The Candler Plan: European Style

The Candler Plan: European Style by Living Concepts is a two-story home with 3538 square feet, four bedrooms, four full baths and one powder room. A three-car garage is attached. Those are the specifications, but it’s an incomplete story without a dive into what makes this European home plan a special one. 

The Candler Plan: European Style

The Candler Plan: European Style

   The Front and Garage

A steep roofline, stone accents and stucco exterior are part of the English cottage look. The loggia, or front porch, is centered on the front, while the three-car garage is on the right side. To the right, a separate entrance into the house is tucked between the garage and house proper. Then, once inside the garage, there is an exterior door on the outside (right wall). The door leading inside can be found adjacent to the outside one.

The Candler Plan: European Style

The Candler Plan: European Style

   The Right Side of the Home

First, the laundry room is on the right. It has a utility sink as well as space for your washer and dryer. Then, the mudroom has a built-in desk. Counter space and cubbies will help you stay organized even before you enter the rest of the home. Stairs on the right go up to the second floor. An under-the-stairs-closet can be your coat closet or used as a different organizational tool. (Just don’t make it a Harry Potter closet!).

Next, three rooms on the right side of the Candler plan are conscientiously planned to make meal preparation and dining a pleasurable event. They also comprise one large open area. First, there is the kitchen. Your large appliances are along the interior and outside wall. A large island with seating anchors the middle of this room.

Then, the breakfast room and keeping rooms, both open to the kitchen, extend this area the length of the home. Finally, the keeping room has a fireplace and a door on its left to the covered terrace. See the covered terrace in the rendering below.

rear elevation

The Candler Plan: European Style

  The Middle of the Home

First, from the covered terrace, you step inside to the gathering room. It also has a fireplace. Position your favorite (I never want to leave) sofa here, and this may become your favorite spot. Then, still walking towards the front of the home, you enter the dining room, a more formal space for family meals. Finally, the foyer is to the left. 

The Candler Plan: European Style

   The Left Side of the Home

First, take a hard left from the foyer and you are at the powder room. A reach-in closet is nearby, too. Then, a long hall gives the master suite the privacy it needs. Here, a door on the right goes outside to the covered terrace. Then, walking towards the front of the home, there is a walk-in closet on either side of this short hall. 

Next, in the master bath, there is an enclosed toilet on the right side. On the left side there is a small closet for storing your bathroom essentials. Finally, in the master bath are two sinks (separated), a walk-in shower and a soaking tub.

second floor

The Candler Plan: European Style

   The Second Floor

First, upstairs, the loft has a door going into the bonus room. This long, rectangular room has more than 360 square feet. Four access doors to the attic space, two on each side, allow you to easily store items out of sight but not out of reach.

Then, there are three additional bedrooms on this floor. Each has its own walk-in closet. Finally, each bedroom also has its own bath, which consists of a single sink, toilet and tub-shower combo. 

The Candler Plan: European Style


The Candler Plan is a European home plan by Living Concepts that gives the flair you might be seeking as well as logic in the placement of its living spaces. At a little over 3500 square feet, there is plenty of room here to work and play. Now, when you are ready to purchase this plan, be sure to click on the green button, right side of the page, that says add to cart. And begin planning!

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