Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

It is March, and we are in springtime. Yes, meteorological spring. Okay, so your calendar says Spring is officially March 20th or whatever. Yet, have you not seen the narcissus poke their slim green bodies above the earth? Or the daffodils waving their yellow banners? Ah, time to start planning for outside events that usually begin inside. Hence, Inside/Outside: the Atwell Plan by Living Concepts is quite the right place to begin.

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

The spacious home, craftsman style, has 5305 square feet, three stories, five bedrooms, five full baths and two half-baths. But you knew that when you googled this plan to look at the specs. Let’s look a little closer at the front of the home to see what else we can discover. The slightly tapering columns are one indication of craftsman style, as is the covered front porch and the stone accents. A three-car garage will give you plenty of room to park your vehicles away from the pollen that you know is sure to come. Plus, you’ll have room for your tools.

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

    First Floor: Garage, Covered Porch and Laundry

Suppose, for now, you have just two vehicles. Then, one of the garage bays could be lined with sturdy cabinets, some that lock and perhaps some that do not- perfect for storing often used tools that you do not want to keep in the house. Once you are in the garage, you will see two doors on the far-left wall. The second one leads to stairs (more on that when we explore the second floor). The first one, however, takes you onto the covered porch.

This L-shaped area (covered porch) gives you several choices on how to enter the home. Walk straight ahead, and you will enter the home on its left side. Immediately on your left is a reach-in closet. Put in shelving and baskets, and you will have instant storage for your shoes, umbrellas, and other items that need a home once you are inside. A few steps further, and the door to the laundry is also on your left. Inside, you have room for a utility sink, your washer and dryer, plus cabinets to keep your laundry supplies.  There is also a door that leads outside.

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

     First Floor: Kitchen, Breakfast, and Grand Room

Then, walking towards the back of the house, the powder room is on your left, right before you enter the kitchen. Turn left, and you will see the walk-in pantry. On your right and in the middle of the kitchen is the island. The cooktop is under the window, with space along the countertops for your large appliances. The countertops end in a peninsula with more seating available. This is where the double sink is housed, along with the dishwasher.

This peninsula also separates the kitchen and breakfast room. Windows are on two sides, with a door on the right going to outside. Inside/outside, right? There are also stairs going up; a reach-in closet is underneath. Finally, the grand room, also known as the family room, is designed so that plenty of light pours in through the French doors (see picture below), and yet keeps that coziness you want with the fireplace and shelving or the furniture of your choice on either side.

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

     First Floor: Covered Veranda, Master Suite and Dining

Then, the covered veranda extends from the breakfast room across the back of the house. Want to eat outside but stay out of the rain? This is your spot. Another door leads into the master suite. Looking towards the front of the home, a second fireplace is on your right. Walk a little further, and a door leading to the gallery is also on your right. Next, straight ahead are two walk-in closets, with the one on the left sharing space with a small reach-in closet, a just-right space for extra bath linens.

 Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

Next, you walk into the master bath. His and her sinks are on either side of this door. The toilet is enclosed. Straight ahead is a large bathtub- make it a free-standing soaking tub or shelf tub, your choice. The spacious walk-in shower occupies the other corner of the master bath. 

Finally, walk back into the gallery. Facing the front of the home, you will notice that the foyer and formal dining rooms are both open.

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

Each room opens up to the covered porch, which wanders around to the stairs going up above the three-car garage.

second floor Atwell plan

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

     Second Floor: Guest Lodge and Bedroom Suites

Once you are upstairs, above the garage, you enter into the guest lodge. Like the Versailles plan, you have ample living space with a full bath. Unlike the Versailles, however, there is no kitchen, a modification that is certainly doable. Leaving the guest lodge requires that you return to the stairs, going down to the covered porch. 

Next, back on the second floor, you will find yourself on the balcony. A reach-in closet is on the far-right end. The second and third bedroom suites are on either side of the house. Suite #2 has a walk-in closet and a full bath with a single sink. Suite #3 is slightly larger, with a walk-in closet, also. The bath includes two sinks, linen storage, a walk-in shower, and bathtub.

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

     Second Floor: Recreation Room, Covered Veranda and Office

Back in the balcony, which extends nearly the width of the second floor, you will notice that there are two more rooms. One is the recreation room, which looks over your backyard. It has a fireplace (our third one!) with shelving on both sides to hold your most precious books (because recreation can mean that you relax with a book). There are stairs going to the third floor here. One more thing- the recreation room has a door leading to the covered veranda. To check out the expansive view from this floor, look at the rear elevation below.

rear elevation Atwell

Then, facing the front of the home is the office, which can instead be your fourth bedroom suite. It has a walk-in closet and single sink. It also shares part of the bathroom (the bathtub) with suite #2.

third floor plan Atwell

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan

     Third Floor: The Studio

Your fifth bedroom option is found on the third floor in the studio. Once again, the view from the third floor must be amazing. The doors open up to the deck, where you can sit and relax or simply leave the doors open. On the right side is a full bath (toilet, sink, bathtub). There is also a walk-in closet nearby. On the left side, you will find stairs that take you back down to the recreation room.

Inside/Outside: the Atwell Home Plan- Conclusion

The Atwell home plan has much to offer to your family, whether you are on the verge of being empty nesters or you have young children who will grow into the home. Inside and outside, you will find room to roam in this craftsman home. But first, you need to click on the green button (add to cart) on the right side of this page.

front photo of Atwell home

rear photo of Atwell plan

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