Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

Once again, we are going back to the basement- the Gatewood Plan. The house plan with a full basement, that is. And here is another story about a basement. That old house I grew up in that I told you about last time? It must have been used for storage, plus room for one car to park. It was/is a very old home (pre-Civil War) where we discovered a phrase/signature engraved on one of the very old glass windows using a woman’s diamond. Pretty cool, huh? That was donated to the local historical society long ago. (Or hysterical society, as some refer to it).

Yet, I digress. The basement of the Gatewood Plan by Frank Snodgrass of Living Concepts is fully functional, as are the first and second floors. First, though, let’s look at the front of the house. The style is craftsman, with tapered columns, stone, and cedar shingles for the exterior, as shown in the front elevation. A green metal roof, tall narrow windows and a covered front porch enhance the character of the home.

back to the basement the Gatewood plan

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

     The Basics

The Gatewood has three floors- basement, first and second. There is one master suite and four additional bedroom suites, five full bathrooms and three half-baths (i.e. “powder” rooms). Two two-car garages, outdoor spaces, storage and more make this house plan an ideal one. Let’s look further.

basement plan

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

    The Basement: The Bar, Billiards and Recreation

First, whenever you walk downstairs from the first floor, you will notice a door on the left. Behind this, you will find the space for mechanical items, such as your heating, air conditioning, and hot water heater. Then, a few steps further ahead, and the powder room is on your left. Now, you are at the bar– this folks, is a serious in-home “wine-ing” space. 

An island with designated places for a double sink, refrigerator and dishwasher, plus seating for at least five of your best friends- an undeniably popular spot. Behind the bar is a door that opens to your wine room- a walk-in wine storage room. (I always knew basements had a larger purpose than spiders and other creepy crawlies). Adjacent to this area is the space for your billiards table. The recreation room sports a fireplace with bookcases on either side. So, you can watch the billiards game and keep cozy by the fireplace while keeping an eye on the bar. If you wish.

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

     The Basement: Office, Terrace, Suite and Storage

Next, the office is adjacent to the billiards room. It (your study) includes a door to your covered terrace. To fully understand how stunning this home, the Gatewood, is, look at the rear elevation. It shows the terrace with its arches and stone embracing the home at this level.

rear elevation gatewood

Once back inside, walk through the recreation room and take a sharp right. In front of you is a dedicated space for an elevator (optional). Think you’ll never need one? I beg to differ. We all grow older; creaky bones and joints might demand a rest. And have you ever tried walking up and down the stairs on crutches? Downright dangerous. This is a wonderful add-on to a home that will take you from the basement to the second floor, if desired.

Then, next to the elevator is a bedroom suite, which has a full bath (single sink, linen closet, toilet and walk-in shower). Nearby is a walk-in closet. The bedroom suite also has a door for easy access to outside, coming out onto the covered terrace. Outdoor storage is capacious, extending from beside the suite all the way to the rear of the basement. 

first floor plan Gatewood

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

     The First Floor: Garages, Laundry and Mudroom

Next  is the first floor. One way to enter the home is through the garage. In fact, there are two two-car garages at right angles to each other. The garage bay that is closest to the front has not only space for your cars, but also a place to hang tools on either side of the door that leads inside to the mudroom. This convenient room is where you drop your boots or hang up that pickleball racket before entering the main body of the home. A bench and lockers are in the plan, making it easy for you to be super-organized.

Between the garages, you will find another door that takes you inside. Immediately on your right is a reach-in closet. A few steps further, and you are in the laundry room. A utility sink, cupboards for your washing supplies and a dedicated place for your stackable washer and dryer increase the room’s efficiency. And the powder room? Quite close, just in case.

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

      The First Floor: Covered Porch, Dining, Foyer and Study

Alternatively, if you enter the home from the front, you step first onto the covered porch with its three tapered columns. The porch extends from the front door to the right and beyond the windows of the dining room. Once inside, you are in the foyer. The circular staircase will take you upstairs. A reach-in closet is tucked under the stairs and another powder room is nearby, as well as the elevator. Before that, on your left is the study with a fireplace- a second “office” for you to use for work or for a quiet retreat. And then, on your right is the formal dining room, the setting for all of those serious or quite joyful dinners with your loved ones.

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

     The First Floor: Stairs, Kitchen, Breakfast and Keeping Room

By the mudroom, there are also stairs that take you up to the second floor and one going down into the basement. Opposite the stairs are upper and lower cabinets- a place to drop your keys or briefcase before heading into the kitchen for a snack. Or dinner. Then, on your left is the kitchen pantry, a walk-in pantry that could rival Julia Childs. Or Martha Stewart. Inside the kitchen, the “L” shaped countertops (think a flipped L) house the stovetop, refrigerator, dishwasher and sink.

An island (elongated semi-circle) with seating and a sink, plus loads of prep space, helps to accommodate those early risers who prefer an informal seat to those who would like to sit down and enjoy the first repast of the day in the breakfast room. The keeping room? Well, that is for relaxing after your meal. Complete with a fireplace.

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

     The First Floor: Family Room, Lanai and Master Suite

From the kitchen and breakfast area, you walk into the family room. On the left wall is the fireplace, and on either side of that, there is room for shelving and, I suppose, that big television so you can watch those Saturday college football games. And your favorite streaming shows. Step outside to the covered lanai when you need fresh air and to stretch your legs. Another door from the lanai takes you into the master suite.

The master suite occupies nearly the entire left side of the home. After the sleeping area, which has convenient access to the elevator, you enter a small, irregularly shaped hallway. On one side is the expansive walk-in closet. Adjacent to this is your exercise room. The master bath is only a few steps away. This room has two single sinks, a walk-in shower, garden/shelf tub, and a toilet with a door. Plus, there is room for your bath essentials in the closet. 

second floor Gatewood

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan

     The Second Floor: Three More Bedroom Suites

You can take the stairs by the mudroom to get to the second floor. Alternatively, you can use the circular staircase or the elevator. Once there, you will find three bedroom suites. Let’s start with suite #2, as designated on the plans. This one is by the mudroom stairs. It is on the right side of the house and has a bath with a single sink, tub/shower combination, and toilet. A walk-in closet is nearby, as is an additional closet.

On the left side of the home is suite #3. It has a sitting room, where you can look out over your backyard. Also, there is a walk-in shower, single sink, toilet and a place to store your preferred bath linens and other essentials. A walk-in closet provides room for your clothes. Suite #4 is close to the circular stairs and the balcony. It faces the front of the home. An extended walk-in closet and a bathroom with all of the necessary fixtures (shower/tub, toilet, single sink, plus storage) complete the upstairs rooms.

Back to the Basement: The Gatewood Plan Conclusion

Like the Kipling house plan, the Gatewood has more than just a functional basement. It has one that goes beyond the ordinary and introduces you to the possibilities on all floors that a well thought out home should have. To purchase this plan, be sure to click on the green button on the right side of the page that says add to cart.


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