The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

Like the Hyannis plan, the Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want, is a European one by Living Concepts. Extras? Indeed! In 7266 square feet, you have outside space to entertain, two laundry rooms, and a wine cellar. The home has five bedroom suites, five full baths and a powder room. And yes, there is more!

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

The front elevation shows the three-car garage on the left side of the home. Stone and cedar shakes complete the exterior of the home. The front door and garage bays are framed by wooden pillars. Arched windows are above the garage and continue on the front of the home.

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

     The Basement- So Many Extras!

Extras? First, you have the elevator that can take you from the basement to the second floor. If you have ever had to go up and down stairs on crutches, you know the importance of an elevator. Plus, when the Emmerik is your forever home, you might need that extra assistance one day. Then, there is the large, covered terrace that wraps around the back of the home. 

Next, nestled on the left side (when looking at the basement plan) is the guest suite with a walk-in closet. The bath has a toilet, single sink and a walk-in shower. Stairs going up to the first floor are nearby. Then, walking counterclockwise, there is the exercise room. Peloton? Nordic Track? The possibilities are limited only by your wallet. 

An extra- you have the bar and the wine cellar. The bar curves around (like a backwards “C”) and has seating for you and your friends. A sink for cleanup and space for an under-the-counter-fridge are extras you will use. Storage is on your right side while the elevator is on your left. Then, you have the billiards room. One of the extras here is a countertop that extends along the right wall with seating.

Then, the game room, which is open to the billiards room, has a see-through (two-sided) fireplace. What an extra! The game room has a door to the covered terrace. Finally, in the middle of the basement, you have the recreation room. On the left side are built-in cabinets. On the right side, you have built-in shelving on both sides of the see-through fireplace. A door at the back leads out to your covered terrace. For the best view of the back of the house, see the rendering below.

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

     The First Floor

First, the beautiful terrace that is covered when you exit the basement is open when you enter it from the first floor. There are four doors from different rooms that open up onto this space. For example, the screened porch, seen at the far left of the first-floor plan, has doors to the terrace as well as a door to the breakfast/kitchen.

first floor

Then, once inside the breakfast room, a banquette hugs the outside wall. A door nearby goes out to the terrace. Inside the kitchen, a large rectangular island offers seating and room for your double sink. The cooktop/range is on the left wall. A walk-in pantry is in the far-left corner. Again, walking counterclockwise, the stairs are next. A storage room is beside the stairs. Built-in shelving makes this room a multipurpose one and an extra you would want. The powder room is across from the storage room.

Next, in this smaller gallery that leads to the garage, opposite from the office, there is a walk-in closet. Then, a door on the other side will take you out onto a small covered/side porch. Finally, on this side of the first floor, the three-car garage has room for your vehicles. The bay closest to the home is the largest. It has a utility sink on the right wall.

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

     The Rest of the First Floor

First, when you enter from the loggia or front porch, you walk into the foyer. On your right side is a reach-in closet. Then, on your left is the study. Inside this room, a fireplace is on the left wall. Next, walking towards the back of the home, the dedicated space for the elevator is just around the corner on your right. The family room is ahead. Like the study, it also has a fireplace. Shelves on both sides are extras you want. A door leads out onto the terrace.

Finally, the master suite is on the right side of the first floor. From the gallery, you step into a small, enclosed area. On your left is the counter where you could make that morning cuppa tea or mug of coffee. Then, straight ahead, the laundry room is tucked inside a walk-in closet that would rival-well, anyone’s closet. The closet also has an island. Extras you want? Delivered!

Next, on your left is the sleeping area. It has a door going out onto the terrace. Finally, the master bath is on the far-right corner of the Emmerik. Walking towards the front of your home, there are two single sinks, one alongside each wall. The one on the right has ample counter space. Then, the walk-in shower is tucked into the left corner, while the soaking tub is along the outside wall. The toilet is enclosed and in the right corner.

second floor plan

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want

     The Second Floor

First, using the elevator to get to the second floor, you will see a second laundry room on your right. There is a utility sink with plenty of storage space and surfaces to fold clothes. A second door leads to attic storage. Then, walking along the balcony, you will see three bedroom suites. 

Suite #2 is on your left. Like suite #4 on your right, there is a walk-in closet, single sink, toilet and a walk-in shower. Then, suite #3, which is on the left corner of the second floor, has a reach-in closet right before its entrance. It also has a shower/tub rather than a walk-in shower. 

Next, the extras you want are on this floor, too. There is a large (more than 600 square feet) bonus room above the garage. Then, there is another study/loft between the bonus room and the bedroom suites. Stairs are right after the study.

The Emmerik Plan, with the Extras You Want


Extras abound with the Emmerik plan. From the basement to the second floor, you will have multiple opportunities to entertain or claim a space as your own, free from distractions. Think about it. Then, when you are ready to purchase the plan, be sure to click on the green button, right side of the page, that says add to cart.

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