Ivystone, A European Home with Extras

A European Home with Extras-extra what? Like extra cream in your coffee or sugar in your tea, anything “extra” can define a product. The Ivystone, a European home with extras, is one you will want to explore. At 4123 square feet, the house plan by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts, has two stories with four […]

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The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design

The Fincastle Plan, European Old World Design Spoiler alert– do not read this paragraph if you are still watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. I just finished Collection 8 and Peter, from Scotland, won. The youngest ever plus the first Scottish winner. And I was thinking, because Scotland reminds me of moors and […]

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Low Country Perfection

Low-Country Perfection  “..And the meadows gleam neatly, as though brushed, by a comb, and the night bird sings sweetly – There’s no place like home.” – Glen Campbell  Welcome.  There is no place like home and I’m eager to show you around.  My lovely shell and strong bones offer you 3,338 square feet, 4 bedrooms and […]

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