Guiding Home – Hatteras

“I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve.”
― George Bernard Shaw

I adore the ocean; its moodiness and its calm.  The moodiness of changing colors of the waters and the intensity it takes to build the wave-capped foam, that is yet, so light and at ease, mesmerizes me.  I wonder at craggy shorelines – ragged, jagged rocks that lead to more solid ground and safety.  I am a big fan of lighthouses.  They watch the waters and protect the shoreline.  They warn and guide.  Lighthouses are strong and have one purpose – to serve.

This home, Hatteras, can be your refuge.  It might take some bumps and challenges to reach the safety (because building a home is a big deal) of solid ground.  But the result of the journey, the end feeling is that of happiness, the end of a thrilling ride, and the comfort of being home.  With 1900 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths, this 1.5-story home will be your guiding light, the place you aim for at the end of the day, and a place to breathe before the dawn of each next day begins.

Take my hand, we’ll look together.


Guiding Light – Hatteras

 Curb Appeal and Entryway

Right away, the strong tapered columns holding up the safe, protective covering of your porch, welcome you.  Craftsman and cottage-style architecture, in such classic, perfect harmony, will have you longing to get here.  With a wrap-around porch, the entry feels more open, airy, and spacious.  Potted plants can ‘walk with you as you ascend the front steps, leading to the ‘hello’ of your front door.  Now, let’s go in.

Hatteras Main Floor

As you step inside, are you wondering where the garage is located?   Why didn’t you see it?  Does it have one?  Yes, it does.  A large 2-car garage waits for you,  detached, out back.  We’ll get to that, but for now, let’s talk about being home.

Your large gathering room invites you from the moment you step inside.  This house can’t wait to shelter you, gather you up in its walls, and ask you to stay awhile.  A corner fireplace will warm you on cool nights and be very ‘present’, but not intrusive.  Whether you live here alone or with others, plenty of seating space will fit all those you enjoy the company of.  The wall on the right has enough space for artwork and/or shelving.  A long wall straight ahead can fit a television and storage cabinetry.

You notice how easy the flow and openness of this space are because your dining room melds right into the gathering space.  A round table with comfortable chairs and a long sideboard would be perfect here, or perhaps you prefer a long, strong rectangular set with bench seating.  No matter your style, this space is ready for it.

Guiding Light – Hatteras

 Powder Room, Kitchen, and Laundry

From the dining room, walk through 2 doorways (perhaps you make them arched), passing a powder room on the left, to get to your kitchen.  This kitchen is set up ‘galley’ style, however, it is spacious and wide.  A pantry/closet in here brings you extra storage for foodstuffs, and perhaps a pair of slip-on shoes for when you need to step outdoors quickly.

The eating area is surrounded by light, bright windows.  This would be a perfect use of space in building in banquette seating.  A door out to the backyard and walkway to your detached garage is here too.

Your laundry area is hiding here as well, behind a closed door.  You can easily install shelves above your washer and dryer to add more room for cleaning supplies and storage.

Guiding Light – Hatteras

 Master Suite

The master suite has two entryways.  One, there is a door from the side of the wrap-around porch (for sneaking out at night to enjoy some fresh air and a cup of tea) and the other is off the kitchen.  From the walkway from the dining room, a door to the right leads you here.  Your bedroom area is spacious.  The wall space here is large and long.  There is a walk-in closet off the master bath but including an armoire with storage drawers would be nice in the bedroom area.  Calm, peaceful hues in this room can help you relax, letting the moods of your thoughts swirl freely in your head.

A door from the bedroom area leads to your master bath.  A pocket door separates your toilet and a linen closet from the shower/sink area.  The vanity is a 2 sink, opposite your separate bathtub and shower.  There is room for everything you need in here so go ahead and create your spa.

Hatteras Floor 2

Guiding Light – Hatteras

Tall and Proud

From the U-shaped stairway in your gathering room, head up to the other bedroom spaces. At the top of the stairs is a landing with two doors, one opening to each of the bedroom suites.  Each suite has a closet.  A jack-n-jill bathroom is convenient and making it more so, is the single sink vanity in each suite, flanking the toilet and tub/shower space of the bathroom.

Guiding Light – Hatteras

 Detached Garage

From the kitchen area, a door leads out to the backyard and garage space.  You could put a covered walkway pergola between the entry service door to the garage and the back door of the house.  Including a landscape of plants and flowers of all heights might line the back of the house.  A fountain or small pond with a waterfall feature might add to the lighthouse/water ambiance if you chose.  Maybe this garage is used for the ‘garage band’ you always wanted to be a part of?  The options are yours.

Guiding Light – Hatteras

No matter how you plan to live in this home, let it be the calm of your day.  The beacon light that draws you in and shelters you, in any event, is waiting for you, your family, and your friends.  Wait no more, click the green “add to cart’ button on the plan page and you are already sailing along.  Now that you’ve seen the joy of this Hatteras, how about checking out this one.

Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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