About Living Concepts House Plans

Living Concepts Home Plans, based in Charlotte, North Carolina is a premier company in residential design.  With 30 years in business together, partners Frank Snodgrass and Kimberly Bunting, along with their dedicated, skilled team, bring beautiful designs in home styles, ranging from Traditional to Craftsman to European.  Each home style has a special, distinctive flair for which Living Concepts has become well known.

Building a home is a big decision.  Finding the right plan is a big choice.  With intentional, elegant, classic, and functional designs, they can help you choose the right fit for whatever you want and need in a home.  You can also feel secure knowing that the process is as easy and seamless as possible with plans that are well designed and accurate so to prevent issues during construction.  Offering their personal touch in every relationship, Living Concepts is among very select companies within the house plan industry.

Frank Snodgrass

Frank is an award-winning designer with almost 50 years of experience.   His attention to every detail brings beauty to every house plan.   From a large European-styled home to a cozy Craftsman cottage, Frank gives you the design choices that meet your wants and needs for every stage of life.  He also has experience in construction, which enhance his skills and creativity in designing solid, functional, and accurate home plans.


Kimberly Bunting

Kim has more than 40 years of experience in the housing industry and has carried a North Carolina Residential Contractors License since 1997. Having been the General Contractor on her own home build, she understands the client perspective and stress that building a home can bring.   As Operations Manager, she takes care of customer service, from answering customer questions to handling orders and plan fulfillment to client and builder communications.

Please feel free to browse our large selection of house plans, ranging from Craftsman to European to Luxury.