The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design

The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design

Spoiler alert– do not read this paragraph if you are still watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. I just finished Collection 8 and Peter, from Scotland, won. The youngest ever plus the first Scottish winner. And I was thinking, because Scotland reminds me of moors and castles- who would not want to live in a castle? Well, perhaps not as large as Balmoral or others you may have seen in guided tours, but still. The stuff of fairy tales. The Fincastle Plan by Living Concepts House Plans can be your own personal castle.

The European/French Country design has two stories, four bedrooms, three full baths and one half bath, plus room to spread out with 4476 square feet. A copper-roofed turret, varying roof lines with stone and brick to fortify your “fortress” -all come together naturally in this house plan.

front rendering of Fincastle home
                                           Front Elevation

The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design

The Front Elevation and Garage

Your eyes are drawn to the turret on the right side of the house, where mullioned windows (in sketch of front elevation) draw light into the panes that are step-like in placement. An aside- turrets were originally planned in castles so that guardians of the space could watch for incoming travelers, be they friend or foe. Today, it’s kind of like peeking around the corner to see who’s coming up the driveway. 

But first, you must enter the house through the three-car garage on the left side of the home. Then, after parking your vehicle, you will notice that, even with three cars inside, there is ample room for you to store those tools, especially when you need quick access. Cabinets could line the interior here, housing your drill or scroll saw, with locks optional for those sections that need extra security.

ground floor of Fincastle plan showing living areas
                  First Floor of Fincastle

The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design

First Floor- Gathering and Recreation Rooms

A few steps up nearly mid-point in the garage on the right side, and you will be at the door (on the left) that brings you inside the home. Then, once in, on your immediate right is a reach-in closet for the outer garments you shed because they are no longer needed, i.e. jackets and shoes. Straight ahead is the gathering room, with a double-sided fireplace (shared with the recreation room) on the left side and a niche designed to hold that precious artifact either inherited or acquired from travelling. The space is open to the breakfast area and the recreation room.

Then, inside the recreation room, you will notice the bar in the left corner. Personalizing this space will come naturally, depending on the purpose desired. Spirits in the cabinets above and glasses displayed below, with a sink to wash up afterwards, will complete the area. Alternatively, you could always use this space as a coffee bar or add your own soda maker. (I’ll take a fizzy grape with a pack of cheese crackers, please!).

Stairs leading to the sleeping areas above are on the left side of the recreation room. Want to stroll outside for some fresh air? Or for a different kind of noise? Both rooms-recreation and gathering- have doors leading to the terrace. You’ll have room for a grill on one side, with your table and chairs on the other.

photo showing rear of Fincastle plan with terrace and turrets
                        Photo showing rear of Fincastle Plan

First Floor-Breakfast and Kitchen

Next, the breakfast room, which is nestled in the right corner of the first floor, looks out onto the terrace. Inside, your personal touch will determine the extent of Old World influence you prefer here and in the kitchen. A rich, cherry finish or an airy, light distressed one will both fit. The stovetop/oven is placed along the right wall and there are two islands, where you can extend the look you want; one island separates the gathering room from the kitchen. This one houses the double sink as well as the dishwasher, with ample room for seating and swiveling around to see what might be happening in the gathering room. 

The other island is closer to the lower right corner of the kitchen, yet it leaves plenty of room for you to gain access to the countertops and prep areas. A short path from your refrigerator to the walk-in pantry makes preparation of Portuguese Sweet Bread (delicious!) or a French Baguette super simple. Promise.

First Floor- Dining Room, Foyer and Study

Finally, the dining room is just steps away; it is open to both the kitchen (north) and the turret (southwest), when you are looking at the Fincastle plan with a bird’s eye-view.  A gentle turn to your right, after dining, will lead you into the foyer. A powder room is on your left, and the study, which faces the front of the home, is found on the left side of the foyer. On the right side of the foyer there is a beautiful, curved staircase that delivers you upstairs to the master bedroom suite, as well as three more bedrooms.

second floor plan of Fincastle showing all bedroom suites, storage and laundry
                Second floor Plan of Fincastle

The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design

Second Floor-Master Suite

Using the foyer staircase will take you to the master suite, which is immediately on your right. Once inside, on the right, you will notice shelves that extend the length of this wall. Keeping them open or interspersed with glass doors is one option; another one would be to create your own personal library here (and I’ve heard the Butler & West series is a great one).  A bump-out at the far end of the bedroom suite gives you the perfect place for your reading chair and lamp. And maybe another small bookcase.

Then, a door on the left side of the suite takes you into the master bath. A small niche is on your left and right; then, immediately afterwards, on your right and left again, you will find the walk-in closets. Also in the master bath- a shelf or garden tub, an enclosed toilet, two sinks (well separated), and a walk-in shower.

The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design

Second Floor-The Rest of the Story

Alternatively, using the stairs from the recreation room will take you closer to the remaining bedroom suites. Once upstairs and looking ahead, there is a laundry room that is commodious. You will have room for your large appliances, a utility sink, and cabinets to hold those supplies you never want to be without. On your left is suite #2, with a walk-in closet, a bath with shower/tub combination, and a single sink. Like the master bedroom suite, this one also has a bump-out which looks out over your backyard.

Suites #3 and #4 share a bathroom, often called a Jack and Jill. Inside, there are two sinks, a shower/tub combination and a single toilet. The third suite has a walk-in closet while the fourth one has a generous reach-in closet; the latter also has access to storage. And who doesn’t need more storage? A linen closet is also adjacent to this suite.

The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design-Conclusion

As with any house plan, once you have decided on the exterior, you will want to delve deeper and put your touch on the interior of the home. The Fincastle Plan exudes the old world charm on the outside, and this is easily carried throughout the home. That’s your next step- but the first step? Choosing this plan. 

To purchase this plan, be sure to look on the right side for the green button that says add to cart. Then, you will have taken the first step to making this home yours!

front photo of Fincastle plan showing turret
                                        Front of Fincastle Plan

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