Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

No, not Barbarella, a movie with Jane Fonda, but Barbarossa, a craftsman home with a basement. This beautiful house plan by Living Concepts  has 2,764 heated square feet, three bedrooms, four full bathrooms and room for some serious recreation. An aside- the name Barbarossa actually means “surrounded by palms.” (For history buffs, it was also the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union). As for Barbarella– it means foreign woman. Because I knew you were going to ask that, too.

Whether you surround your permanent abode with waving palms or sturdy oaks is a personal decision; this craftsman plan will fit in either way. A low-pitched roof and overhanging eaves are only part of what draws your eyes to the front. Cedar siding, a stone water table, an eyebrow window (yes, there really is such a thing), and a covered porch with sufficient room for a few chairs may cause you to delay entering. Just to look around.

Barbarossa a craftsman home with a basement


Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

     First Floor: The Garage and Laundry Room

For many of us, entering our homes after a long day away will be through the garage. It is a room taken for granted, but it allows us protection from the elements as we enter our home, gives a place for us to store tools, and keeps our vehicles safe. The Barbarossa plan has a double garage with a door that leads inside to a small hall. A reach-in closet directly in front of you provides the perfect spot to slip off your loafers and slip on your UGGs. To your right, the laundry room has the space for washer, dryer and a utility sink. Shelves above these appliances will be convenient for storing your detergents and other laundry essentials.

first floor

Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

     First Floor: The Kitchen, Dining and Family Room

And the living is easy

Cooking, breaking bread, and cleaning are all easy when family members are not underfoot- except when you want them to be (i.e. cleaning up). The dining area, kitchen and family room are open, with windows and the covered terrace letting in filtered light (because those trees planted years ago are now mature giants). The fireplace in the family room adds an element of relaxation when the days and nights are chilly outside. The L shaped kitchen includes an island with seating, a double sink and space for the dishwasher. The stovetop and refrigerator are found at the bottom of the L, while the ovens (because you can stack ovens here) are at the top of the L. Still, there is plenty of counterspace for you to dust with flour as you create your piece de resistance via King Arthur. The family will appreciate you for that.

Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

     First Floor: Bonus Bath and Cozy study

Around the corner of the kitchen, you will find a full bath with a walk-in shower- not a half bath, but a full one, a true bonus when you have guests over and you need that extra shower. The bathroom also opens into the study, which faces the front of the house. This space could also be an extra bedroom, just right for that unexpected overflow, especially when you add a futon and small dresser. You exit the study by a separate door that leads into the foyer. On your left, you will find stairs going to the living areas in the lower level (more on that below). Walking forward, you enter a small hallway that brings you into the master suite.

Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

     First Floor: The Master Suite

Calgon, take me away

To the master suite, that is. Where you can relax, listen to music on your Alexa, read books, or soak in the tub. A reach-in closet is immediately to your left as you enter the hall. This would be an ideal place to put an overflow of seasonal clothes or decorations. Or shoes. Walking forward and through the next door, you enter the sleeping area- or you veer to the left and voila! your master bath appears. His and her sinks enable you both to brush teeth at the same time without any elbow jostling. A garden tub and walk-in shower can provide the perfect prescription to an aromatherapy experience. Then, there is the walk-in closet- maybe you can share this, maybe not. There is more room for storage on the lower level; let’s go there next.


Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

     The Basement: The Bar

He was a wise man who invented beerPlato

No, he did not really say that. Pretty sure Plato drank wine, and in moderation (seems philosophers frowned on inebriation). However you might like your spirits, the bar is downstairs immediately on your right. There is space for seating, a sink to clean up, and room for your sommelier to turn around and reach into the fridge for more tonic water. You might instead make this your coffee corner– a Keurig or Espresso Maker, coffee syrups, fine coffee (Counter Culture is an option) and the barista’s corner is nearly complete. The rest is up to you.

Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

     The Basement: Storage, Billiards and Recreation

Should I Stay or Should I Go

No need to go anywhere. A closet under the stairs could hold extra coffee/spirits as needed. Nearby is a billiards corner, with generous room for your table or even table tennis i.e. “ping pong.” A storage room with outside access (ideal place for storing garden tools) is to the right of the billiards room. The recreation room in the middle of the lower floor has a fireplace and room for several of these-Magis spun chair. After all, why settle for a sofa when you can take a spin in your chair- and then take it outside with you to the covered lanai?

Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement

     The Basement: Bedroom Suites

When all is said and done

After all of that recreating, you will want to crash somewhere nearby. And that is here, downstairs. There are two bedroom suites on the left side, each with full baths and walk-in closets. The second suite has a soaking tub, while the third suite has a walk-in shower. Soak or spray, your choice.


rear elevation

Barbarossa: A Craftsman Home with A Basement


And the winner is..

The Barbarossa. Truly, this craftsman house plan, with less than 3000 square feet, covers more aspects of daily living than many plans three times the size. Rooms are open (kitchen, dining, and family rooms) where needed, and secluded by necessity (the bedrooms). You have space indoors for exercising and outside for entertaining. The house is inviting and yet, practical. All for 2764 square feet. And an eyebrow window.

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