The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in a house with a screened porch, you probably heard the lament don’t let the screen door slam! And that was before the hinge was improved to prevent that. Ah, memories of running out the door and being out of sight before that happened. Open porch or screened porch- you can have both with The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches by Living Concepts.

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

This two-story home is a traditional one. There are nine-foot ceilings on both floors. As seen in the front elevation, you have two porches, one for each floor. In addition, there is a screened porch on the right side of the home and a covered porch at the back of the home. At 1950 square feet, this could be the perfect second home, or even your starter home. Not too large, but well-planned.

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

     The Garage and More Information

Indeed, like the Edgewater Plan, the Biscayne has its master bedroom suite and laundry on the second floor, as well as a detached garage. There are two more bedroom suites and two full baths, plus one half- bath in the Biscayne. The two-car garage is detached and is behind the home. Entrance to the garage is from the back. A door and then a short walkway connect the garage to the body of the home.

first floor Biscayne

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

     First Floor: Going into the Kitchen

Both the front and back of the home include covered porches. The lower-level front porch extends the width of the house, and the front door is situated on the right. Entrance from the back, using the door closest to the house, will take you onto the covered porch and then into the kitchen. Let’s begin there.

First, on your immediate right, you will find a reach-in pantry. Why? To stock your favorite vacation foods, of course!  (Doritos and such are always in season). The kitchen countertops are in a capital C-shape, with the double sink in the far-left corner of the home. Two windows here allow you to gaze outside as you wash the items you cannot place in the dishwasher on your right. Then, your range/oven and refrigerator fill in the other spaces as seen in the first-floor plan.

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

      First Floor: The Breakfast Room and Screened Porch

The breakfast room offers you just the right place for an informal dining table and chairs. Walk out onto your screened porch with meal in hand when the day is amiable to outdoors dining. Adding a table and chairs here will make sense, too. You can leave the porch, or enter the home, using the door under the decorative trellis to your front yard.

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

     First Floor: Dining Room and Gathering Room

The dining and gathering rooms are open to each other.  A door from the kitchen takes you into the dining room, where you may choose to enjoy meals for those special occasions. Then, walking into the gathering room, you will see a fireplace on the outside left wall. Adding shelves on either side, perhaps to display wares from your travels, will personalize this room.

The gathering room leads to the door to the front covered porch. Back inside, however, a powder room is located between the gathering room and breakfast room. A reach-in closet across from here is found under the stairs, which take you to the second floor.

Biscayne second floor

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

      Second Floor: Laundry and Bedroom Suites

Once upstairs, on your immediate right is the laundry room. A stackable washer and dryer, or even better, one machine that does both, allow for counter space in this room. A small closet in the laundry room will hold your washing supplies. Then, across from the stairs, you will find a reach-in closet for those linens and supplies that you always want to have on hand. And perhaps extras, just in case.

Both of the smaller bedroom suites have reach-in closets, and the bedrooms are found at the back of the Biscayne plan. Their bath is to the right of suite no. 3. It includes a single sink, toilet and bathtub/shower, plus a closet for your bath linens

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!

     Second Floor: The Master Suite

In addition, on the left side of the house, you will find the master suite. Before entering the sleeping area, a reach-in closet will be found on your right. Once inside, look up, and you will see a tray ceiling (one where the center of the ceiling is higher than the rest, an inverted “tray”,) adding interest to the room. Look ahead, and you can walk out the door to your second floor covered porch. I did say, better with porches, right? And it is!

Back inside, and through the door on your left, you will be in the master bathroom. The toilet is separate, with its own door. A garden tub, spacious walk-in shower and a dual vanity complete this space. Stepping ahead, you reach the size-able walk-in closet. What is more, there will be plenty of room to organize your seasonal gear!

The Biscayne Plan: Better with Porches!


Whether you desire a second home, or want one less than 2000 square feet, the Biscayne Plan could be just what you need. Better with porches? Certainly! Just don’t slam the door on your way out.

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