out of the car and right into the freezer. Or at least a cooler place. That is why The Radbourne: A Traditional Home is perfect.

This house plan by Living Concepts has what we call a drive-under garage. This means that the garage (or at least one of them), is at a lower level than the rest of the house. In this case, the Radbourne has two garages. Stepping out from your car and then into the basement might just cool you off. Besides, whoever heard of a hot basement?

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

     Bending the Traditional

First, let’s look at the front of the home. A traditional one is usually quite symmetrical, but the Radbourne bends that concept to blend in elements such as varying roof lines, the two-story bay on the right side, arched windows, and an arched entrance way.  Corner niches on the left side add to the uniqueness of the home.

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

      Entering the Lower Garage and Basement

The lower two-car garage is accessible from the left of the home. It is also multi-functional. On your far right will be stairs that lead up to the first floor. (There are also stairs outside of the garage on the far left wall that go up to the first floor). Next to that is a closet for storage. Then, along the back wall (sink included) and left wall of this garage you will find countertops. This is a no excuse for being messy space. Under those countertops? Cabinets, of course. And a reason to make Marie Kondo proud.

A generous reach-in closet is on the right wall. Also, on the back wall are two doors. The one on the right is to the workshop. More countertops, more cabinet space and room for a washer and dryer. Spoiled you, right? And there is more. From the workshop, take a right and you’ll see the wine room. Ditch that plugin wine fridge and put your Cabernet here. We walked right past another set of stairs going up, but we have more to explore first in the basement.

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

     Exploring the Rest

To the right of the wine room is your unfinished/outdoor storage space where you can store any large outdoor equipment or furniture. There are also doors on the far right wall leading to outside, of course. Back inside, a small reach-in closet is by the stairs, as well as the wet bar, where you can mix your drinks and clean up afterwards. Not to be confused with the dry bar, which is where those with long tresses go to have their hair “blown out.”

Then, the hobby room is to the right and adjacent to the guest suite. If you’re a hobbyist, this room could easily be your sewing room. And you would have a place to store all of those extra scraps you just can’t get rid of by putting them into appropriate containers and then into the corner closet. The room also has a reach-in closet.

The guest suite has a full bath (two sinks, shower/tub and toilet) plus a walk-in closet. Finally, the recreation room has a fireplace on one wall and a grand view of the outside, as it faces your backyard. A corner sofa, game tables, billiards- the choices are innumerable. After gaming, you will want to step outside onto the terrace.

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

     Going Upstairs- the First Floor

The three- car garage is on the left side of the Radbourne, with the single bay being closest to the front of the home. There are three doors on the left wall of this garage. The one on the far right is to a closet. The middle door leads to stairs going down into the basement and the door on the left takes you to the first floor or by turning right, up to the second floor. 

Once inside, a door on the left leads to your side yard. Straight ahead (and inside), there is  a generous reach-in closet, the perfect place to hang up that rain jacket or toss those shoes. Going straight again, you will find the laundry room. It has a sink, counter space, and of course, room for that washer and dryer.

The kitchen and breakfast rooms are adjacent to the laundry room. The kitchen has two islands, the smaller one with the range and the larger with a sink. Makes sense, right? Your major appliances have their designated spots and you will have plenty of counter space to dazzle your guests with your Julia Child dishes.

Then, the breakfast room looks out over the terrace and it is adjacent to the covered porch. Take your repast out onto the porch or even the terrace, which extends from left to right, nearly covering the entire back end of the house.  Or, on cooler days, wander into the gathering room, feet propped up in your recliner, facing the fire. With a great book from your shelf. All is good.

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

     More First Floor Meandering

Walking towards the front of the home, the formal dining room is on your right. In the foyer, stairs on the left will take you either into the basement (these are behind a door), or stepping further on, up to the second floor. The powder room is nestled between the stairs and the master suite. 

The foyer also takes you to the front door. As you enter the Radbourne, a reach-in closet on your left is the perfect spot to hang up your jacket. Finally, the study is to the right of the foyer, looking from the front. It has a fireplace and room for those classics you’ve been collecting. Oh and a desk and chair.

The master suite encompasses almost the entire right side of the home. The sleeping area faces the back yard. It contains more than 300 square feet with windows on two sides and a door that opens out onto the deck. 

Heading towards the front of the home, the door on the left opens up into the master bath. The toilet is enclosed. There is room for a soaking or garden tub, walk-in shower and two sinks that are separated by counter space. No stepping on toes here! Finally, there are two walk-in closets, with a reach-in closet between for additional storage. 

second floor

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home

     Stepping up to the Second Floor

First, we will use the stairs by the kitchen. Once on the second floor, you will notice a door that leads to attic storage. Then, inside here, turn the corner, take a right and there is another door leading to more storage. Back in the hallway, there is a reach-in closet. Just in case you need more room.

Another door nearby takes you into the playroom, which has more than 600 square feet of possibilities. I know I’ve written this before, but honestly, this could be your child’s (or children’s) haven or even a family room dedicated to away from tech time. 

Upstairs, there are also three bedroom suites. Each one has its own bathroom and a walk-in closet. Suite #2 faces the backyard. The bath has a shelf tub, a walk-in shower, sink and toilet. Suite #3 faces the front of the home and has a balcony you can walk out onto. The bath has a walk-in shower, sink and toilet, plus a small closet to store your bath products or linens.

Finally, Suite #4, the smallest of the three upstairs, has two sinks, a tub/shower, and toilet. It opens up into the inner balcony, which overlooks the first floor’s gathering room.

The Radbourne: A Traditional Home


The Radbourne is nearly 8000 square feet of functionality. From two garages, one being the drive-under, to the bedroom suites and playroom upstairs, this traditional home is designed to meet all of your wants and needs. To purchase the plans, go to this page and be sure to click on the green button that says add to cart.

photo of front

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