We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions by our customers. Whether you are purchasing a pre-drawn house plan for the first time, or you are a builder that utilizes pre-drawn house plans often, hopefully this page will provide you with answers to all your questions. If not, please feel free to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-617-6105. Thank you!

Q. How many house plan sets do I need?

A. The number of sets will depend on your individual needs. When you purchase the Reproducible Set, PDF, or AutoCAD, you will be able to have printed as many copies as you may need to construct your home.

Q. If I purchase a 1-Set Study Package, can I modify it, build from it, or have it copied?

A. No. All of our house plans are protected by Federal Copyright Law. This package is for study purposes only and does not come with a license to build.  You also may not modify it or make any copies of the house plan for any purpose.  However, you may upgrade to either the Reproducible, PDF, or AutoCAD to receive a License to build & make modifications & copies, and we will apply what you paid for the 1-Set Package to the upgrade price.  Please note: “NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION” is stamped across each sheet of the study set.    

Q. What is a Reproducible Set?

A. A Reproducible Set is a paper copy that comes with a License which allows you to make modifications to the house plan and to make as many copies as you may need to construct your home.

Q. What is a PDF?

A. A PDF is a digital file that comes with a License which allows you to make modifications to the house plan and to make as many copies as you may need to construct your home.

Q. Are all of your house plans available in AutoCAD?

A. No. But many are. Check your individual house plan for availability. If available, the house plan will be provided in an AutoCAD format and will be emailed to you or placed on a CDROM, if you prefer that method, and mailed to you. If you are planning major revisions to your house plans, many Architects and Designers prefer to work from CAD files.

Q. What do I get in a set of house plans?

A. Go to About Our Plans to learn more about the house plans we offer.

Q. What is the difference between a Mirror Reversed House Plan and a Right Read Reversed House Plan?

A. A Mirror Reversed House Plan, the image is simply reversed from the way it’s shown. Text and dimensions are reversed as well which can make it somewhat difficult to read. House plans that are not available in AutoCAD are limited to being Mirror Reversed only. With a Right Read Reversed House Plan, the optimum image reversing method is applied. The image is reversed, but text and dimensions remain intact and readable left to right. This can only be accomplished on house plans that are available in AutoCAD.

Q. When I purchase a house plan, what rights do I have with the plan?

A. The original Architect/Designer, Building Graphics, Inc., owns and maintains copyright protection and legal rights to all house plans offered through Living Concepts. When you purchase the Reproducible Set, PDF, or AutoCAD, you will receive a Release Letter/License granting you limited permission to alter the house plan as well as the right to make multiple copies of the house plan.

Q. How can I find someone in my area to make modifications?

A. Check with your local Home Builders Association or go to www.aibd.org to find an A.I.B.D. designer member in your area.

Q. Can I return a set of house plans?

A. Because our house plans are copyrighted, they cannot be returned for credit and/or refund under any circumstances once the package is opened or emailed to you. We recommend you consult with a local building contractor to determine what he/she will need to build the home as well as to determine special sub-division and local building code requirements before purchasing. Please call our office to discuss any concerns you may have before ordering.

Q. How many times can I build a house plan when I purchase it?

A. ONE TIME ONLY. Whether you purchase the Reproducible, PDF, or AutoCAD files, it entitles you to build the house only once. If you are planning to build the house multiple times, you will need to purchase the Reproducible Set, PDF, or AutoCAD files along with a Re-use License. Please contact our office for details.

Q. What is meant by a License to build a home plan?

A. A License to build entitles the purchaser to construct the home one time only from the house plan purchased, unless a Re-use License is also purchased.  Per Federal Copyright laws, this License, or the house plan itself, may not be given, transferred, or sold to any other person or entity, even if you did not build it.

Q. Can you tell me where a particular house plan has been built?

A. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons and because we simply have no way of knowing where customers who purchase our plans may build them, we usually cannot provide you with addresses of house plans that have been built. However, we may be able to contact builders/contractors in your area who have purchased the house plan you’re interested in who may be able to tell you where they have built the home.

Q. Do you offer Material Lists with your house plans?

A. We offer Material Lists for many of our house plans, but not for all at this time. Please check our website or call our customer service department for availability.

Q. Why aren’t HVAC, Plumbing, and Mechanical details included?

A. Because climatic requirements and local building codes vary throughout the country. Also, it is necessary to know where the electric and water will enter your house. Your local contractors can determine the best layout for your home.

Q. Do my house plans require an Architectural and/or Engineering Seal?

A. Some cities and states require that a licensed Architect or Engineer review and seal a set of home plans prior to construction due to concerns over energy costs, safety and other factors. We recommend, prior to application for a building permit or the start of construction, that you consult with a local building official who can tell you if a review and professional seals are required.

Q. What does it mean when a home plan is copyrighted?

A. Copyright is the legal right granted to an Architect/Designer for exclusive rights to publication, production, sale, use or distribution of their home designs. Therefore, all Living Concepts home plans are protected by Federal Copyright Law. Permission must be granted by the original Architect/Designer prior to any and all publication, production, sale, use, distribution and modification of any Living Concepts home plan. To read additional information concerning Federal Copyright Laws please click here.

Q. I want to print out the page but the images are too big.

A. Before printing you must set your printer preferences to print inside your page margins. This applies when printing from the screen views of the floor plans or other images. It is recommended that you download the spec sheet and print from the .pdf format.

Q. Where can I look to find more house plans if I didn’t find one on your site?

A. HousePlansPlus is an excellent source. The nations’ top Designers, including Living Concepts, have put their collections together in this complete home plan source. Click on the “HousePlanPlus” icon on our home page to view this comprehensive library of home plans.