Ivystone, A European Home with Extras

A European Home with Extras-extra what? Like extra cream in your coffee or sugar in your tea, anything “extra” can define a product. The Ivystone, a European home with extras, is one you will want to explore. At 4123 square feet, the house plan by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts, has two stories with four […]

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The Ledoux- a Summit of Your Own

The G 7 Summit recently took place in Cornwall (if you have ever watched Outlanders or Poldark, you know how beautiful the scenery can be). Eight world leaders gathered for three days to discuss global issues and (hopefully) make major decisions on how to make the world a better, safer place. Summit- meeting. But a […]

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Little Scenes, Different Angles

Little Scenes, Different Angles Nora Jones speaks of her songs as being “little scenes, different angles.” Artists create little and big scenes all over the world- some may be visual works of art, written or musical pieces. Consider architecture as one of those scenes, with sharp angles that draw attention, mesmerizing oneself, or slopes that […]

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