European Cottage, French Inspired

European Cottage, French Inspired- a steeply pitched roof, tall windows and the use of natural materials on the exterior make this home by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts.  The Kirkpatrick C 2841, one of European charm, has much to offer. The house has close to 3200 square feet with a workroom over the two-car garage, and a study that could easily be another bedroom suite. The master and guest suites are downstairs. There are two bedroom suites upstairs. There are five full bathrooms. A breezeway or covered walkway connects the garage to the house.

European Cottage, French Inspired

     A Refuge

Inside the garage, you will find storage (with a door) in the corner closest to the walkway. There are steps leading upwards to the room above the garage. This area could be a workroom for your latest Cricut crafts or an office space that is free from distractions (i.e., little feet, teenagers, etc.).

The room has the potential, too, to become a mother-in-law suite once a few additions are made (bathroom, kitchenette). Finally, if you have teenagers or young adults and they just need a space for their garage band (better add lots of sound proofing here), or for gaming, then this “extra” room will be a blessing. Serieusement.

     It’s a Breeze(way)

The breezeway connects the garage to the house. It gives you protection from adverse weather, and also offers you a chance to plant your preferred foliage, a creeping vine around the posts or flowering plants that border the walkway. When you enter the house, there is a reach-in closet on your right for your outerwear and shoes (toss those Uggs in there). Turning left, you enter the kitchen.

European Cottage, French Inspired

     A Peninsula is not Just a Landform

A closet (for your stackable washer and dryer, or even the newer All in One) is included in this area. On the left side, there is counter space for your minor appliances (Keurig, KitchenAid, toaster oven), with a double sink below a window and a place for your dishwasher. The L shaped countertop ends in a peninsula, offering room for you to pull up a barstool and grab a quick bite.  On the right side of the kitchen, there is a reach-in pantry beside the placement of your refrigerator, and your oven with cooktop is centered on the remining countertop.

     Pass the Baguette, s’il-vous-plait

Formal or informal dining will occur in the dining room. A French-inspired (and more formal) dining room would include a crystal chandelier and a touch of gold, with French antique furnishings. Luxurious drapes that pool on the floor would complete the look. You may decide, however, to approach decorating with a more modern touch, and focus on cubist elements instead. From dining, you walk through the door outside to the covered deck or wander into the great room.

European Cottage, French Inspired

     Planning ahead

The deck extends from the corner of the dining room across the back of the house. Furniture here will be protected from the sun and rain, with the exception of blustery weather. This is the just-right spot for outdoors dining and relaxing. A gas or charcoal grill will keep the cook busy on warmer days.

Steps going down on the left side take you to your backyard, where you can continue the French influence by adding raised beds, a courtyard or even fruit trees. Purchasing a wireless weather station will let you know beforehand whether or not to plan that long-awaited gathering in the garden or in the great room.


The fireplace is centered in the great room, facing the back of the house. Overheated from the fire or chilled from being outside? A bar is to the left of the hearth, complete with sink and countertop space for you to prepare your favorite libations. Two French doors can take you back outside to the covered deck, or you may choose to pull up a swivel chair that you can melt into (we all have those days). You will still have plenty of room for that sectional you always wanted, plus a coffee table for your beautiful books. Walking towards the front, there is a closet under the stairs, which lead to more bedroom suites.

European Cottage, French Inspired

     Letting Light in

Before going upstairs, though, you will want to explore the guest suite. Natural light will suffuse the room as one large window peers out. This room has a reach-in closet with a bath that includes a walk-in shower and a single sink. The guest room is the ideal place for parents who visit or ones who are aging, the stairs being unfriendly to the knees.

     La Chambre

Back in the foyer at the front of the home, which naturally leads to your front door, you will also find the entranceway to both the study and to the master suite. This room (study) has a reach-in closet, as well as access to a full bath with a walk-in shower and single sink. There is a fireplace on the wall facing the front, and windows on the right side. An elegant desk and office chair will keep this your main office; converting the space to a bedroom by adding a bed and dresser makes this your extra chambre.

European Cottage, French Inspired

     The Master

The master suite is around the corner. It has access to the covered deck, where you can walk outside with your morning coffee or tea to greet the day. Inside, you have the option of having a built-in dresser, which will be opposite the placement of the bed. A reach-in closet is nearby, as are two walk-in closets. The master bath has two sinks (because one is not enough, I promise), a walk-in shower and a shelf tub.

     And More

The second-floor plan of the Kirkpatrick includes the second and third bedroom suites.  Suite #2 has a reach-in closet and a bath that includes a single sink, walk-in shower and linen closet. Suite #3 has two reach-in closets, a single sink and shelf tub (one that is built-in, also called a drop-in tub). Perhaps you need more closet space? Well, there is a walk-in closet in the loft area at the end of the balcony.

Once you have finished the attic floor, you will have room in this extra space for all of those extra things (wreaths, holiday decorations, baby items you just cannot part with).

Adding a touch of gold- a little bit of flair- will bring the European décor inside to this French inspired cottage home by Living Concepts. Most importantly, though, is planning with family in mind. After all, this is your home, your escape from chaos to comfort.

Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup. French proverb

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