The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

Trapped. The little wren was trapped inside our home (briefly, flew out unharmed later). Have you ever had that feeling of being trapped in your own home? And know that you need more room? This European house-The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up by Living Concepts, reminds me of openness. It has four bedrooms, two kitchens, two laundry rooms, five bathrooms plus a powder room, and so much more. The opposite of being trapped. Majestic. Spacious. It says- come inside! And we shall, but first, let us look at the front elevation of the home.

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

French doors and stacked windows, porthole windows and balconies- these are but a few of the details you will see at first glance. There are two garages. The two-car garage is on the right side of the home, and the single garage is on the left side of the home. Let’s enter from the left side of the home using the garage.

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

 First Floor: Elevator, Study and Bath

Two steps up and you are inside. A door on the right gives you access to the outside, while the door on the left gives you a place to drop your belongings or store them in a cabinet. Plus, you can sit down and pull off those all-weather boots. Going forward, an elevator is on your right. Master up? No problem, when you have the transportation available. 

Then, the study is only a few steps ahead on the left. This corner room gives you access to a covered back porch. Inside, there is a reach-in closet. The bath has a single sink, toilet and shower.

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

  First Floor: Gathering Room, Den and Going Outside

Dual staircases- separate ones that wind up to the second floor- define your front hall. Nearby is a powder room. On the left side of the gathering room is the bar, which, like the study, also gives you access to the outside. In the gathering room, a see-through fireplace on the right side can provide heat to the den, too. A door on the right side of the den leads to the deck.

Going outside, you really need to look at the rear elevation below to absorb how much outside space there is in the Florence plan. From the left of the gathering room, there is the covered porch, with just enough space for you to lounge out of the sun’s rays. Decks on either side of the main floor are open with stairs going down to your backyard.

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

   First Floor: Kitchen, Dining and Laundry

A peninsula (countertop that extends from the kitchen) separates the den from the kitchen. A kitchen island with a double sink anchors the interior of the kitchen. On the outside (right) wall, you can find the stovetop/oven and dishwasher. The refrigerator is against the back wall and right in front of the stairs that take you into the basement. 

Additional countertops are between the kitchen and the formal dining room. Finally, the laundry room (one of two), which includes room for your washer and dryer, as well as a utility sink, has a door that takes you into the two-car garage. Let’s take the stairs and explore the bottom floor (basement).


The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

   The Basement: Billiard Room, Exercise and Media Room

This- this is the floor where you go to relax, to be entertained, to exercise and then sweat out your soreness. The billiard room is perfect- long and narrow to allow plenty of elbow room as you make those shots. And to avoid having those little round dimples on the wall (trust me, I know). Need to burn off a little steam? The exercise room is around the corner, or use the door on the right to go outside and shoot hoops or swim. Pool not included.

Walking towards the front of the home, there are two reach-in closets. One is an under-the-stairs closet. The other one is directly across from it. Finally, there is the media room (big screen television or projector screen, Netflix, Hulu or Prime-so many choices!). No windows here, allowing for the dark, flat paint you chose to keep the room much like your favorite theater (pitch black) when the reel starts. You’ll need a popcorn machine, too.

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

   The Basement: Bar and Recreation Room

Need something to drink with that popcorn? The bar is right past the stairs. It has a walk-in closet for your wine. Another closet, this one a reach-in, can hold the extras you need, as well as soft drinks. A sink at the counter gives you easy cleanup. Then, the recreation room, which is in the center of the basement, has a fireplace on the left side.  You could also have your smart sofas here (yes, there really is such a thing) for those days when you just want to put your feet up and charge your phone without moving a muscle. A door on the back wall (right) goes to the back yard. 

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

   The Basement: Spa, Sauna and Mechanical Storage

Behind the fireplace of the recreation room is your spa; it is in an enclosed room that is diagonal to the bar. A few steps up and you can soak away those joint or muscular aches. Turn left instead, after the bar, and you have your very own sauna. The elevator is beside the sauna. After those rooms, you will enter the mechanical storage room, which also opens to the outside. Need a secure place to store your tools outside? Well, this is it!

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

   The Basement: Another Kitchen, Suite #4 and Bath

From the recreation room, you can also enter the bedroom suite in the basement. It has a kitchen with a door to the outside, so it is convenient for entertaining or as a mother-in-law suite (or a place for that guest who stayed too long at the barbecue). The kitchen sink has a window above looking out into the backyard. There are also designated spaces for your stovetop/oven and refrigerator. 

The bedroom suite has a reach-in closet. The bath has a single sink, toilet, linen closet and spacious shower. A door leading to the outside adds to the convenience.

Florence second floor

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

   The Second Floor: The Master Suite (Finally)

When you take the elevator to the second floor, you can peer down below. The balcony is expansive and it helps to separate the master suite from the right side of the home. This suite consumes the entire left side of the second floor. Let’s begin with the sitting area using the door nearby.

This room is pentagonal in shape and faces the backyard. It is large enough for several reading chairs, a small sofa and lamps to light the area when night falls. Windows grace all sides. From there, you step into the sleeping area. A fireplace in the right corner can add warmth and ambiance on chilly days and nights.

Stepping towards the front of the home, you will find large- his and her- walk-in closets. Then, you are at the master bath. There is an enclosed toilet, a garden tub on the right, and a walk-in shower on the left. The vanities are in the middle of the room, facing each other and a single sink each. Finally, a balcony overlooks the front. Master up? Yes, this is indeed a grand space.

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up

   The Second Floor: Playroom and Bedroom Suites #2 and #3 (Plus Laundry)

On the right side of the home, a door from the balcony leads into the playroom, which has a reach-in closet. The second and third bedroom suites each have their own bathroom. Suite #2 has a balcony, fireplace, and a walk-in closet. It faces the backyard. The bath has a toilet, bathtub and two sinks.

Nestled between the two suites is your laundry room (the second one!). It has designated spaces, of course, for your washer and dryer, as well as counter space. Finally, suite #3 faces the front of the home. It has two balconies, a fireplace and two reach-in closets. The bath has a single sink, walk-in shower and a toilet.

The Florence Plan: Master Suite Up-Conclusion

Feeling trapped and ready to move from your single story home into a multi-story one with amenities? Then, this may be the plan you are looking for- The Florence Plan. When you are ready to purchase, be sure to click on the green button on the right side of the page. 

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