The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

I am a diligent weather-watcher. Yet, I know that the even threat of storms brings the possibility of refreshing rain. I am an optimist. What threatens you in your life- storms? New job? Relocation? Then, think of the challenge as an opportunity to expand and explore. This- the Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience by Living Concepts– can be a great place to start!

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

     The Front Elevation

This plan is, as mentioned, a low country or traditional one. There are slightly more than 5200 square feet in the home, with a basement, first and second floor. A guest suite plus five more (!) guarantee enough room for a growing family or frequent guests. The three-car garage is situated on the main level, right side, while the lower garage is found in the basement.

The front door is centered with three dormer windows above. The front porch extends equidistant from the door. Using brick for the exterior enhances the low country appeal, as would wicker chairs sprinkled here and there on the porch. Let’s look inside.

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

     The First Floor: Entering the Garage

The garage has three single bays. On the left side and in the corner, you will find an under-the-stairs closet. Another door on the left takes you into the mudroom, which connects the garage to the rest of the first floor. Then, once inside the mudroom, you will notice stairs on the right going up (more on that later). A door on the left gives you easy access to outside.

Next, inside the mudroom, a reach-in closet is on the right. Right after that, a door on the right is a convenient way to go outside, and perhaps, to walk around to the basement level. 

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

     The First Floor: More on the Right Side

Then, you enter the laundry room. A door on the left leads into a full bath (sink, toilet, shower/tub), while a door in the bath and straight ahead opens up into the kitchen. A rectangular kitchen island will make meal prep easier. The double sink is on the right wall, where you can look outside as you wash those fragile dishes not meant for the dishwasher. (Trust me, not everything can go in there). Then, the cooktop and oven are on the kitchen peninsula, so you can cook and converse with those waiting in the breakfast room ahead.

Next, there are stairs behind the left wall of the kitchen. From the breakfast room, you can take stairs going up to the second floor. Or, from the gallery, you can use the stairs going down into the basement. 

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

     The First Floor: Middle and Left Side

Then, from the front porch, you walk into the foyer. On the right side is the formal dining room, which also opens into the gallery. On the left side, is the study. From the gallery, you will need to step down into the sunken gathering room. A fireplace on the left wall with shelving on both sides is a bonus comfort. Add comfortable furniture and you might never want to leave. Convenient? Of course!

Also, a door on the right (back wall) of the gathering room leads you onto the deck. From comfort and convenience inside to outside, the Buchanon plan has taken that into consideration. Now, we will use the door on the left side of the deck to enter the master bedroom.

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

      The First Floor: The Master Suite

Walking towards the front of the home, you will notice the fireplace on the left. Continuing forward, you will see two walk-in closets, the smaller one being on your left. (His? Perhaps!). Take a few more steps and you are in the master bath. There are single sinks on either side of the door. Along the front wall are the toilet (enclosed), a soaking tub and walk-in shower. Now, let’s explore the basement.

basement plan

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

     The Basement Plan

First, the lower garage is on the left side of the home. And it is huge! So many possibilities are here. The extra length (48 feet) means you will have room to store two cars here, with the one being used less parked farther inside. However, you could use this extra space in other ways, too. A workshop, an exercise space and extra storage are all possibilities. 

A sink is on the left wall for easy cleanup. A door at the far end of the garage opens up into outdoor storage (mowers, weed eaters, etc.). There are two more doors in this room. One leads to the outside and the other to the basement living area.

The door right after the sink (back in the garage) takes you within feet of the guest suite, which is on the left side of the basement. A walk-in closet is just large enough for guests to hang clothes. The connecting bath has a shower/tub, single sink and toilet. There is also a door in here that goes outside.

The center of the basement includes the recreation room (with a fireplace on the left wall) which opens up into the screened porch. Didn’t I say low country comfort and convenience? Well, it is here. The screened porch has two doors leading to your backyard, one on the right side and one on the left.

Next, stairs going up are on the right side of the rec room. Beyond the stairs is the card room with a wet bar. So, you can play cards, refresh yourself at the bar with your favorite beverage, then get back in the game of billiards in the rec room before crashing in the guest suite. Now, to the second floor.

second floor plan

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience

      The Bonus Room and Second Floor

Remember those stairs by the first floor garage? They lead up to the bonus room. When you enter this area, the bath is on your left. It includes a single sink, toilet and shower/tub. Another sink with counter space is right outside the bathroom. The bonus room itself has more than 270 square feet of play space. 

Then, on the second floor, there are four more bedroom suites. Suite #2 is on the far left. Suites 3 and 4 face the front of the home and suite #5 is on the right side of the house and closest to the stairs going down. All of the bedroom suites have their own walk-in closets. However, these bedroom suites share bathrooms, each having two sinks, a toilet, and shower/tub. An extra walk-in closet between suites 4 and 5 could be used to store the upstairs linens.

The Buchanon Plan: Low Country Comfort and Convenience


No matter what challenges you face, choosing a home plan by Living Concepts should be an easy one, once you have narrowed down your priorities. To purchase the Buchanon plan, be sure to click on the green button that says add to cart on the right side of the page.






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