The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

Did you know that the word belvedere means designed to have a commanding view? Well, didn’t we both learn something new here today. And that is why the name fits perfectly. The Belvedere Plan by Living Concepts is one you cannot just walk on by without looking back. It begs you to look again and at the inside and the outside details.

Once again, we are focusing on how the best use of space includes not just what is on the inside, but how the outside is very important, too. The home is a Mediterranean or European one, with two floors, 5219 square feet, four bedroom suites, four full bathrooms and a powder room. Is that all? Oh no, so much more inside and outside space to discover.

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

     Looking at the front

The front entrance to the Belvedere is on the right side of the house. Using the loggia, you may enter the foyer. (Remember our lesson before? Loggia means an outdoor space with a covered roof and an exposed wall). On the far left is a garage bay (single). It has a door leading to the port cochere, lesson #2 today, which is a covered area that can lead from the garage to another covered area. In this case, it is to the two-car garage, which has a side entrance. 

Now imagine the Belvedere as your home, with its mullioned windows reflecting pastoral greens and an azure sky. A tiled roof and soothing but muted colors on the outside, with bright flowers that hug the house all the way around, just make you want to say ahhh.

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

    Walking inside

Let’s use the two-car garage entrance. First, a few steps up and you are inside the home. Immediately on your left is a door leading to the outside. Then, a few steps farther, and on your left is the laundry room. This spacious area has room for your large washer and dryer, plus the utility sink you know you need, countertops and cabinets to store your essentials.

     So that’s a ramada! Lesson #3

Next, on the left is the guest suite. It has its own full bath (shower/tub, toilet, single sink) and a walk-in closet. A door on the right opens up to the hallway, and the door on the outside (far) wall goes out to the ramada, which is another word for a covered porch. The ramada is one of three large outdoor spaces in the Belvedere plan. Be sure to plan on purchasing comfy outdoor furniture, because this is where you will want to spend your evenings. Perhaps mornings, too.

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

      We gather together

The ramada also has a door to the gathering room. Countertops under the windows will allow for extra storage, while a door on the right leads out to the semicircular lanai, another large outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing. Inside, the gathering room flows into the semicircular study, with windows out to the ramada, and on the other side, to the morning room, which has a door to the lanai. 

Another place we gather together is in the kitchen, don’t we? This one will be no exception. An island in the center with room for a sink, cabinets that wrap around and places for your large appliances are all designated. A walk-in pantry will store all you might need to prepare for those large crowds or intimate gatherings. Behind the walk-in pantry are the stairs going up. Perpendicular to the stairs is a reach-in closet. 

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

      Grander than most!

You may enter the grand room from the morning room or the lanai. This could be a more formal area, if you desire, as it blends into your front foyer. And, between those two areas, is the bar, which is also open to the formal dining room facing the front of the home. Grander than most plans? Easily! From the foyer, you veer right and walk into the media room. Cabinets on the far right side (or just countertops) or even book cases that line the wall will make it yours. A powder room is open to the media room as well as the master suite.

Next, you arrive at the master suite, which consumes the entire right side of the home. A tray ceiling adds architectural interest to the room. A door at the rear of the room goes outside, and you are only steps away from the lanai. Back inside, though, the sleeping area opens up into a curved lounge bay. A counter with a sink separates this room from the exercise room, which also opens up to the outside.

The master sleeping area and the exercise room both open into the master bath. The two sinks are well separated. The toilet is enclosed. The walk-in shower is bumped out on the right wall, and the soaking tub of your choice is against the front wall. Bath bombs not included. Finally, there are two walk-in closets, a linen closet and an island for extra storage.

second floor

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out

     An evening out

Coming up the stairs, you will first step into the recreation loft. A door on the right of this semicircular room leads out onto the evening deck. Ah, an evening out. This deck wraps around the recreation loft and offers expansive views of your backyard. Plus, it is another way to enjoy the outside.

In addition to these rooms, there is a den with a reach-in closet and beside that room, a game room, both facing the front of the house. Two more bedroom suites are up here, also. Each has their own walk-in closets. They share a bathroom (single sink, toilet, shower/tub). However, there is an additional bathroom (with a single sink, shower and toilet) between these suites, the recreation loft and another walk-in closet.

The Belvedere Plan-Commanding Inside and Out


When you enjoy the outdoors almost as much or more than being inside, then you know to look for a plan that incorporates both areas. The Belvedere does this, with its lanai, the ramada and the evening deck. If you would like to purchase the plan, be sure to click here and then on the green button that says add to cart on the right side.

front picture

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