Looking In, Looking Out

Looking In, Looking Out-have you ever peered inside a window, cupping your hands against your forehead to see better against the glass? And then wondered what it was you were missing? Then, being inside and looking out, you realize the beauty is the same within as it is on the outside.

The Bravington plan by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts is just like that. The allure outside is not only that it is a French Country design, but more- a glass turret on the front of the home, curves that complement the arched windows and doorway as well as the angles in the steeply pitched and gabled roof.

Looking In, Looking Out

     And a Wink

An eyebrow window seems to barely wink.  As you marvel at the construction outside (stone, stucco or materials of your choosing), you begin to wonder about the inside. Nine-foot ceilings enhance the spaciousness of this home with a well-planned 3053 square feet. There are three bedroom suites, with the master downstairs and two bedroom suites on the second floor, with three full and one half bath. The two-car garage is at the rear of the house.

     Room for Storage

Even with two cars parked in your garage, you will have plenty of room for storage on the walls and in the corners. Metal cabinets that lock, wall-mounted hooks for garden tools and space for the charger your electric vehicle needs will all be possible. A door at the rear of the garage leads to outside. Three steps up on the opposite side of the garage and you are inside. At your immediate left is a reach-in closet for your coat, shoes (and whatever else you might want to shed before venturing further into your home).

Looking In, Looking Out

     And a Place to Wash

The laundry room with a sliding door is nearby. A utility sink is on the left, with cabinets above and a countertop as a place to fold clothes. Another cabinet above the washer or dryer could hold your laundry supplies or extra paper goods. Bookcases flank your entrance into the kitchen, one open to you as you enter, and the other is open to the keeping room. This is the perfect place to display your French cookbooks, like Le Larousse Gastronomique. Or Julia Childs.


Once in the kitchen proper, a walk-in pantry is on your immediate left. Adjacent to this is the countertop that houses your oven/stovetop combination, with room for the refrigerator at the lower end of the kitchen (looking from the rear of the plan, that is). The kitchen island, nearly half-moon shaped, houses the dishwasher as well as a double sink, with room for additional seating. The kitchen melds into the keeping room.

Looking In, Looking Out

     And a Space to Eat

The fireplace is found on the far wall of the keeping room. Imagine eating at the banquette (far corner) and watching the fire as the embers slowly crumble. (A banquette is typically a long seat covered with fabric that is placed around a table. In this case, the table is an irregular pentagonal shape). Or perhaps you prefer to walk outside, using the steps in the corner of the room.

     Bone China

For more formal eating, the dining room is next. An open closet with shelves, perhaps for those fine linens and delicate bone china pieces you save for special repasts, is on the left as you enter. (Did you know that bone china is more translucent because of the process used to combine the ground bones of cows and other materials? Neither did I!). The dining room opens into the gathering room where a second fireplace will encourage you and your loved ones to gather round for intimate conversation.

Looking In, Looking Out

     And the Foyer

Walking straight ahead, you enter the foyer where the main entrance/front door to the house is on the right and stairs going to the second floor are in front of you. Walking towards the back of the house, you will find a reach-in closet under the stairs (on the right side) and a powder room on your left. A few more steps and you have arrived at the doors leading to Bravington’s master suite.

     The Master Bath

Once inside this suite, you will notice the light pouring in from the glass turret. This curve will provide the perfect area for your new chaise lounge, your favorite book (Icelandic crime novel? I’m in!) and a glass of your favorite libation. A walk-in closet is nearby, one that is spacious enough to hold all of your seasonal clothing. And shoes, too.

Walking towards the back of the house, you will find the master bath. Here there are two sinks, separated by the door and with both having some counterspace (elbow space, too!). A walk-in shower, drop-in tub and a spot to store extra linens complete the master bath.

Looking In, Looking Out

      And a Book or Two

Upstairs, you will find the study on the right. Add a desk and a comfortable chair or two, and voila! You can get right to the task at hand. This capacious area could also double as a sleeping loft with the addition of a low bed or a reading nook. With bookcases, of course, because you cannot have too many books. Ever.

     Bedroom Suites

Walking clockwise, you will come upon the second suite. The bath has a drop-in tub and a single sink. The walk-in closet has attic access (so much easier than those drop-down ladders that feel so precarious!). The third bedroom suite also has a walk-in closet, single sink and a drop-in tub. A reach-in closet adds storage space for those linens you might need when guests arrive, or for those paper products you never want to run out of.

The Bravington by Living Concepts offers charm outside and in. The rooms are well planned with unused space at a minimum. Consider this plan when you are looking in as you wander from one development to another. You could be looking out, instead.


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