The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

I write frequently that things are not always what they seem on the inside when looking from afar. For example, a house on a hill that is old, neglected even. But on closer inspection, reveals huge fireplaces, wide plank floors. A whole lotta money needed to fix it. True story for another time. This house plan, though, the Amesbury by Living Concepts, may seem unassuming from the front photo, but this I know to be true- The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite) is the perfect title for this beautiful home. Let’s explore!

The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

A gently sloping tile roof, a front portico with four columns and then the three-car garage (one single bay, one double) on the left make this Mediterranean plan an eye -pleasing one. And practical. Step inside the garage and on your right, you will find steps leading into the home.

first floor of Amesbury

The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

     First Floor: Garage, Laundry and Stairs

First, straight ahead you will notice a door that leads to a small porch that is to the left of the main entrance of the home. Turn left, however, and the laundry room is on your left with room for your washer, dryer, utility sink (and supplies), and a reach-in closet is on your right. This is where you leave your jackets, shoes and cares. Just drop them here and enter in. Or put them on the shelf that is only a step ahead. After that, you will find the powder room, then stairs going up to the second floor will be on your left.

The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

      First Floor: Kitchen, Breakfast and Grand Room

Where does your family congregate when mealtime is soon? In the kitchen, of course.  Helpers and munchers alike will spill into this one which is located on the left side of the house. Walking clockwise, you will find the refrigerator placement, the pantry (which actually has a closet within it), countertops and the stovetop/range. Continuing on, the breakfast room is tucked into a pentagonal corner at the rear of the home. A door from the breakfast room leads to steps that take you down to ground level.

Then, a bar with a sink- think extra seating, too, for large crowds- anchors the far corner of the kitchen. Inside, there are two kitchen islands, the larger one with the sink and dishwasher. Walking eastward, the grand room, open to the kitchen, has a fireplace on the far wall, with shelving possible on both sides. Elf on a shelf here!

The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

     First Floor: The Master Suite

In the hall with the door to the study, a reach-in closet is on your left right before entering the master suite, which consumes the right side of the first floor. Immediately ahead is the master bath. A gem- oh yes! Two walk-in showers, plus his and her toilets (with privacy doors) flank the garden tub. His and her sinks with spacious countertops can be found on opposite walls. No bumping into each other here! 

A few steps further, and you will see two walk-in closets on either side of the hall. Finally, the main sleeping area anchors the back right corner of the house. There is also a door that goes outside to your balcony.

The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

      First Floor: Foyer, Study, and Dining Room

From the four-columned portico, you step into the foyer of the Amesbury. To the right, you have the study, which you enter using the hallway that takes you into the master suite. On your left, there is the formal dining room which, unlike the study, is open to the foyer. Another set of stairs, these going down to the basement, is directly in front of the dining room.

basement of Amesbury plan

The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

     The Basement: Game Room, Exercise and Guest Suite

The basement (ground floor) stairs stop inside the game room. You will have room for a billiards table with comfortable chairs spread around. Perhaps, though, you prefer a true gaming room with a computer that is efficient. And loaded. One wall holds the shelves you will need to store your gaming essentials.

Next is the reach-in closet on your way to the exercise room, tucked into the corner of the basement. Finally, the guest suite faces the back yard, and it has access to a covered terrace from the sleeping area (with a reach-in closet), which also has a door going outside. The full bath has a toilet, walk-in shower and single sink.

Unlike the apartment in the Versailles plan, however, which is over the garage, the guest suite in the Amesbury is on the ground floor. While this plan does not have a kitchen shown on the plans, you could easily add one, using the exercise room as your kitchen and dining, and then the game room as your living area. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination when planning your dream home. Well, maybe finances and acreage, but those are worries for another day. I think.

second floor plan of Amesbury

The Amesbury Plan: A Mediterranean Gem (With a Guest Suite)

     The Second Floor: Two Bedroom Suites and a Playroom

Upstairs on the second floor, you will step into the playroom. Then, on your right, is the second bedroom suite with its own bath (toilet, sink, tub/shower) and a walk-in closet. To your left, the third bedroom suite again has a full bath (as described before). This bedroom also has access to attic storage (another gem!) through its walk-in closet.

The Amesbury Plan- Conclusion

The back of this home shows that this is not a small house (5687 square feet) nor is it sprawling and ill-planned. The design makes maximum use of the space with plenty of room for dining and unwinding. A gem disguised as a Mediterranean home. To purchase this plan, be sure to click on the green button that says add to cart on this page.


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