The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities

Do you remember when you graduated, high school or college? The emotions that caused tears of joy (I did it!) or relief (I’m done!). This plan by Living Concepts– The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities can evoke similar feelings, especially if you have been looking for that perfect house plan. Ah, the possibilities here!

The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities

First, this is a low country or farm home. Dormer windows add to the upstairs light. There is also a dormer window on the second floor of the garage, which is detached, like the Cascade. The covered porch, rocker ready, extends equidistant from the front door. Then, there is a three car garage on the right side of the home. Inside, you will find four bedroom suites, three full baths, two powder rooms and a workshop above the garage. All in 5I06 square feet. Is there more? Of course!

The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities

The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities

     It’s All Elementary

It’s the covered porch that is elemental to a low-country home. This area longs for rockers and tall glasses of sweet tea. Once inside, you are in the foyer, with stairs going to the second floor straight ahead. A reach-in closet is under the stairs. The formal dining room is on your right and the living room, on your left. 

Then, straight ahead from the foyer, you walk into the great room. Think of it as a more relaxed living space than the living room facing the front of the home. A fireplace is on the left wall. Bookshelves on either side can hold your favorite book series or the family board games you enjoy playing in your down time.

The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities

     And Then There’s Middle School

Ah, this is when the fun begins (said no parent ever of a middle school child). Seriously, parenting is hard, especially with tweens. But, when you have room enough to spread out because you have a great room in the middle, and then a family room on the right- well, you won’t be under each other’s feet. A fireplace is on the right wall. These two rooms plus the sitting room (master suite) open up to the spacious covered porch

Back in the gallery and walking eastward, a powder room is on your left. Then, you enter the kitchen on your right and the breakfast room on the left. An island centers the kitchen. The oven/stove is on the inside wall. The kitchen peninsula separates the kitchen from the breakfast room. It also houses your double sink.

A walk-in pantry on your left is found in the short hall that runs to the right of the kitchen. The laundry room is beside it. Nearby is a reach-in closet. A door opens to the breezeway, which leads to our three-car garage. Then, using the gallery to walk to the west/left side of the home, there is a reach-in closet on the right.

The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities

     The High School Drama

Finally, you have reached the master suite. High school drama? Not in here (unless you mean the Broadway kind). Because you can sing in the shower, and dance too, if that’s what makes you happy. But first, let’s explore the sleeping area. You will have about 380 square feet for the sleeping and sitting areas. Also, there are two walk-in closets on the right wall. 

Then, walking towards the front of the home, you enter the master bath. The walk-in shower is on your right. The soaking tub is next- step up and step down into relaxation. On the opposite wall there are two single sinks. Then, on the outside wall is the enclosed toilet. A small linen closet nearby holds the extra linens and paper supplies you need.

second floor plan

The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities

     College Credits and the Diploma

Oh, the possibilities on the second floor! Just like getting those final college credits (and in four years or less, per parental advice) and then dreaming of your future. The balcony upstairs opens up into 320 square feet of recreational space. A powder room is nearby. To the right, the media room, complete with sink and appropriate counter space, will keep young and old adults entertained when it is outfitted with those special reclining chairs and a screen bigger than…well, big. Really big.

You also have three bedroom suites on the second floor. Each suite has its own walk-in closet. Suites #2 and #3 share a bath. There are two sinks here, a shower/tub and a toilet. Adjacent to suite #2 is a reach-in closet, while a small linen closet is between the two suites. Suite #4 has its own bath. It is outfitted similarly, except that it has one sink. This bath also opens up into the media room.

Finally, there is the workshop above the garage. Remember, this area is accessed with the steps from the breezeway. Unlike the Linville plan, this room is a blank palette. The possibilities are numerous- craft room, she/man cave, or workshop complete with your favorite woodworking tools. 

The Pembroke Plan: Possibilities


Purchasing a home plan that you have decided is perfect for you and your family is a big decision, much like choosing the right college or profession. Right for you, that is. Perhaps the Pembroke plan is the one you have been looking for. It certainly has possibilities! To purchase the plan, be sure to click on the green rectangle that says add to cart on the right side of the page. And start dreaming!

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