Not Your Average Storybook Cottage

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.  The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

This must be true for Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts Home Plans because this eloquent Cottage/Craftsman style home, Greenbrier, shows just that. Drawn by his inspired hands with a vision, you, too can be excited by a future here.  A future that pulls you into the wonder, magic and delight of all that can be awaits.


The “Greenbrier” is 2,614 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths of quintessential Cottage/Craftsman charm.  How so?  Well, if you think of a cottage as a small lake cabin or a mini-petite bungalow, look closer.  Cottage style surprises and easily translates to more spacious living.  With a covered front porch and the Craftsman styled features of wood-lap siding, cedar shake, brick or stucco and tapered columns, you see why people have a love affair with the storybook look (no matter the size) of this combo made in architectural heaven.  It pulls you in…you have a vision, it’s here……magnetic right?


One With Nature.  Whether you are pulled to this plan for your ideal lake house location or not, you can make your space peaceful and beautiful when your surround it with greenery, flowers and plenty of trees.  The instant charm of cedar shakes, pillars in ½ stone of the tapered Craftsman style and the multi-paned windows, pulls you.  Yes, your covered front porch is begging for a cozy chair and outdoor table so you can sit (covered with a blanket too when the weather cools).  But all that is ‘window-dressing” for the real magic of what lies within.  Look.


Welcome. Invite.  Friends/Family. Intention.  Just inside the windowed, wooden door from your porch, welcome yourself to your comfort zone, your respite from the world or your noise-making/entertaining base camp.  The innate desire to just ‘be’ here beckons you.  You’ve done a beautiful job planning for this, now it’s yours.  Look around.  Your large foyer of hardwood and a cushy, warm rug says “Hi.”  Your stairway juts up at a really unique angle, being neither intrusive nor a barrier.  It asks you to step up when you are ready.  Until then, span the vista view of your gathering room straight ahead, your dining room to the left, a coat closet and powder room to your right.


Settle.  Inspire.  Talk.  Your large gathering room with fireplace begs you to just ‘be’.  Get comfortable.  SETTLE.  Read something profound, watch some PBS or write your thoughts in your journal.  INSPIRE.  Call your best friend, call someone you miss.  Gather your family – play games, laugh on your large sectional sofa…..TALK.  This large open gathering is the right spot for everything.  It’s such a central space it will draw you in over and over.  Entertaining, your guests will love the ease of your space and the flowing in and out of the room onto the terrace. The terrace, which is covered, could be expanded to be dual covered/uncovered.  Cover your grill, a table and chairs, then expand to a lower patio area for potted plants/herbs and more seating.


Enjoy.  Adventure.  Together.  From your gathering room, face your kitchen eating area, large prep kitchen and the walkway to your laundry room.  Imagine the perfect banquette seating against a wall of windows for enjoying meals and a great view.  Your main kitchen space is large and offers plenty of counter space. Your sink, in a semi-L shaped counter area, overlooks the kitchen dining area.  There is certainly room for a triangular shaped island between the sink, cooktop/oven, counters, refrigerator etc.  There is also a small pantry or closet here.  We know that when you entertain, everyone likes to gather in the kitchen, so enjoy the space.  Make it fun.  If you aren’t a big foodie or cook, maybe you bake?  Find adventure in the kitchen, be it in a meal, or a new drink?  Try something new.  Between the prep kitchen area and the 2 car garage, is your walk-through laundry room.



Relax.  Evaluate. Sleep. Treat. The far-right side of the house is the master suite.  The entrance is off the foyer.  This large space should be your do all/end all space.  Relax here, evaluate your day, sleep and treat yourself to luxuries.  Imagine a luxurious panel bed with soft linens to soothe your body and soul every night. There are slider glass doors from the master out to the covered terrace. A bonus in this space is the set of two walk-in closets.  His/hers?  Hers/hers?  Seasonal?  Whatever works for you, this space offers it up.  The master bath, with 2 separate vanities and sinks means no more dealing another’s toothpaste.  A walk-in shower and a soaking tub will let you relax, evaluate and treat yourself.  Fluffy towels and bath oils are a must.  Don’t forget, keeping a box of chocolates in your bedstand is also a must.


Unlimited.  Possibilities. Back to your foyer, head up your stairway of possibilities.  There are 2 separate suites here, each with their own ensuite bathroom.  How easy is this?  At the top of your staircase, you immerse yourself in a huge, window-walled, recreation loft.  OPEN.  EVERYTHING.  YOURS.  Incredible.  What do you see?  Take a quick walk out your sliding-glass doors to the open-air veranda that ‘tops’ your first-floor terrace.  Raining?  Go down.  Sunny and gorgeous?  Go up. What is your loft?  Yoga and barre studio?  Painting/art space?  Teenager hang space?  Multi-functional?  Is this the 2nd floor magnet?  Yes.  A small, hip, cool bar area can transition right out to your veranda for night cocktails that feel like your best private party ever.  Don’t forget an awesome sound system!  Karaoke machine anyone?

D.O.N.E but not over

Delight. Ovation. Nest. Evermore.  Here it is – your gravitational pull – your grounding central – your comfort and your joy.  You saw it, your excitement drove you and the pull of your vision made it 3D perfection.  You get one go around in the world.  Make it your best.  This home offers just that – Breathe.  Now jump!  Greenbrier.   It called your name and you did well to listen.

Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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