The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

I recently made plans for a beach trip next year. Why so early? Because you need to plan ahead. The bigger the event (weddings and reunions, for example), the more thought needs to go into the project. Similarly, when you are planning for your new home, you will want to take your time and pore over house plans. The Baymar Plan, a craftsman/cottage by Living Concepts House Plans is one to consider. Remember, cottage is a style, not a limitation of square footage.

sketch showing three car garage on right, shake and stone exterior
Front Elevation

This multi-story home has a three car garage with six bedrooms, six full baths, a terrace and covered deck. The square footage is just shy of 4700 (4685 square feet). Shakes and stone on the exterior create charm yet belie the roomy interior of the plan. Look at the rear elevation below.

back of house, showing terrace, covered deck, balcony, steps
Rear Elevation

Steps lead up to a covered terrace which extends right and left. Above, there is a deck you access from the master suite. And above that? Another deck from the third floor. Columns in the front and back of the home are typical of the craftsman style. Then, curving decks add eye-appeal and also allow more room for entertaining and relaxing outside.

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

Front Porch, Garage and Guest Lodge

The covered porch on the front of the Baymar plan empties into the breezeway located on the right side of the home and gives you another entrance into the home by turning left. Turning right, however, and through the door of the enclosure, you will find an under-the-stairs closet for your outer garments. Another door takes you into the spacious garage; however, taking the stairs will lead you into the guest lodge.

floor plan showing garage and breezeway
Garage and Breezeway

                                        Upstairs in Guest Lodge and Suite

The guest lodge and suite has its own bathroom (single sink, toilet, shower/tub combination) plus more than 600 square feet of living space; a reach-in closet is also inside the suite. Is this space versatile? You bet! This could be the suite for a college student, parents who are agile enough to handle stairs, a guest suite for overflow or even an extra office.

first floor plan showing living areas, family room, kitchen, breakfast and dining
First Floor Plan

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

First Floor- Foyer and Guest Suite

Let’s enter the house from the front. We walk into the foyer; on your left is a reach-in closet under the stairs. This could be your muti-purpose closet. Need a place to hang your rain gear or toss in your umbrella? Or those extra suitcases for traveling? Drop them here. Before you reach this closet, however, a door on the left leads you into a guest suite. The bath at the rear of the suite has a sink, toilet and shower/tub combination. A reach-in closet is nearby. 

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

First Floor- Family Room and Breakfast

Back in the foyer and heading towards the terrace outside, you will reach the family room. A fireplace on the left side has shelves on either side. This room blends seamlessly with your breakfast room, which looks out over the covered terrace. And doors? There are four which lead to the outside, easing traffic flow in both directions. (I’m thinking this house is one destined for entertaining. Turn up the volume and let’s dance!).

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

First Floor-Kitchen, Dining Room and Laundry

Then, stepping to the right, you enter the kitchen. The double sink looks out over the terrace (with room for your dishwasher on either side).The stovetop/oven is on the right wall, The kitchen countertops are in a U-shaped pattern, giving you plenty of room to work. The spot for your refrigerator is on the far wall closest to the dining room. A walk-in pantry and a butler’s pantry, plus a reach-in closet, all make this area super-efficient. The kitchen is open to the dining room, where you can display your finest China and silverware.

Finally, the first floor concludes with the laundry area, which can be found to the right of the kitchen. To the right, there is a bath with a walk-in shower, toilet, single sink, and it has a reach-in closet directly across from the bath. A door at the rear leads to the outside. The laundry room itself has space for a closet, a utility sink, and your washer and dryer. There is also a door nearby that leads into the breezeway.

Second floor plan showing master and two bedroom suites
Second Floor Plan

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

Second Floor-The Study and Suites #2 and 3

First, up the stairs and to your right (just a few more steps), open the doors and you will be on the second floor balcony. Oh Romeo… I digress. Inside, and around the stairs, there is a closet (this house has ample closets!) and then the study, which is 340 square feet of blank canvas. This could be an art studio, an office or a quiet place for, well, studying (or even yoga).

The second and third bedroom suites are found on the left side of the Baymar plan. They share a bathroom with a single sink, toilet and shower/tub combination. A linen closet in this space will store your extra bath supplies. Moreover, both suites have a reach-in closet.

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

Second Floor-Master Suite and Bath

Then, on your way to the master suite, a small closet on your left is perfect for an overflow of linens. The master suite opens out onto the second floor deck, which is covered in the middle by the third floor balcony. A walk-in closet is just outside of the master bath, which has an enclosed toilet, two single sinks separated by the entrance door, a walk-in shower and a shelf or recessed tub (one which has only one finished side).

third floor plan of Baymar showing bedroom suite, sitting area and balcony
Third Floor

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage

Third Floor-Sitting and Studio Suite

When you have traversed the final flight of stairs, you are on the third floor, which could be your personal retreat. The sitting area is in front of you, as is the balcony. The studio suite has a walk-in closet with a bath that includes a linen closet, toilet, single sink and shower/tub combination.

The Baymar, a Craftsman Cottage- Conclusion

Finally, you will know when you have chosen the plan that is the one. You will have researched plans, made a list of wants and needs. You will know. And when you have probed enough, you just might decide that this plan, the Baymar, may be exactly what you want. Be sure to click on the green button that says add to cart when you are ready!

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