The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

I just heard that Netflix crashed when Stranger Things, Volume Two, was loaded. Love that series. Watching it on a big screen television is fine, but even better? A media room, of course. If you do not have one, then perhaps The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media, is the plan for you. This craftsman home by Living Concepts has five bedrooms, five full baths, two half baths, all in 7027 square feet- and a media room.

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

Stone and cedar shakes, plus dormers help to create that cozy craftsman feel. The front portico, or porch, is slightly off-center. The two-car garage seen here is on the left side of the home. Behind this garage, though, is another one-car garage. Let’s enter from the basement.

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

     The Basement: No Vecna Here

First, the inside stairs are on the left side of the basement. There is a reach-in closet under the stairs. To the right there is a powder room. Then, to the left, you have the bar with an island, double sink included. This area is open to the game room, which leads into the screened porch. A fireplace will draw your friends into the room as it gently pushes out the warmth you are craving. But for now, I’d take a tall glass of sweet lemonade. Lots of ice, please.

Next, you walk out into the covered porch, which extends from the screened porch and across most of the back of the home. Then, at the end and outside, there is a reach-in closet under the stairs, which take you up to the next floor. Finally, you enter the space for the hot tub at the far right of the basement wall. No Vecna here, only a beautiful view. 

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

Then, back inside and in the middle of the basement, doors from the covered porch take you into the family room. A fireplace, with space on each side for shelving (books, nicknacks, etc) is on the inside wall. This room is open to the game room and to the billiards room, which is straight ahead. Between these two rooms is the spot for a future elevator.

Finally, bedroom suite #5 is on the right side of the basement. It has a walk-in closet and a door leading to your hot tub. The bath has a walk-in shower, single sink, toilet and a closet for those bathroom essentials. The bathroom opens up onto the covered porch. Nearby, you have a second set of stairs going up. A reach-in closet is beneath the stairs. Mechanical storage is in the far-right corner of the basement. Access is granted with a door near the stairs and another one outside near the bedroom suite.

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

     Left Side, First Floor: Not the Upside Down

If you have followed the Netflix series, you know that the Upside Down is, well, not good. Pretty dark, in fact. So, think of the first floor of the Geneva Plan as just the opposite.  Bright and inviting with plenty of space to create, relax and enjoy. Let’s begin with the left side. First, you have two garages as mentioned before.

first floor

Remember, the two-car garage is the one you see in the front elevation. A door on the right wall of the garage leads into a hall. Inside, the laundry room is on the right, complete with a utility sink. The powder room is next and on the same side. The single-bay garage is connected to the home with a short breezeway. It leads into this same hall. Walking towards the rear of the home, you will pass stairs going down into the basement as well as stairs going to the second floor.

 Then, you enter the kitchen and breakfast rooms. A walk-in pantry is on the left side. The pantry and countertop with the built-in oven share the right wall of the single-bay garage. In the middle of the kitchen, there is an island with a double sink and room for your dishwasher. Additional countertops are along the right wall. 

The breakfast room is curved, forming the turret you see in the rear elevation. The gathering room completes this left side of the first floor. It has a fireplace on the rear wall, with shelves on both sides and is directly above the screened porch. A door opens up here onto the terrace. This porch extends across the back of the home. It ends with the outside stairs that go down to the basement level.

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

     The Middle, First Floor: Maybe not Surfer Boy Pizza

In Stranger Things, the character Argyle delivers Surfer Boy Pizza. (You can actually get this at Walmart).  Perhaps, though, your dining room experience should be a more intimate, luxurious one. Canapes, anyone? This dining room is at the front of the home. To the right, there is the foyer. Steps going up and another for going down are on the right. A reach-in closet is here, too, for the outerwear and miscellaneous that seems to accumulate.

Next, walking towards the back of the home, you walk through the gallery and into the living room. On the right wall, you will find a fireplace with shelving on either side. French doors lead out onto the terrace.

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

     The Right Side, First Floor: Master Suite

Did you know you can even stay at your own Stranger Things suite? I mean, who would want to do that? Not me, lights flickering, totally spooky. However, the Geneva Plan’s master suite is just right. You enter from the gallery. On your left, there is a walk-in closet that is the same length as the living room. Seriously. A few steps further, and on the right, you are in the sumptuous sleeping area. A fireplace anchors the outside wall. Then, walking towards the back of the home, another walk-in closet is on your right. 

Next, the master bath has a walk-in shower, enclosed toilet and a soaking tub. The sinks are on the opposite (left) side of the bathroom. Two closets in here will hold all of your bathroom essentials. At the far end, a door goes out onto the terrace. To the left of this door is one which leads into the (larger) walk-in closet.

second floor

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

     The Second Floor, Where Media Reins

Upstairs, you have three bedroom suites. Each suite has its own bath and walk-in closet. Suite #2 is at the far right. Attic access is through this closet. The bath has a walk-in shower, toilet and single sink, plus a reach-in closet. Adjacent to this bathroom is the space for the elevator, if desired. Then, stairs are nearby going down. 

Suite #3 faces the front of the home. The bath differentiates from #2 by having a shower/bathtub combination instead of a walk-in shower. Next, suite #4 is at the back of the house and on the left side. The bath is similar to #3. 

Finally, in the midst of these bedroom suites, you will find the media room, where Stranger Things and other series that perplex the mind reign dominant. The room opens up onto a balcony. Inside, you will have plenty of room for a large television and comfy chairs to snuggle into. Best get blackout shades for that back window, though.

The Geneva Plan: In the Midst of Media

   Conclusion/Final Season

The final season will appear in 2023 or later, allowing for the characters to play the young adults that they are now. By then, I may be on to another series. So many great ones are out there. However, the Geneva Plan is not one to be left behind. Take a closer look. This plan, with the second floor media room, plenty of outside spaces to entertain, room to eat, sleep and play- what more could you wish for? Be sure to click on that green button, add to cart, right side of the page, to purchase. And remember, this plan is REAL. Hawkins, not so much.

photo of front of home


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