Good Bones Good Start – the Normandy

Good Bones  Good Start – the Normandy

This ‘good bones – good start’ plan is Normandy (B-2497).  Frank Snodgrass, of Living Concepts House Plans, has brought you the base, the guide, for your 3,900 square foot, 2-story, 3 bed, 3.5 bath Traditional style home.  If you chose to make this your own, there is plenty of room for a growing family, visitors, and even more room for entertaining.  As you add the ‘spice’ and flavors that make this house a home, you will continue to tweak and evolve while enjoying the great ‘bone’ structure that is the root of this house.

It has been said, by a very well-known chef, that a recipe has no soul.  It is up to a cook to bring soul to a recipe.  I’m not sure I agree with that, because a recipe must BE something to get your attention, something that makes you want to make it.  Think of housebuilding in the same sense.  An architect gives you the base, the idea, the foundation that becomes your reality.  An architect’s vision is like that of a recipe developer.  Both must make you want what they bring ‘to the table’.  A house.  A well-loved recipe.  Good bones.  Now, you add the spice, the décor, the sweet, salty, depth, and mood that makes for the perfect result.   Because really – all things in life are about taste, right?

Good Bones - The Normandy

Good Bones - The Normandy

Good Bones  Good Start – The Normandy Curb Appeal

This traditional-style home has a welcoming front porch with a charming arched entryway.  Imagine all the potted plants and flowers you can put on the steps to welcome yourself, and guests, alike.  Using natural stone to highlight part of the house, is just one way to tweak the recipe for what makes your house a home.  That second-story window on the far-right side of the house is a perfect location for a window box of flowers.  Your garage, to the left of the house, has options of doors that face toward or away from the house.  Your preference.  With lovely landscaping, you’ll enhance the surroundings and really make this home, homey.

Good Bones  Good Start – The Normandy Welcome

First floor showing kitchen and master bedroom
First floor Normandy

Once in the foyer, your u-shaped stairway heads up to the left.  A dining room, for every occasion and meal, is to your right.  You can make this a convenient first-floor office if that meets your needs.  Straight ahead from the foyer is your grand room.  You’ll enjoy many nights in here (with or without a fire in the fireplace), entertaining, watching your favorite movie, streaming channels, or quietly listening to music as you read.  There is enough room for couches that face each other and a coffee table between them or a sectional couch to lounge in comfortably. You’ll appreciate the double doors that lead from here out to your deck/terrace.

Your deck/terrace is ideal for growing your favorite herbs.  Set an inviting table for lazy afternoon lemonade and snacks.  If you create your ideal outdoor kitchen with a grill, counters, a fridge, and good music, your home will become entertainment central for a fun date night in or for welcoming your friends and neighbors.

Good Bones – Mangia!

Although the kitchen isn’t directly open to the grand room in open floor-plan style, there is a large opening from the morning room (adjacent to the kitchen) to the grand room.  Your kitchen offers u-shaped counter space and, on the wall shared with the grand room, add more counter space and cabinets or perhaps a small desk and writing area. Maybe your tall wine storage center is here. A swinging door (or leave the opening open) leads to the dining room in the front of the house.   No matter how you season this space to your taste, it will work for you.  Adjacent to the kitchen is your morning room, a.k.a. eat-in kitchen area.  If this is where your immediate family gathers to eat, play games, talk or do schoolwork, it is a perfect spot.

Good Bones – Laundry and Powder Room and Garage

From the foyer, turning left you pass a powder room, a closet for hanging coats and umbrellas, and your laundry room.  From the laundry room, which also has a closet for storing laundry soap, cleaning supplies, and perhaps a few linens, a door leads to your two-car garage.  There is a long, doored storage space for your car-maintenance items – think oil, filters, and all you need to keep your car shiny and clean.

Good Bones – Master Retreat

Back in the house, ahead and to the left of the powder room, is your master retreat.  Think of this space like baking.  Gather your favorite ingredients, colors, textures, and materials.  Make these work together with patience and this space will be like a freshly baked loaf of bread or muffins.  It is warm, it smells amazing, you relish in it because it makes you both happy and calm.  Use candles or an essential oil diffuser to set the mood you like.  The bedroom space is in the back left corner.  Walk into your master bath, with very separate sinks and vanities (on different walls and not directly across each other).  Your soaking tub sits under a window and a separate shower lets you decide what relaxing means to you.  Your commode is in yet another private space.

The walk-in closet is to the left as you enter the bathroom area.  This space easily holds double rods for hanging, you can build in storage shelves, add an island with drawers or get fancy and put your handbags and shoes behind glass cabinetry.

Good Bones – Stand Tall

floor 2 showing bonus and 2 bedrooms
Normandy floor 2

Back to the foyer, let’s go upstairs.  At the top, you’ll find a loft area, 2 bedroom suites with adjoining (jack and jill) bathroom and step down into a large bonus room.  This plan has the option to add a balcony and 4th bedroom with an attached bath if you need or want the space.  Whether you have visitors or use these bedrooms for your family, these spaces offer rest and relaxation.  Besides being a place for an office, exercise, or hobby space, the bonus room is the perfect spot to hold noisy teenagers or sports watching.  Ladies, I think any club you want to host would love being up here.  Good bones make it all possible.

Good Bones – Built from the bottom

Normandy lower level showing rec room and alt use rooms
Normandy Lower Level

From your foyer, let’s go downstairs.  Have you decided how to use all the spaces you have here?  This solid home can bring all the flavors of your life into one place.  The beauty of this basement is that it is exposed.  Easily access your beautiful backyard from this lower-level rec room (that also has a fireplace).  If you appreciate the warmth and feel of a spa hot tub, then the covered lower patio is the ideal spot for it.

There are two additional rooms down here, both large and multi-purpose oriented.  For visitors or older teens, this space offers so much.  There is a half bath here too.  Make one of the rooms a bedroom.  Maybe you have a dual-zoned office space for two.  If you are into yoga and pilates or weigh-lifting, here, you can have it all.  Yes, you could make part of your flooring heated (for yoga) and add your reformer pilates equipment.  Put your mirrors on a wall and a ballet bar for the barre class you like on youtube.  If you’re really into it, add an indoor sauna for cool days and to relieve sore muscles.

Good Bones Good Start – The Normandy for a good life

See, this Normandy is full of what good bones bring.  Strength, options, building blocks, and good life.  Start with this plan and you are sure to build what makes you happy.  Frank at Living Concepts is ready to help you bring your recipe for your dream home to life.

Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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