The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan

The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan- an unusual name for a home design- perhaps, but the Elmslly (and no, I did not misspell it), a craftsman home created by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts, is a delightful one just waiting for you to claim it. The plan has slightly less than 3500 square feet (3411, to be exact), two garages with room for three cars, four bedroom suites, three full baths, one half-bath, plus places for inside and outside play.

The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan

     No Waiting in Line

The front porch is large enough for a rocker and a potted plant, or a hanging one as seen in the rendering. Cedar shingles enhance the cottage look, and mullioned windows (those things on the inside of the window that break up the space of the window) generate multiple reflections of the outside world.  The garages hold three cars. Both can be found on the right side of the house, with the smaller one (single car) to the rear. The latter also has a door leading to the backyard.  Better keep those vehicles gassed up, though- or better yet, take stock in the Prius or Tesla. That way, you will not likely have to wait in line for gas (that was so much fun, right?)

     Powdered Only?

Steps leading inside the home from the two-car garage will first take you to the laundry room on the right. You will have plenty of counterspace and cabinets for your laundry chores. Oh, but washing and drying is so much easier now with these newer machines! And only powder for the washer? Nope- you can choose liquid or pods, too, and even let your washer determine how much to add to each load. Much better than the washboard of long ago (can you even imagine what that did to your nails?).

The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan

     Working at Home is Here to Stay

A few more steps towards the back of the home and you will discover a door on the right leading to the back yard. Staying inside? Keep walking and you will enter the office. (Did you know that in a recent poll, workers chose to remain working from home over a $30,000 pay raise, if they had to choose? The home office is relevant, y’all).  L-shaped counters and cabinets provide the space you need for your office supplies.

     Mr. Coffee has Evolved

The breakfast room and kitchen are open, and you are only steps away from your office to the kitchen. Mr. Coffee awaits you- or tea or expresso (and you should google what the first coffee makers looked like. To me, like something that should have landed on the moon). The breakfast room looks out to your backyard and also has a door to the covered lanai. Back inside the kitchen, you will find a peninsula island with double sink and space for the dishwasher. Another island is centered in the kitchen- you could even put this one on wheels to move around as you prep for meals.

The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan

     Surry Down

As expected, you have spaces for your refrigerator (on the left) and stovetop/oven (on the right), plus ample counterspace and countertops. And there’s more. On the right side of the kitchen, there is a walk-in pantry, just right for stocking up on staples (and the place to brew your sake or scuppernong wine. Large crockery needed. Dark room. Wait- your mom has never done that? And walked out of the pantry dizzy from the fumes? Another dimension for sure).

     Saying Yes!

A more formal dining room faces the front of the house. This room is where celebrations may begin, special dinners held for that high school or college graduate, for the engagement party you thought would never happen (quick, say yes! to the dress before the price goes up). From here, you may wander into the foyer; around the corner, you will find the powder room. A closet under the stairs (going up) provides room to hang up your jackets or to store your mud boots.

The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan

     More than S’mores

The family room is nearby, with a fireplace and built-in shelves on either side. You might want to fill these with treasures both local and abroad. Me? My favorite historical novels like Kristin Hannah’s The Four Winds or any of Erik Larson’s books, which read like novels but are factual. Though Chihuly glass is still on my bucket list. Before you dismiss the fireplace as just a vessel for your gas logs or a place to make s’mores (save that for outside-please!), consider this. Sans generator, a power outage during the winter months can be downright inconvenient. Who wants to leave home? Not me. A blazing fire draws family together and provides warmth for those dark, chilly days and nights.


Next, you can wander from the crackling fire inside (or the sofa with a cool, gentle breeze overhead from the fan) to the covered lanai/porch outside, where strategically placed chairs can keep you out of the sun, depending on the orientation of The Elmslly on your plot of land. When you are ready for a break (from sun, pollen, your kids), step from the lanai into your master suite. Here, your sleeping quarters are still roomy enough to secure a corner for a reading or listening chair (so many great podcasts!). But the one about murder? Sleeping with one eye open!

The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan

     Ducks in a Row

A reach-in closet is part of this suite- it could also be used for overflow jackets or wraps from a party or gathering, as it is accessible from the foyer. A comfortably sized walk-in closet is included; walking towards the front of the home, the master bath is next. Two single sinks, separated, a walk-in shower as well as a garden or drop-in tub, plus an enclosed space for the toilet complete the master bath. Rubber ducky not included. (But I have some upstairs I can let you borrow).

     Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Stairs on the foyer take you to the second level where there is more room for living and playing. The recreation room (almost 300 square feet) could be home to that new fad called Mirror Fitness, which is an interactive mirror where real people can watch you train and offer advice. (Personally, I think it might be more reasonable and less stressful to join your local YMCA). Exercise equipment has evolved so quickly over the years that you actually need less space.

The Elmslly, a Craftsman Home Plan

     Suite? Sweet!

After all of that beneficial exercise (complete with sweat and swearing), you will definitely want to pop into the nearest shower. The second bedroom suite shares a bath with suite #4; there are two single sinks and a drop-in tub. Suite #2 has a generous reach-in closet, while suite #4 has a walk-in closet. Suite #3 has its own bath with a walk-in shower (that’s where I would head), single sink, and a walk-in closet. Both the third and fourth bedroom suites have attic access (perfect place to roll that interactive mirror when you are done with it- sweet!).

     The Elmslly

Choosing the place and plan for your forever home is hard, y’all! You might even be tempted to cut the trees in your neighbor’s yard for lumber (trust me, after looking at lumber prices, you would be sorely tempted). But don’t do that. Plan wisely, take your time looking over plans, and then consider the Elmslly. The square footage is not overwhelming and the layout is perfect. Perhaps, perfect for you!

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