Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

Pool Anyone? – St. Marcel

And I don’t mean the kind that comes with cue sticks!

“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.”
― Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad

Look at this charming home, the St. Marcel. Have you heard the phrase “Go big, or go home?”  Well, those words cannot ring truer than here.  This St. Marcel, is a blend of French Country and European in design.  It brings you well over 10,000 square feet, 10 full bathrooms, 8 bedrooms, a 2-story pool house (that is over 1300 sq feet, aside from the 10,000 in the main house), and spaces to entertain a small army.  So, go big or go home?  Here, you don’t have to, this is both.

Pool Anyone? – St. Marcel

Curb Appeal

This home is deceiving from the front view.  It looks and is charming and enticing however, it is a very large home.  If you are looking for a luxury, executive-style home or you have a large circle of many friends and family look no further, this is for you.

The other thing missing from this front view, is any idea of said pool house.  Since that is what I really want to focus on – the vacation/spa/resort – in you back yard, let’s go through the house, but the imagination is going to go wild when thinking about the pool house.

Pool Anyone: – St. Marcel

Foyer, Dining Room, Study

From your front porch you step into an open foyer with stairs that gently curve up to your second floor.  To the left is a dining room for all your favorite holiday meals.

To the right of the dining room and foyer is a study.  Notice the powder room straight ahead on your way to your office. Your study has a warm, inviting fireplace.  This will surely entice you to work when a gloomy day wants to indicate otherwise.

 Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

 Kitchen, Eating area, Gathering Room

A door from the dining room leads to your large kitchen.  You’ll love the long pantry in here as well as the big, solid island. An L-shaped counter area with sink, faces the breakfast/eating area of the kitchen.

The eating area has a door leading to your covered veranda.  It also opens wide into a casual, comfortable gathering room with another fireplace.  Surely, you and your friends and family will spend plenty of time here.  An addition of wood beamed ceilings in the gathering room add to the charm of the home.  A door leads to a smaller, cozy screened porch.  A door from that porch leads to your covered veranda as well.

Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

 Back hall spaces, Breezeway and Garage Space

From the kitchen and eating area, there are stairs that go behind the pantry and up to your second story.  This is the perfect way to access late-night snacks more sight-unseen and quietly.

Also from the kitchen, there is a narrow doorway to the ‘back hall’ area of the house.  A second powder room is here, along with a closet that would make a great wine storage area.  Your utility/laundry room is across from the powder room.

Lastly, a step up and out door leads to a breezeway that connects the house to the first set of garage spaces.  This garage is a 2 and 1. A double door for 2 cars is separate from the space for one car.  Use the one car space for a golf cart, seasonal convertible or a tool/work spot.  There is a second floor to this garage from a door on the exterior of the building.  The second floor here would make the ideal in-law suite or space for an older child living at home.  Let’s take a quick look.

At the top of the stairs, a door opens to another door (think security), and into a large living room.  The living area has a door to the bedroom suite.  A cute, cozy and totally function kitchen and full bath round out this darling, comfortable living space.

Pool Anyone? – St. Marcel

 Grand room and Master Suite

Back into the house, and straight ahead from the foyer is a grand room  It is centered with a fireplace.  Between the hallway (the foyer blends into) and the grand room is a column border, creating a semi-wall feel.  This can be another room for seating, a piano, a mixed-purpose room if you like.  Note that from here, there is a door to your covered veranda.

Just beyond and to the right side of the house, is the master suite. This area, if defined as spacious, is an understatement.  It’s a haven’s haven.  Grab a drink of your choice for the tour. A door into the main bedroom area, will have you facing a wall of windows that look over the covered veranda.  You’ll notice a door that swings into a bar area that is perfect for a sink and under-counter refrigerator.  Put a small coffee pot on the counter, keep snacks and sliced fruit, prosecco, chilled wine, water, or your favorites in the fridge.  This bar area is accessible from the front study too.

There are two large walk-in closets here.  They ‘bookend’ the master bath.  The long vanity has two sinks and the shower has two entrances.  You’ll notice a feeling of separateness in the bathroom design as there are two smaller linen/toiletry closets on ‘each side’ of the bathroom, as there are also two separate closed spaces for individual commodes.  This is again, a luxury haven’s haven for any time of day.

Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

 Upstairs – Floor 2

Let’s take a quick tour through the second level.  When you get to the top of the stairs from the foyer, you hit a hallway that leads you to four (4) suites, each with a walk-in closet and full bath.  If you take the stairs up from the kitchen area on the first floor, you walk into a loft area.  This has double door entry to a large media room. Whatever you want or need, it’s here.  There is more than ample storage space up here as well.

Just an FYI – You can climb even further up to a 3rd story (optional) for a loft area that looks down to the rec room on floor 2.  The ultimate office I’d say – or painters studio.  There are 2 skylights in the ceiling/roof.

Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

 Open Lower/Basement Rooms

Yes, I know you are walking a lot here.  Keep your legs moving, the best respite is forthcoming.   Remember, this house is over 10,000 square feet and offers everything.

Take the stairs from the kitchen down to this level and you are welcomed by a very long rec room.  Serious woman/man cave potential here, or ultimate teen hang-out is how this can play.  The back right corner has another guest suite with an ensuite full bath (are you counting?  This is 5 guest suites, each with a full bath – not including the space above the garage).  A door from the rec room leads out to the lower, covered veranda.

From the rec room, you have access points to another bath and sauna.  That bath and sauna lead to a second large study with a fireplace.  There is also access off the rec room to a second large media area and more storage.  From the media area is a hidden entry to a possible wine cellar.  Don’t need the media room?  Maybe you add some kitchen-like amenities and create a calm, intimate setting for enjoying wine and food with your friends.

Beyond the media room is where your mechanical needs are located.

Now, ready for this?  There is a door on the right side of this space that leads to ANOTHER two-car garage.  Yes, there is a separate room, accessed from the garage to a workshop and ample storage space too. Told you this is luxury.  Let your mind soar with all you can do here.

Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

  Your vacation – Outdoors

If you can believe there is even more amazing living here, this is the proof.  This is the crowning glory of possibility and one reason why you will be the hit household of your friends.

There is a separate ‘house’ here. Yes, the pool/spa you installed is amazing because it is calming, it’s asking to be central to fun parties and lazy sunny days, but there is more.

You see, you also have a complete pool house.  While it is a 2-story creation, it is not intrusive or overshadowing.  For now, the only concrete visual I can show you is a floor plan drawing, so I am asking you to read my words, then close your eyes.  Just imagine YOUR pool house.  This is yours, see the colors, textures, scents, feel the space that really can be your resort away from home.

Stand on the elbow-shaped covered terrace that shields you from the weather and welcomes you to the front entrance of this abode.  Feel the coolness of fieldstone or tile under your feet.  Now, open the door. A large great room with cozy fireplace welcomes you.  Light-colored, soft, cozy furnishings and paint colors automatically make your heart race because it feels so relaxing and real. Now, imagine a full-skilled kitchen that is open to the great room. With  L-shaped upper and lower cabinets, oven, and refrigerator, any meal prep, storage and ‘holding’ area just got so easy.  While you’re here, grab a glass of cold water. Feel the cool, wet condensation on the glass?  Let the ceiling fan blow down on you.

Now, you’ve been swimming or in the sun or kids have, and need a potty break.  No, don’t run into the house dripping wet.  This awesome pool house has not only 1 full bath on the main floor but a second full bath on the 2nd floor.  However, the first-floor access is ideal, as a door to the restroom is right off the cool-stoned terrace.

Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

 Up and At It

Now, up to the second story of this home-away-from-home.  The second level is loft-like.  There is a railing, perhaps wrought-iron, that is open to the first floor.  A smooth wood railing with acrylic, or clear panels for safety, might be another option for you.  A nice guest suite with a full bath and walk-in closet assure a quiet, relaxed nap or a sound night sleep.  At the other end of the upstairs space, is another area for relaxing.  Wishing for a soft chenille sectional with chaise?  It’s yours.  A soft cotton throw covering, and a squishy pillow round out this dream space for comfort and privacy.

Pool Anyone – St. Marcel

This house has it all and more.  The more is the ideal ool that you will enjoy spending time sitting around, floating on or swimming laps.  When you’re done, have lunch in your ool house and take a little break.  Here’s your focus.  The ool and beautiful ool space.  Notice there’s no “p”in it.  Please keep it that way. 😊

Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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