Buckingham – Your Palace

A man’s house is his castle.” – James Otis

Yes, one’s home should feel like a castle, a place where you navigate life, a place you feel a sense of self and a place to feel royal.  Why not right?  It’s your home.  This Buckingham is much easier to manage and can be located anywhere you want it to be, unlike the BIG one in London.  So, forget that one, let’s talk about this traditional, colonial-style one.  This Buckingham brings you 3,000+ square feet in 2 stories with 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths of space to enjoy every day.  Living Concepts has thought of everything here, including a large rec-room above the garage.  After a long, hot summer, this will be an ideal hang-out space as fall rolls in and you spend more time indoors.

Buckingham – Front

Buckingham – Your Palace

The strong, brick, regal exterior of this home really shines.  Two-story tall pillars flanking the front door are sure to wow your friends and family alike, as well as make you smile every time you get home.  Wrought-iron handrails that reach out to you, as if giving a hug, and a second-story balcony, lend a formal, but not intrusive or intimidating look to the façade.  Low landscaping will give the home the finish it needs but will let the house shine and stand on its beautiful design.

First Floor – Buckingham

Buckingham – Your Palace

Foyer, Dining Room and Living Room

Stepping into your foyer you’ll notice how spacious it feels.  Stairs to the second floor, crawl up against a wall and are not intrusive in this space.  A large living room to your left and a dining room to the right has wide entry openings, making the front rooms of the first floor feel bright and open.  Both the living room and dining room have bay windows.  The piano will look great in the living room if you have one.  A formal or casual feeling dining room will make holiday or any day of the week meals, feel special.  Who needs to eat in the kitchen all the time?  Not you, because this is the Buckingham after all – live it up!

Back to your foyer, there is a ‘corner’ between the stairs and the area leading to your kitchen.  If you like a more formal approach to décor, you might consider putting a chair, small table and lamp right here.

Buckingham – Your Palace

Family Room, Kitchen and Eating area

Double doors from the living room or a small ‘hall’ from the foyer will get you to your real daily ‘living spaces’.  From the living room, you’ll walk into your family room with a cool-weather-warming fireplace.  From the family room, double doors open to your outdoor terrace.  You’ll love al fresco dining here.

The breakfast/eating area of the kitchen will be where you can play board games with your family.  If you share nightly meals and reasons to laugh around the dinner table, you’ll make great memories for sure.

A U-shaped kitchen with plenty of counter space is where you’ll want to cook and bake for everyone.  This kitchen has a great bonus, a pantry for your meal staples, snacks to put in school lunches and your crock-pot for easy week-night meals.  From the foyer to the open family room/kitchen area, pass a closet on the left and a powder room (a mini throne-room, if you will) on the right.

As you walk from the prep area of the kitchen towards the dining room, you’ll walk right by your laundry room.  The laundry room has space for a nice utility sink, a closet and a door that leads out to your two-car garage.

Buckingham – Your Palace


Your two-car garage has a great extra feature too.  Double doors lead you to a storage area.  Use this space for your toolboxes, shelves for your gardening hobby, basic car necessities (oil, antifreeze, soap for washing) and maybe your outdoor shoes.  This is a space you will be glad to have.  There is also utility door leading out of the garage.

Buckingham – Your Palace

Second Floor – Buckingham

Upstairs – The Rec Room

Let’s talk about this space first – it is where you will surely spend many enjoyable hours.  At the top of the stairs, walk past a few bedroom suites (we’ll get back to those) and head toward the rec room above the garage.  Love big screens for gaming or movie/tv watching?  Here is your spot.  There is a dormer window here, but it won’t be so bright to light up the room.  You can absolutely fit a cool popcorn machine, refrigerator and counter/cabinets for storing serving plates and bowls.  Or, if you prefer, this is where you put the big sectional your kids and their friends will have fun hanging out on.  Again, this is the ‘cool’ space of the house – a safe hideaway – your movie binge room – maybe your rowing machine space too.   

  “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” – Jane Austen


Now, at the top of the stairs, go left to your master suite.  Your master bath, on the right, has 2 separate single vanity sinks.  Along with a stand-alone shower and tub here, the ‘main throne’ has its own private space.  The large bedroom area has long solid walls for dressers, a tall headboard and maybe a cozy chair to sit in. Your large walk-in closet is at the front of the house, above the front porch.  Go on a shopping spree – this closet can handle it.

From the master suite and across from the stairs is a suite with double doors to a closet (not walk-in), a double sink vanity ‘jack and jill’ bath and a door for privacy to the tub/commode area.  A second suite on the other side of the bathroom has a walk-in closet.  In the front right corner of the house is a 3rd bedroom suite.  While this space does have a walk-in closet, it shares a door to a bathroom that is also accessible from the hall.  Have a growing family?  Do you entertain guests?  This upstairs space will have you wanting for nothing – remember, it is Buckingham, Your Palace.

A field of clay touched by the genius of man becomes a castle.Og Mandino

 Find your field, your forest, your shore.  Find the place to land and build your castle. Your Buckingham.  No matter the size, building a home is a journey with great reward.  Click the link to Buckingham, click the green “Add to Cart’ button on the right and you are on your way to making your dream home a reality.

Make this your own.  Welcome Home.

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