Hello Spring – Hello Blairmore

And the Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.” – Percy Blythe Shelley

Happy Spring!  Don’t let this home, Blairmore, by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts, fool you.  This looks like a cute, cozy cottage with craftsman touches, you are right. The use of natural materials and colors, columns, and charming details are a big part of what makes these architecture styles what they are.  Under the cute copper-topped cupola, under heavy eaves and peeking windows from an upper story and stepping into the entry space from your welcoming covered front porch, take a deep breath.  You are in for great surprise and delight.

With almost 3700 square feet and an optional 600 more in a bonus room above the garage, you find 4 bedrooms and 4 full baths, offering plenty of space for a family or guests.

Before you go in, take the time to notice the tall planter box/wall under one of the front windows.  Imagine the different heights and colors of flowers and plants that can add elegance to this already darling home.

Now, let’s go in.

Hello Blairmore

 Entry – Gathering Room – Dining Area – Kitchen

Yes, when you walk into this home, the space is wide open.  The entry offers a broad vista to your main floor living space.  A curved staircase to the right goes down to the finished lower level.  Your kitchen is to the left, a gathering room with a fireplace is straight ahead and a dining area is to the back left corner.  What else did you notice when you walked in?   Is the space light and bright?  Does it feel open and easy, breezy?  You can thank the entire back length of the home for all the windows encased there.  With expansive views, bringing ‘outdoors in’ is evident on every level of this home.

The kitchen has a raised bar island that looks to both the gathering room and dining area.  This is a great space for family gatherings when you need extra seating or space for all the delicious dishes of food that have been prepared.

The ‘purposed’ part of the kitchen is wrapped in U-shaped cabinets and counters.  Your sink sits under a window that looks to your front yard.   There is also an island for prep.  Don’t forget to think about the island as a storage space for pots and pans or build a shelf for your favorite cookbooks.

Your dining area can be as casual or formal as you chose.  No matter what meals you eat here, they will be lovely with all the windows around you.  There is a door here that leads to your great big open terrace.

Having such a large gathering space, your holidays, or any reason to entertain,  means there is plenty of room for everyone.  There isn’t much wall space to decorate, but you won’t miss that because all the windows will bring in Mother Nature’s décor.

Hello Blairmore

 Bath, stairs & ‘free’ area to the garage

From the kitchen, go left to a common area to a full bath (for cleaning up after working on a car or doing lawn work), stairs up to the bonus area above the garage, there’s a small closet for hanging umbrellas and storing dirty shoes in and a door to your 2-car garage.  While this is a 2-car garage, there is a large storage area for cabinets and countertops for storing tools or landscaping needs.  A utility door from the storage space walks out to a portion of your terrace.

Hello Blairmore

 Garage Space Bonus

If you feel you need even more space in this home, a staircase, from the inside of the garage, leads up to a large bonus room and storage.  This could be a craft room, where you woodwork, paint or make this a dedicated guy space.  Options and more options abound here.

Hello Blairmore

 Let’s go outside, it is spring.  From the dining area, go out to your large terrace.  This house also has a lower level, covered terrace that we’ll get to, so think about how you want to use each space.  An outdoor dining table, grill, a smaller high-top table, and pots for herbs would look so welcoming here.  Or, some nice relaxing chaise lounge chairs and umbrellas to shade you when it’s too sunny and warm out.

Hello Blairmore

 Master Suite Space and Laundry Room

Back in the house (I know, it’s hard to be indoors when you have such beautiful outdoor spaces and the weather is fresh and new), the far-right side is your bedroom space. From the gathering room, go right and you’ll find your laundry room and a small closet for hanging items or build shelves for linens and cleaning supplies. A welcoming double-door entry to your master suite is here too. The master suite, while large in the bedroom area alone, is a whole entity of spaces to be enjoyed.

The master suite will beckon you into its refuge, warmly and comfortably, each night.  This unique space has a wall of windows in a round, turret-like section for more charm and airiness.  Maybe this is the nook you’ve always wanted for a comfortable chair, table, and little lamp.  With 10’ ceilings, a canopy bed might be ideal here.  In the front corner of the bedroom is a door to a large walk-in closet.  Another door takes you to your master bath and a surprise exercise room.  In the bathroom, you’ll find separate single sinks.  The tub and shower are also separate as is the room for your commode.

The exercise room is a step down from the master bath.  While this could be a hiding space/office, it is a great location for exercise equipment.

Now, let’s go down to the lower level.

Hello Blairmore

 Lower Level

Your way down to the lower level is from the circular staircase by the front door.

Once again, you’ll be wowed by the space in the lower level.  This space is really and ‘everything’ you could want in a lower level.  At the bottom of the stairs your large, open rec room greets you.  There is a fireplace down here for cool days and nights when maybe you want to hunker in and binge sports or movies.  Believe me, you won’t have to move all day from this area as there is a second kitchen down here. Seriously.  A kitchen with sink, fridge, and room for an under-counter dishwasher, absolutely allows for ideal entertaining down here.  Book clubs, guy time, kids’ hangout, this space gives you everything.  If you have aging relatives that live with you, they won’t want for more in these surroundings.  The back wall here is window-lined.  A door leads from the rec room to a covered terrace.  With a convenient kitchen here, it isn’t out of the ordinary to have a second dining table outside.

There are stairs from the upper terrace down to this level.  Depending on the lot, you could enhance your outdoor space by adding a swimming pool.

Hello Blairmore

 Other spaces

Since this lower level is so encompassing, let’s talk about the office.  It is in the back left corner and has a door to the terrace.  Between the office and kitchen is a full bath.

On the right side of the lower level is where your mechanical/storage space is, as well as two bedroom suites.  While each room has a walk-in closet, they are adjoined by a jack-n-jill full bath with double sink vanity.

Both suites also have access doors to the outside, but only one suite steps right out to a stoop.  One option you might have is to be able to expand the stoop/patio area into a larger sitting area.

Hello Blairmore

Outside is ‘IN”.  Aside from the open, airy, comfortable floor plan of the Blairmore, the outside options shine.  With covered and ‘open’ terraces, an exposed lower level, and windows galore, yours will be the ‘party’ house.  Your spaces are where everyone will want to gather for any occasion – inside and out. Can you blame them?


Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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