The Faircrest, a Low Country Home

The Faircrest, a Low Country Home

Sometimes you want all that hustle and bustle inside your home because it is filled with joyful noise. Like kids laughing and playing. Then, some days, you just want to take your cup of coffee or tea and sit outside, listening to the squirrel and chickadee chatter. You can have both when you choose the Faircrest plan by Living Concepts. This two-story low country home has nine-foot ceilings on both floors, a two-car garage, open living areas with master suite down, three suites upstairs, three full baths and one half-bath.

Faircrest home, front elevation

Three, Six and Four in the Low Country Home

The Front of the Home and Garage

First, you will notice three dormer windows, six columns and four mullioned windows embracing the front of the Faircrest plan. The covered porch extends across the front of the home, with plenty of room for that joggling board you saw on a recent trip to Charleston, SC. Drive around to the back on the left side of the home, and you will park your vehicle in the two-car garage. An area designated for storage extends the width of the garage, with double-doors that swing open on the inside, and outwards for access to your backyard.

Low Country Living- First Floor of the Faircrest

The Garage and Laundry Room

Next, let’s walk inside using the door on the right inside the garage. Up a few steps and you enter the hall; facing the front of your home, you have a door on the left that leads to another covered porch. A door on the right takes you into the laundry room. Here, you have countertop space to fold clothes, a utility sink, and convenient placement of those big machines you dare not go without for long- the washer and dryer

Low Country Dining

The Breakfast, Kitchen and Dining Rooms

The breakfast, kitchen and living rooms all open to each other, with the dining room nearby for those more formal occasions, where you might actually sit down and enjoy appetizers, a main meal and dessert (people still do that, right? As I grab some toast to go. And coffee.). The breakfast room pleads for light colored furniture, perhaps an oval table and cushioned chairs. The kitchen peninsula is nearby; you can pull up a stool and complete your meal here, or choose this spot to observe your Chef de Cuisine at work. To stay out of the way.

An island provides the perfect place for your electric or gas rangetop; the dishwasher is nestled beside the kitchen sink (left side) and your refrigerator occupies a space on the right side of your sink. Placement of your oven and microwave are up to you. Then, across from the kitchen island, you will discover your walk-in pantry. (If you need Mason jars, just let me know, as I have a plethora of them. All sizes). Finally, you walk into the dining room, which faces the front of the home. Time for an amuse bouche!

The Library

Then, from the dining room, you walk into the foyer and then across into the library. A fireplace is centered on the far wall, with bookcases on both sides. Add a ceiling fan with comfortable seating, and this will be the ideal spot for a retreat. In the foyer and heading towards the back of the house, you will pass by stairs leading to the second floor. Underneath is a closet.

Low Country- In and Out

The Family Room and Covered Porch

Next, you will find a powder room on the right before heading into the family room. A fireplace on the right wall with bookcases on either side makes this room another example of low country, relaxed living. Add to that an entrance to your covered porch, and this outdoor living space can be used year-round in most climates (though insect repellant may be necessary in some. You know, when the skeeter meter starts heading upwards). 

And In Again

The Master Suite

Back inside, to the left of the stairs is a short hallway leading to the master suite. On the right, before entering, you will find an alcove or closet, if you added shelves. The master suite (also known as the owner’s suite) has a tray ceiling with a bump-out or bay window. Put your reading chair here or a chaise lounge to make this nook your retreat from the busyness of your life. Similarly, you could drop your yoga mat here, and focus inward. Namaste’.

Low Country Bath Suite

The Master Bath

Right before you enter the master bath, you will find two walk-in closets. In addition, you will find a smaller closet in between these. Then, you enter the master bath, with a walk-in shower that is spacious enough for a shelf to hold your shower essentials. The toilet (or bidet, if you prefer), is behind a door, and you have two sinks on a single counter. Finally, the shelf tub rests under the window of the front of the house.

Low Country- Upstairs

The Bedroom Suites

Upstairs, you will find the bonus room, an office and three bedroom suites. As soon as you arrive upstairs, you will discover the office on your right. It has a reach-in closet and built-in shelves/countertop for two walls, forming an L shape. Also, the second bedroom suite has a reach-in closet and a walk-in closet. The bath nearby has a linen closet, single sink and shower/tub combination. The third and fourth bedroom suites have walk-in closets, plus they share a bath with two sinks, another closet, shower/tub and toilet.

The Bonus Room

The bonus room, which is accessible using the hallway between the second and third bedroom suites, is huge. You have 450 square feet- use it well. Interested in a media room? An exercise room or yoga studio? Or even a game room. All are possible. Moreover, the bonus room can be the most versatile one in your new home.

Your Low Country Home- the Faircrest

Finally, no matter where you decide to build, this low country home by Living Concepts, the Faircrest, will be one you treasure. For more ideas on low country homes, be sure to check out LC’s collection here.

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