The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

It’s July, and summer is still present. However, fall is trying to sneak in. I saw leaves turning red on a neighbor’s tree. Blink, and you’ll be wearing that scarf and hat you keep somewhere. Plus, your kids will be back at school (hooray, right?). Until then, enjoy the season, even if autumn is a tad more pleasant. In any season, really, The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall by Living Concepts is just right. The front elevation gives you a hint, like those leaves changing, of what is to come.

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

Siding (cedar) and stone complement the steep roof of the home. This craftsman home plan features a two-car garage on the left. Like the Geneva plan, this home also has a beautiful rear elevation that tells its own story. Included is 5853 square feet in two floors, six bedrooms, five full baths and one half-bath. Oh, and two media rooms!

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The Basement: Verandas X Three

Let’s begin with the verandas. On the far left is the enclosed veranda. It houses the hot tub. There is a door going to the outside porch, as well as a door that goes to the covered veranda. So, you can use the hot tub and then step outside to that cooler weather you know will be here. Eventually. Then, the larger covered veranda extends across most of the back of the home. Finally, the smaller covered veranda is at the far right of the plan. For a better view, look at the rear elevation below.

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The Basement: Bedroom Suites

There are four bedroom suites in the basement. First, suite #2 is on the left side of the home. It looks out onto the covered veranda. It has a walk-in closet, a walk-in shower and toilet. There are two single sinks, with a door between the sinks that goes out onto the porch. Suite #5 also shares this bath (what we call a Jack and Jill). It has a walk-in closet and access to basement storage.

Then, suites #3 and #4 are on the right side of the home. Suite #3 has a reach-in closet with extra shelving to the right. It has its own bath with a single sink, toilet and shower/tub. Nearby is a linen closet. Suite #4 differs as it has a walk-in closet and a walk-in shower. It also has access to the veranda.

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The Basement: Entertainment and More

On the right side, a door opens to a room for mechanical storage (why? because you need room for those heating and cooling units, for one). Then, in the middle of the basement, you have a large recreation room. To the right, you have a fireplace. Beside that, you have a bar with seating. There is also room for a double sink and an under-the-counter refrigerator for your beverages.

An optional elevator is across this room. Finally, the media room (first of two) is between the two storage areas. No blackout curtains needed here! After getting your big TV situated and your cushy chairs installed, all you will need to do is lift the remote with one hand and your beverage with the other. Sounds delightful, right? For any season- summer, fall and beyond.

Finally, there is a closet under the stairs that will take you to the first floor. Let’s go there next.

first floor

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The First Floor: From the Garage

The two-car garage offers more opportunities for storage. First, at the far-left end, you have space for a workshop. Then, at the far-right end (closest to house), you have room for your bikes. There is even more storage right along the outside wall. This is a no-excuse-for-looking-messy garage. Really.  Before you walk inside, you pass by a door on your left that leads to your side yard.

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The Left Side: Starting Here

Once inside, turn 90 degrees and you will notice a door going outside. Also on your right is a reach-in closet. Walk straight ahead, however, and the walk-in pantry will be on your left. Next is the laundry room, with space for the utility sink, your washer and dryer as well as countertops to fold clothes. (Just play the music loudly- Summer Nights– it will pass quickly!). Then, on your right are stairs going to the second floor and also stairs going down into the basement.

The kitchen, breakfast room and sunroom are all open. The double sink is on the outside wall with space for your dishwasher to the left. A large island with your cooktop and seating for several is in the middle of this room. Then, you walk into the breakfast room. Finally, the sunroom overlooks the backyard. It has a door going out onto the veranda. Like A Summer Song, you can watch the leaves fall. And the rain.

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The Middle: Continuing the Walk

The loggia, or front porch, opens up into the foyer. A niche is on the left side, as well as a spot for the optional elevator. Then, take a left turn after the elevator, and you will find a reach-in closet. A powder room is nearby, too. Straight ahead from the foyer is the gathering room. A fireplace with shelving on both sides will draw your friends and family inside when that fall weather starts to ease in. A door on the left side of this room goes out to the veranda. Outside and on the far-right side, there is a designated place for your grill, perfect for all seasons.

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

  The Right Side: A Place for Everything

If you have ever complained about not having enough storage space, well, you will not grumble with the Lantana Plan. Turn right from the foyer. On your left is another reach-in closet. Then, on your right is a second reach-in closet. The library/study is also on the right side. It faces the front of the home, and it has access to a small hall right outside of the master suite. Here, there is a countertop on the left side with a sink. This could be your morning coffee spot. See, there is a place or everything!

Then, the master suite is straight ahead. Its own sunroom is on the right. Next is the master bath. It has a single sink with space for a chair on the right (the vanity). Another sink is diagonally located from the first one. There is a large walk-in shower, a toilet and a linen closet. Finally, two sumptuous walk-in closets complete the master suite.

second floor

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The Second Floor: Living the Life

There are two ways to get to the second floor. First, you can use the stairs that flank the far left (outside) wall of the garage. Or you can use the stairs inside. Once upstairs, you will appreciate how this area can have many purposes. Having relatives stay for an extended period? Need a mother-in-law suite? Or do you have a college student who just needs his/her own space? 

This area, which includes suite #6, extends the length of the left side of the home. First, using the outside stairs, you will come upon the bath to the right. It has a single sink, toilet and shower/tub. The living room is straight ahead, and the bedroom suite is on your right. It has a walk-in closet.

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall

     The Second Floor: And More to Explore

Then, from the living room and walking towards the back of the home, you pass through the dining room. Pizza anyone? Or a cobb salad? You can prepare either one in the kitchen, which is next. It has room for all of your major appliances. Plus, the double sink looks out over the side yard. Attic access is between the kitchen and dining areas.

Finally, a few steps down, and you are in the second media room. Here is another walk-in closet. Add some surround sound to your media room, and you will be engrossed in that new series you’ve been waiting for, like the prequel to Game of Thrones. Winter is coming…

The Lantana Plan: Summer into Fall


But, before winter gets here, even before fall is fully established, take a look at the Lantana plan. Whether you intend to build on a lake-front lot, on a golf course or that piece of land in the woods that you have been holding onto for your dream home, this plan is worth a second look. When you are ready to purchase, be sure to click on the green button, right side, that says add to cart.


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