The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home

Some of my favorite series on Netflix list “fear” as an element in the parental guidance notes. We just finished watching the final episode of the new Lost in Space (loved it!) and I saw that word. Fear. Well, fear not here, because this plan by Living Concepts- The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home, may well be the opposite of fear. Wonderment. Possibilities. Your second home? Let’s see!

The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home

The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home

     The Front of the Home and the Specifics

The cottage-style home (or bungalow) has its front entrance centered. A porch spans the entire front of the home. Three gentle arches among the four columns and a dormer window on the steeply sloped roof complete the front. The Edgewater has 2010 square feet, two full baths and two bedroom suites, with the option of having a third guest suite. A detached two-car garage is accessible from the back of the house.

Edgewater first floor

The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home

     The First Floor: Gathering and Dining Rooms

          Winter is coming!

First, those beautiful doors on either side of your front door? Well, they lead into your living areas. The french door on the left, as well as the front door, takes you into the gathering room. A fireplace on the far wall is embraced by built-in shelves. A sectional sofa that faces the fireplace, because you know winter is coming, is where you will want to curl up with a great book and sip something warm.

Then, the doors on the right lead you into the dining room. This can be a room for formal dining, or you might consider it as an extension of your kitchen (coming up next). Your second home. Your decision. A large round or oval table placed here invites all to dine, especially with no one at the head of the table.

The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home

   The First Floor: Kitchen, Office and Back Porch

            Where Memories are Made

I have read that no one cooks or bakes without memories to support them, whether it is a handwritten note in a cookbook or an aroma that evokes previous happy times. So, whether this is your second home or your first, you will want your kitchen to be perfect. This one is compact and yet, it will meet all of your needs. 

Stepping from the dining room into the kitchen, L-shaped countertops house your major appliances, with the double sink underneath the window on the right wall. A breakfast booth on the left wall provides needed seating. A walk-in pantry is tucked into the left corner of the kitchen. Finally, a door in the kitchen takes you to the back (covered) porch. Two porches, one home.

The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home

     The First Floor: The Home Office or Guest Suite

          A Desk or a Dresser?

Not that you can’t have both. You can, but you may want to keep work away from where you get that needed sleep. Additionally, if this is your second home, you will want to be sure you have room for those guests that are sure to arrive unexpectedly. In the Edgewater plan, the far-left corner of the first floor can be your home office or a guest suite. The room has a walk-in closet, plus a full bath with shower/tub combination and double sinks. Nearby are steps that will take you to the second floor.

Edgewater second floor

The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home

     The Second Floor: The Master Suite

          Plus One More Bedroom Suite

Upstairs, through the doors and turning right, you are at the master suite. Or owner’s suite, because that’s what it is. A large walk-in closet makes it easy for you to organize your clothing and accessories. The sleeping area faces the front yard, while the master bath is towards the back of the second floor. A large walk-in shower, two sinks, bathtub and storage for your bath necessities complete this room.

Then, near the stairs and to your left, you will find the laundry room. Makes sense, right? Laundry upstairs where your bedroom is found. Inside, there is a place for your washer and dryer, as well as storage for washing supplies.

Also, on the right side of the home is the second bedroom suite. The sleeping area is at the back of the home. The bathroom has a single sink and walk-in shower. Finally, the walk-in closet is just right for your guests.  Both the master suite and the guest suite walk-in closets have access to attic storage.

The Edgewater Plan: A Cottage for Your Second Home


The Edgewater Plan by Living Concepts is the perfect size for a second home- at the beach, the mountains or wherever you imagine your dream home. This could also be your primary abode. When you decide to purchase the plan, be sure to click on the green button on the right that says add to cart

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