Ashland – Definition “Relaxation”

Ashland – Your Relaxation is here

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach…” – Henry David Thoreau  from Walden

Ashland Front

Ready for a break?  Is your life busy, do you wish to get away, or do you want to slow down and enjoy your hobbies and family?  Well, this is Ashland, your slow-down and relaxation ‘hot spot’.  Frank Snodgrass, of Living Concepts, brings you this charming 1700 sq foot European hideaway.

Ashland.  European.  The textures are natural, and the colors are natural.  The dormer on the second floor, steep sloping roofline, and arched entryway are just the beginning of what European design and charm offer you.  Where is your dream fishing hole?  Where is it open and scenic for your painting?  Is astronomy, star-gazing, and following the constellations your thing?  Do you want quiet surroundings for reading, baking, sculpting, or hanging out with family and friends?  This is just the jumping-off point to find your lot and allow Ashland to bring you the get-a-way you are ready for.

Ashland Main Floor

Ashland – Entry

Everything about Ashland is ideal.  Its curb appeal is pure charm.  Let’s go in for the welcome and get to all the great spaces as we go along.

The entry is enough.  Every space is the house is enough.  You feel homey but don’t have a lot of space to clean or fuss with.  This is your get-a-way hide-a-way.  Just relax and enjoy.  While there isn’t much wall space here, you can hang a picture or two. A tall plant stand with a vase of silk flowers would look great in the corner between the family room and the hall to the master suite.

A powder room off the foyer is small, but enough.  Find fun, colorful wallpaper, a unique sink and this might be a favorite space.

Ashland – Master Suite

To the left of the foyer is a short walkway with a linen closet.  This walkway takes you to your bedroom, full-functioning master bath, and large walk-in closet.  A long wall of windows brings nature in for enjoyment every morning and night. A bed with a tall headboard would also make this space nice for a lot of squishy pillows and cozy reading.

The master bath has all you could want with a two-sink vanity and a separate shower and tub.  Just because this is a smaller, easier living home doesn’t mean you give up your favorite things.  Yes, take a nice tub soak with plenty of bubbles.

The walk-in closet is huge.  There is room for all seasons of clothes that you can keep here.  Your sweaters and long pants, your jackets and coats, and your shorts and T-shirts are all at home here.

Ashland – Family Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen

Your large family room will surely have ears to hear lots of laughter from nights of game-playing.  Maybe you like quiet or can finally binge The Bear on Hulu. Make sure to have sitting spaces that are soft and long couches for lounging and napping.

There is a door out to your deck from here.  Maybe it is wide open, maybe it’s screened in with a tin roof to sit safe and dry, but light the candles and listen to the rain when it falls?  Make it yours.

The dining room can be as formal or cozy as you wish.  Build a banquette and long table or a long table with a bench.

A large, open island faces your family room fireplace.  Mount a large fish you catch and hang it somewhere.  Why not.  My grandpa did that after he caught a huge bass in a lake in Wisconsin.  I’m sure my gran wasn’t thrilled, but it was the lake house, so she let him.    The counter space in the kitchen is ample. L-shaped and ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ashland – Laundry and More

From the kitchen, head down a short hall to the garage.  To the right is the laundry room with an additional space for a sink.  Stairs to the second floor are here too.  This is ideal as they are out of the way and not intrusive.

Ashland Second Floor

 Ashland -Second place – but no less than first

Upstairs is as equally nice as downstairs.  Never mind the size, this is the relaxation home remember? There are two bedroom suites with long closets.  There is a full bathroom, but it is not Jack-and-Jill style, between the suites.  You’ll be happy to have a really large walk-in attic space too.  Christmas décor?  No problem.  Need more space for clothes or ‘activity gear’?  No problem.

Ashland also offers an incredible bonus room. If the days are cold, rainy, snowy or summery, hot and awful, a treadmill and free weights will keep your workout on track.  Do you need an office?  There’s plenty of space here.  This is an all-purpose room, make it make you happy.


Ashland is waiting for you.  Nature is waiting for you.  Find the land and reach out to Living Concepts, the team is ready to assist you.

Life is short. “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana” – Uknown

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