Drive and Commitment – Laurinburg

“Mind on the drive.  Hands on the wheel.  Eyes on the road.” – Unknown

Seeing this classic, traditional style home makes me think of steadfast things, strong, reliable, and yet personal.  To take a journey requires one to be steadfast, committed, open to possibilities.  Laurinburg, a two-story home with 5 bedrooms and 4 full baths, plenty of living space and plenty of room for things you drive (cars, golf carts, motorcycles),is steadfast, it is ready for adventure.  Are you?

The grand, upright, yet homey style of Laurinburg is evident in the full brick exterior, the tall and numerous windows, and a strong, solid, and steep-pitched roofline.  “Take a visual test-drive’ and decide this is the vehicle to move you forward into the adventure of building your own home, customizing it to your style – take the wheel, and watch where the journey takes you.

Drive and Commitment – Laurinburg

 Foyer, Living Room, Dining Room and Study

Step inside this home and a large, open, welcoming foyer greets you.  I think you’ll appreciate that the ‘lines’ of this space are not square and limiting.  Double doors open to a study or guest suite to your right.  In front of you but in a northeast rise, your stairs take you to the second story.  An opening and the northeast angle again, lead you to a full bath and toward the heartbeat of this home.  To your far left, a living room opens to a large dining room.

Let’s take a closer look, kick the tires a bit, shall we?  The study/guest suite has access to an attached bath, the same one accessed from the foyer.  This room has a long closet and with large windows, makes for an ideal spot for an office.

To the left of the foyer is the living room.  Maybe this is a formal space or a cozy nook to read in.  A music room for a baby grand piano, a cello or a guitar will be perfect here.  A large opening, but space defined by two pillars, your dining room awaits on the other side of the living room.  Dining rooms are special places, they hold memories, can seat many people (like a large Econoline family van, or an SUV), and can be fancy spaces or a simple place just to eat.  Like a car, when it is new and yours, you can pick the colors, the feeling, and the function of what it can do.  Hands on the wheel, you steer your vision.

Main Floor

Drive and Commitment – Laurinburg

 Kitchen, Eating area and Family Room

The kitchen, eating area and family room own a large part of this home.  Wide open areas that blend into each other, but have their own intended function are also car-like.  Space for the engine, then the cavity where you drive leads back to a trunk.  All form and function, each space needs the other but alone, has purpose and value.  The kitchen is the engine and it has a large island.  Put tall barstools here for easy dining, reading the paper while you sip coffee, or your kids do homework while you prep and make meals.

The breakfast/eating area, is the cavity and sitting space where you talk, gather and have fun.  This can be a light and bright area, lit through the windows that show you the screen porch just beyond this space.  Otherwise, a single door from the family room, takes you out to this weather-protected area as well.  Think of the screen porch like waxing a car – a great protector.

The family room, not trunk-like, but does hold necessary items to make the entire space function, has a fireplace that you will enjoy when the weather cools.  Do you want a long, tall looking fireplace that is marble with strong, clean lines or something more approachable and charming, like stone?  This is your new home, make it yours.  There is a staircase from here that leads up to the second floor.  A doorway also leads out to your two-car garage.  Notice from the front rendering of this house, that you can’t see the garage as it is a side load style and does not detract from the grandness of the exterior.  ** More to follow on garages, but for now, this two-stall space is clean and convenient.

Drive and Commitment – Laurinburg

 Master Suite

Taking the stairs from the foyer to the second floor, you find yourself in an open hallway scene.  The master suite is large and just at the top of the stairway.  Double doors open, in grand form, to your daily rest and respite from the world.  A bay-window will have you longing for a comfortable chaise chair to sit in and read.  The window is like the large, oversize sunroof in a car….a special feature that lets in sunlight, just for you to enjoy.  A beautiful 4 poster bed can fit on a long wall that faces another long wall where you can put an armoire to hide the television so you can watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  A master bath with 2 separate sink vanities ensures your own space for getting ready in the morning. A toilet has its own room, separated by a pocket door.  A soaking tub offers luxury, and a glassed shower offers practicality.  Something for everyone, as it goes – like a car, we all like practicality and luxury, don’t we?  Lastly, a large walk-in closet at the front of the house will keep your clothes, shoes and handbags or ties and suits ready.

Drive and Commitment – Laurinburg

 Three Suites and the Laundry

This second floor has a loft look and feel to it in that the area is open to the foyer and in the back corner, overlooks the family room.  Between these open spaces you find three bedrooms and possibly a fourth.  The fourth bedroom can also be used as an office, a playroom, a space for teens to hang out, or a hobby area for adults.  There is a full bath with hall access between two of the bedrooms.  However, one bedroom has direct access to this full bath.  The fourth bedroom/playroom has its own full bath and closet with sliding doors.

One really handy feature of this home is the laundry room.   All the bedrooms are up here, so it makes sense to have a second-floor laundry.  Put a utility sink in the space and hang a rod for drying clothes or hangers – you are set.  A second stairway just outside the laundry room leads back down to the family room.

Drive and Commitment – Laurinburg

 Now, all the car analogies lead up to the ‘secret’ this house holds for you.  Is it a bat cave?  Maybe.  Is it where your friends hang out when they come over, like a secret club?  Maybe.  Is this where your convertible car spends time while it waits for good weather to be driven in?  Yes, that’s the right answer.  Granted, this house needs the right piece of land but, the element of surprise of a lower-level 3rd garage space is a treat.

Drive and Commitment – Laurinburg

Having drive and commitment are great personal qualities.  Drive and commitment are also required when getting on the road for the adventure of building a home.  Bumps and potholes can happen, but the joys of the journey and rest in the destination, are worth it.  With the help of Frank Snodgrass and Living Concepts, the road is smoother.  This plan, Laurinburg, is the right green light to new experiences in the path of your life.  Be sure to click the green ‘Add to Cart’ button on the right side of the screen with all the plans on it.

Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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