Screen Time: Your Porch – The Woodhaven Plan

Screen Time: Your Porch – The Woodhaven Plan

(An aside- for the next few weeks, we will be focusing on home plans like the Woodhaven that share a certain feature. The title should make it obvious-  currently it’s the screen porch, an invaluable commodity whether you live North or South, East or West. Future blogs will have a different focus, so be sure to check back soon!).

I love musicals-Broadway, off-Broadway. It doesn’t matter.  The musical Into the Woods, a little dark for youngsters but just right for music-loving adults, reminds me of fall, pumpkins and truthfully, Halloween. Not my favorite holiday. But fall? Oh, it is a lovely season! Leaves falling, visits to the mountains, apple cider- what is there not to like? Strangely enough, that musical also reminds me of the Woodhaven Plan by Living Concepts. A mountain cottage-not scary but delightful!

Woodhaven front rendering

Screen Time: Your Porch – The Woodhaven Plan

The Front of the Home

With 1762 square feet, two bedroom suites, two full bathrooms and outdoor spaces meant specifically for enjoying the sounds and smells of autumn, you will fall in love with this plan. I did. A stone foundation wraps around the home, while a commodious covered front porch, with your front door offset on the right and embraced by pine or cedar logs (so many choices), will hold several rockers. And maybe a hardy plant or two. An open truss on the carport lends a light and airy feeling to the design.

floor plan, first floor showing covered porches, kitchen, dining, suite, living room, carport

Screen Time: Your Porch – The Woodhaven Plan

First Floor: Carport, Kitchen and Dining Rooms

The carport is found on the left side of the home. Straight ahead is storage, perfect for those items you will want to be secured when you are away (leaf blowers, for example). Then, a door on the right takes you into the kitchen. On your left, you will find a place for your refrigerator as well as the oven/range. The double sink and dishwasher (to the right of the sink) are under the window on the back wall. Next, a curved sideboard in the dining room allows for informal seating, while adding a dining table will increase your seating capacity. Also in the dining room, at the end closest to the front of the home, you will find a walk-in pantry and a closet under the stairs to house your stackable washer and dryer.

Screen Time: Your Porch – The Woodhaven Plan

First Floor: Living Room and Second Suite

When you look at the first floor plan, you can see that the dining room flows into the living room; a fireplace in the far right corner is back-to-back with the one on the screened porch. And…two more extras! A furniture niche is on the right wall (you do need a place to put that big screen television, right?) and a window seat looks out onto the front porch and beyond. Then there’s the guest/second bedroom suite, which is accessible from the kitchen. Located on the left side of the home, the bedroom has a reach-in closet; the bathroom has a single sink, room for linens, a shower/tub combo and toilet. The bathroom is also conveniently reached by way of the dining room.

Screen Time: Your Porch – The Woodhaven Plan

First Floor: The Porches- Finally!

As seen above, the Woodhaven has a covered porch that extends the entire width of the home. The back of the home? Well, let’s start near the carport where the deck wraps around the house on the left. Next, you will find the covered porch, which, like the front, again stretches the width of the Woodhaven. Finally, at the far right, you will find an octagonal-shaped screened porch. So these are your choices- bask in the sun on the deck, move under the covered porch when the sun is too much, or relax in the protection of your screened porch when the afternoons are cooler and the fireplace beckons.

rear elevation showing covered porch, stone foundation

Screen Time: Your Porch – The Woodhaven Plan

Second Floor: Master Suite and Loft

Extras upstairs in the master suite? Oh, yes! For one, having the master upstairs gives you more privacy, especially when it is the only suite upstairs. Located on the left side of the home, you will first find a window seat facing the front, with storage access located on both sides. (Perfect place to hide holiday gifts, I am thinking). Additionally, there is a built-in bookshelf nearby (how convenient!) and a walk-in closet that is spacious enough for all seasons of clothing. The master bath includes a walk-in shower, bathtub, two single sinks and an enclosed toilet. A door from the master suite leads to the loft, and the entire right side of the upstairs is open to below.

second floor plan showing master suite, loft and storage

Conclusion- the Woodhaven Plan

Building a second home is a daunting decision- where do I build? What plan should I choose- cottage? Traditional? Or is this your first home? Either way, the Woodhaven plan, big on extras including front and back porches, requires a second look. Or even a third. Be sure to click on that green button  on the right so you can purchase the plan!

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