The Oaklands- Your Refuge

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Jane Austen  I get it. It’s why more and more people are choosing to work from home, or travel to a sterile office less frequently. The Oaklands– Your Refuge by Living Concepts is a comfortable craftsman home, beautiful, versatile. At 4809 square feet, there are two stories, with terraces for you to enjoy outside entertainment and room inside especially designed for play. Four bedrooms, two powder rooms, four bathrooms-plus two laundry rooms!

The Oaklands- Your Refuge

The Oaklands- Your Refuge

     The Front

Tapered columns are typical of the craftsman home. This one is no exception. The one-car garage is visible on the right side of the home, while the second, two-car garage is behind the stone column on the front. Lit from within, the home has a fairy-tale ambiance. The gable detail adds to the beauty of the home.  A refuge. Your refuge.

The Oaklands- Your Refuge

The Oaklands- Your Refuge

     First Floor, Right Side Entry

The two-car garage is at the right front of the home. Entrance into the house is through the door on the far-right wall. Between both garages is a small portico for you to enter the home without using either garage.

The single-car garage is at the far right. A door at the far end makes this storage room perfect for you to get your outside tools. And, of course, there is a door into the storage room from inside the garage.

First, to enter The Oaklands from the single car garage, there is a door on the left wall. Then, once inside, the laundry room is on your right. A utility sink and a dog-wash (or drip-dry area, if you prefer) increase the potential of this room. Another door on the outside wall does exactly that- goes outside. How convenient! Next, on your left is a powder room.

The Oaklands- Your Refuge

     First Floor, More on Right Side

First, what is your refuge? Is it in creating gourmet meals? Dining with family? Friends? Then, the dining, kitchen and breakfast areas will meet your needs. The formal dining room is on your right as you enter the home using the front door. (Be sure to notice the wide front porch which, if the outside is your refuge, will accommodate you and a seriously comfortable chair easily). A wine room at the end of the dining room opens up into the gallery (hall). To its right is a small pantry, with spaces for a sink and wine chilling.

Then, after the laundry room, a pantry and office are on your right. Sinks, dishwasher, extra refrigerator- all are possible in the room. Next is the kitchen and breakfast area. Two islands give you the much-needed room for creating. One island is dedicated to the double sink and dishwasher. Finally, the breakfast room faces into your backyard. 

Two doors give you entrance to the breakfast terrace as well as the covered terrace on the left. This outside space is further enhanced by an extended outdoor area with room for built-in grills and ovens. Maybe your refuge is outside-if so, this is your spot.

The Oaklands- Your Refuge

     First Floor, Middle, Left and More

First, if you enter the home using the two-car garage, stairs on your left side take you to the second floor. Another staircase, both having reach-in closets beneath them, is to the left of the dining room. Before the stairs, however, is the study. This room, perhaps, is a more serious place for the contemplative person. Another powder room is nearby.

Then, the great room is right in front of the covered terrace. It is open to the kitchen and breakfast room. A fireplace on the left wall will take the chill off of crisp mornings and evenings.

Finally, the master suite is on the left side of the home. The sleeping area is at the rear of the home. The master bath includes two single sinks separated by the door entering the bath suite. On the left side, a small space is given to store linens. A soaking tub (your refuge!) and a walk-in shower, plus an enclosed toilet complete this part of the suite. Then, around the corner is a generous walk-in closet for both of you.

second floor

The Oaklands- Your Refuge

     Second Floor, Suites and Extras

This is a well-planned second floor with extras. First, you have three bedroom suites, each with its own bath and walk-in closet. Suite #2 is at the front of the home. The bath has a walk-in shower. Suite #3, at the left side of the home, has a tub/shower rather than a walk-in shower. The guest suite’s bath has a walk-in shower. It is located at the rear of the home. 

Then, there are the “extras.” For example, the kids’ study is found near the stairs and is centrally located between the bedroom suites. Next, the bonus room is more than 240 square feet of possibilities- game room, media room or an extra den. It also has a walk-in closet, perfect for storage. The rec room and billiards room add to the likelihood that your refuge might be found upstairs. The guest suite’s bath also opens up to the billiards room. 

The rec room has access to a reach-in closet as well as a sink and space for an under-the counter-fridge, if desired. Finally, there is a second laundry room at the far right on the second floor. It has a utility sink, too, and space to fold clothes. No excuse for the young ones here not to learn how to wash, dry and fold their clothes. 

The Oaklands- Your Refuge


The Oaklands Plan can be your refuge. It will give you and your family space to enjoy the outside with its covered terrace and front porch, as well as room inside to relax and play. Be sure to click the green button on the right side of this page that says add to cart. Then enjoy the planning of your new home!


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