The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

Do you have ample storage in your current home? The holidays are approaching- quickly. You need more room for friends and family, and perhaps you do not want to perform the early-morning juggle with car placement. That’s one reason a three-car garage home plan by Living Concepts might be essential. Add in the Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage and you have style plus convenience.

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

The style is European (French or English Country). Distressed brick adds to the old-world charm. Arches above windows and a steep roofline are also characteristic of homes “across the pond.” There are four full bathrooms, two powder rooms and ample storage on both floors. The entrances to the garages are from the left.

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

     The First Floor- Garages

Before entering the garages, however, let’s look at the area in front of the loggia (front porch). This is known as the courtyard. On the far-right, a trellis hugs the low courtyard wall. Then, on the left, a fountain is against the outside garage wall.

There are two garages, First, the two-car garage abuts the courtyard and is entered from the left. Then, the single-bay garage is tucked farther back on the left side of the home. It has a door that leads to the inside. Both garages have a design with ample storage. A countertop lines the inside wall of the two-car garage, while a storage room with a door is inside the single bay. Between both garages is a porch with entrance into the home.

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

     The First Floor-the Left Side

First, once inside, you will see a powder room on your right. A reach-in closet is ahead; cabinets or lockers are across here for you or your school-aged children to drop their belongings as they enter the home. Right before the closet, though, is the laundry room. Here a utility sink, space for your washer and dryer, cabinets and countertops will all make laundry chores easier. Yes, this is a design with ample storage.

Then, on the left, you enter the hearth room. It is open to both the breakfast room and the kitchen. The hearth room has a fireplace with built-in shelves on the right side. The breakfast room on the right is a large open space, perfect for that heirloom dining table you’ve had in storage. Stairs going to the second floor are here, too. 

Next, walking towards the front of the home, two islands are in the center of the kitchen. One is rounded and has room for seating. The other island is square, with room for a double sink, dishwasher and under-the-counter microwave. Countertops on both sides and at the end closest to the front of the home will provide plenty of room for helpers to prep your meals.

Then, continue going towards the front of the home, and you have your office on the right. Built-in countertops in here will save you room. Next to the office is the walk-in pantry. A door nearby takes you out into the two-car garage. This room also has built-ins. Another design for ample storage!

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

      The Outside

The outside has spaces you can enjoy that are both covered and open. First, using the door on the left of the fireplace in the hearth room, you step into the screened porch. A door leads out onto the patio. Then, the covered lanai stretches across the back of the house, from the patio to the master suite.

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

     The Right Side

Next, using the gallery and walking towards the right side of the home, your butler’s pantry is on the right. It opens up into the formal dining room. A walk-in closet is next, then the great room on your left (with a fireplace). Here, there are shelves on both sides. (Ample storage, right?). The foyer is on your right. 

Finally, we approach the master suite. A powder room is on your right. Then, turn left and you enter the sleeping quarters of the master suite. Next, walking towards the front of the home, there will be two walk-in closets on your left. A design with ample storage? Certainly! Then, there is the master bath. An island here gives you even more storage! There is an enclosed toilet, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and two sinks separated by enough counter space for elbow room. Plus, you have storage underneath at each end of the sinks. 

second floor

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage

     The Second Floor

Upstairs, the design for ample storage continues. First, there is the recreation room. It faces the front of the home and is above the two-bay garage. A pool table, craft room or multi-purpose room is possible up here. Then, walking counterclockwise and through the loft, you will see three bedroom suites. Right after the stairs on the left, there is a walk-in closet, perfect for storing extra bath supplies for guests and family upstairs. 

Each suite has a walk-in closet. Suites #3 and #4 have walk-in showers, while suite #2 has a shower/tub. They also all have a single sink with storage room for your towels and bathroom incidentals. Finally, attic access is between suites #2 and #3.

The Badrick Plan, A Design with Ample Storage


Whether you are planning for holidays or what your family’s future needs might be, it makes sense to consider storage space in your new home. A three-car garage, multiple closets and attic storage all make for a design with ample storage. The Badrick Plan might be exactly what you need. Be sure to click on the green button that says add to cart to begin planning!


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