Concorde – European Living

“If Music is a Place — then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness, Rock is the Road, Classical is a Temple.” ― Vera Nazarian

Welcome to Concorde.  If a house is music, then some rooms are lofty and grand.  Some spaces are sacred and serene.  Maybe the spaces are lively and bold, while others are simply quiet, soft and reflective.  Some spaces might be dark and deep. This house is enough as it is.  It is a symphony of life, sounds, moods and movement.  A home that envelopes the highs and lows that the external world brings in.  The life that we aim to create, rest and revive in.  Life.  Home.  This is Concorde.

Concorde – Front

This gorgeous symphony of a European home is just that.  It’s a visual symphony.  A cacophony of influences, beats, styles, colors, moods, flavors and personalities abound in European style.

  Let’s see this space together.  From the first peek of curb appeal, the charm oozes.  This home brings you just shy of 4400 sq. feet with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, two stories and loads of personality under a sloping roof and behind the eyes of the windows that bring the world in and yet, shelter you from it too.

Concorde – Exterior Peaks and Arches

Right away, the curb appeal is intoxicating.  This house will not be ignored.  A sloping roofline to deflect snow or rain, is obvious.  Charming arched windows and shutters, a wide, welcome entry doorway, and peeking second-floor dormers make this home flirt.  The kitten-eared left side of the home roofline makes it curious.

Concorde – Main

 Front of House

From the moment you walk into the double doored, front entry to a large foyer, the feeling of living large and comfortably has just begun. The dining room and living room/study flank the open foyer.  Dining room to the left.  Make it dark-walled and dramatic or light, airy, and dreamy.  Your living room and/or study might be woody, dark, heavy or comfy, cozy, and a place meant for great conversations, appetizers, and music.

From “Bits to the best”

From the living room, walk toward the back of the home, past a powder room and down a long hall.  What’s beautiful and amazing about this ‘walk’, is that you are claiming your owner’s suite space.  At the end of the hall, is the entrance to your beginning and end of day.   This large bedroom area will fit all you want in a bedroom set, lush bedding and reading area. Your master bath has a double-sink vanity area and storage areas.  Prefer a nice bath? A soaking tub, separate shower and a private room for the toilet is ideal.  A walk-in closet, with windows to the front of the house, rounds out this space with plenty of options for how you wish to organize your wardrobe.

Concorde – Live it Large

Walking straight ahead from the foyer, your family room, with warm fireplace and side shelves, keep your vacation or treasures present. Take double doors to your covered terrace.  See yourself in cozy swimwear? Lounging to inhale the sun’s warmth?  Go ahead, plant pots of herbs to add to your cooking or sun-kissed tomatoes.  From the family room, your kitchen opens to this warm space.  With U-shaped counters, you have plenty of space for potluck get-togethers, cookies for everyday or holiday, and a breakfast eating area for family time.  A door takes you to the covered terrace.

Concorde – Back of house and Garage

From the kitchen, you have closets, a laundry room and a walk-out to your three-car garage.  A bonus in this garage is a large storage area for shoes, tools, or whatever you need.  Yes, separate garage storage for your ‘stuff’.

Concorde – 2nd Floor

 Hurry Upstairs.

Ok, now it’s time to go upstairs. Yes, I know your owner’s suite is on floor one, so you may not spend time in this upper area, but your kids and guests will.  At the top of the stairs, a large rec room greets you.  Dance studio, homework central, office, ‘talking’ space or whatever you need, this is space for whatever you want it to be.

The central rec room also opens to three-bedroom suites.  One suite has access to a single bathroom with entry from the hall too.  The other two bedrooms each have a walk-in closet but share a double-sink bathroom with shower and toilet.  There is a lot of attic storage space.   Look at this plan.  It’s for everyone.

Concorde is your everything.  See it, feel it, believe it, it is here for you.

Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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