The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern by Living Concepts is a two-story home of 4713 square feet that is plumb full of extras. And versatile, which means you should be able to build this beautiful home anywhere, not just the sticky (and cicada loud) South. Garages are on both sides of the home. There are also two covered porches. Included are four bedrooms, three full baths and one powder room.

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

First, the three dormered windows above the front door complement the arches above the windows on both sides where the garages are located. Then, the wide front porch, typical of a low country home or farmhouse plan, is embraced on either side by stoops, or small porches. These give you an alternate way to enter the home. Finally, shutters in Charleston green (and yes, that is a color) embrace the first-floor windows.

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

   The First Floor, Right Side

First, the two-car garage on the right side has a door in the far-left corner for you to go outside, maybe to garden or check on pets or family. The door going inside, however, is in the middle of the left wall. Once inside, and immediately on your right, are stairs going up and a closet for you to hang your coat. Then, on your left is the door to the right-side stoop. Next, walking forward, to your left is the living room. A fireplace is on the right wall. 

Then, straight ahead, walking towards the back of the Charleston, the family room is ideally located. You will be able to see outside and also keep an eye on the front door as well as what might be happening in the kitchen. Finally, the family room has a fireplace on the right wall that is flanked by shelves for your favorite books or artifacts from your travels.

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

   The First Floor, Middle and Back

First, from the large, covered porch, you enter the foyer. Stairs on your left are going up. The dining room is also on the left. It has the third (of three) downstairs fireplaces. On the far wall here, there is counter space, which is quite helpful when you are using the dining room as your formal eating space. A little further and you have storage under the stairs. Next, the powder room is on your right. Once again, walking towards the back of the Charleston, you can see the covered porch from the family room. Two large covered outdoor places in one plan? Now that’s ideal! 

Then, to the left, the kitchen and breakfast/sunroom are open to the family room.  The breakfast room and the family room each have a door that goes out onto the covered porch. In the kitchen, a rectangular island contains your stove and oven while the kitchen peninsula houses the double sink and the dishwasher. Finally, the walk-in pantry is on the left side of the kitchen.

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

   The Left Side

First, the left side two-car garage has two doors that go into the main house. The one on the right opens up into the hall that runs from left to right, with doors for both the dining room (on the right) and kitchen (on the left). Immediately on the right, though, is the door going to the stoop that is to the left of the front covered porch.

Then, the second door in the garage is on the back wall. Once inside, immediately ahead of you are the stairs going up to the second floor. So, using the door on the right, let’s explore the rest of the first floor. Once again, walk towards the back of the home. A reach-in closet is on your right. Finally, the laundry room is close by. It has space for your appliances, and a utility sink as well as counter space and cabinets to keep those clothes organized.

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

   The Master Suite and Bath

First, the master suite and bath are in the far-left corner of the home. The master suite has a bump-out where you could easily place your favorite reading chair. Then, the walk-in closet is directly across from the master bath. Finally, the master bath includes an enclosed toilet, two sinks, a soaking tub and a walk-in shower. 

second floor

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern

   The Upstairs

First, on both the right and left sides of the second floor, you have rooms that are dedicated to entertainment. On the left side, you have the recreation room with more than 280 square feet. This room is accessed by the stairs from the left garage, as mentioned above. Then, on the right side, there is about 300 square feet in your bonus room. It has a large reach-in closet; nearby are the stairs going down. 

Next, there are three bedroom suites on the second floor. Suites #2 and #3 share a bath, which has a single sink, toilet, and shower/bathtub combination. Suite #2 has a walk-in closet while suite #3 has two reach-in closets. Suite #4 has a walk-in closet and its own bath similar to the other suites. Finally, there is ample attic storage upstairs on the left side, as well as additional storage on the right side.

The Charleston Plan: Versatile Southern


Choosing to build your next or even your first home can seem daunting at times. However, with a plan like the Charleston, the process should be easier. There are covered porches outside for relaxation and rooms on the second floor dedicated to entertainment. Inside, there are four bedrooms, three full baths and one powder room. Plus more! When you are ready to purchase this plan, be sure to click on the green button that says add to cart – and make this home yours!

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