The Brantley Plan: A Traditional Home with Master Up

I recently made a loaf of Scandinavian Rye Bread. The recipe said it was dense, as it should be with grains like millet and wheat berries. And oh boy, they were not kidding. Unlike my recent baking experience, The Brantley Plan: A Traditional Home with Master Up by Living Concepts is a house plan destined […]

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Bringing a Little Bit of Europe Home

If you were fortunate enough to travel to Europe pre-pandemic, then you most likely observed (and took plenty of photos of) the homes in that country. Steeply sloping roofs, stone accents or all stone are just two characteristics of the European home design. The Whitaker D-3219 by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts embraces that European […]

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Leaving Mayhem Aside- the Farrington

You can build a low country or farm home anywhere- the suburbs or closer into the city. The wildlife noises will be different, of course- squirrel chatter versus an occasional squeal of the tires. Once inside, however, you can put your feet up and relax, forgetting the outside mayhem. This home by Frank Snodgrass of […]

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