A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

I grew up in a really old house with a basement. A creepy, dark non-functional basement that had these things that looked like a cross between crickets and spiders. And they would hop on you. I did not like that basement. However, the Kipling, a roomy Craftsman plan by Living Concepts has the perfect, brighter basement-  with plenty of windows and amenities. You shall see!

front of Kipling plan showing windows, stone and cedar shakes

Stone flanks the front entrance (or loggia), which is offset to the right. Mullioned windows with shutters and cedar shakes lend a European flair to this cottage, which has 4910 square feet, basement, first and second floor. There are four full bathrooms, one powder room with the master on the second floor; there are also four other bedrooms.

basement plan showing guest suite, bar, media/safe room, veranda

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

     A Basement with Extras- the Card Room and Guest Suite

First, you have several ways to enter the basement. You may use the stairs from the first floor or, going under the covered veranda from the outside, you have two doors. One on the right (looking at the basement plan) leads directly into the card room. Poker perhaps? Or bridge? Make it your own by adding the table you need and chairs that you can sink into. 

Or you may use the door on the left under the veranda that takes you into a short hallway, leading to the guest suite. (Another door nearby is for storage of tools you might need for the yard). The guest suite is an efficient one that includes a deep reach-in closet. The bathroom has a walk-in shower, single sink and an enclosed toilet. You will find storage for linens as well as another reach-in closet nearby for your bridge friends or to use as an overflow from the guest suite. 

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

     A Basement with Extras- the Recreation Room and Media/Safe Room

Then, from the card room you step into the recreation room. A fireplace in the corner will dispel the chill on cool mornings or evenings and brighten the area with the glow of embers. This room could be your home gym or billiards room (but maybe wait on the card players to finish before you hit that cue ball – that takes some concentration). A bar with seating, a double sink for washing up and a storage room for your libations and supplies- that alone makes this a basement with extras. Plus there is room for a dishwasher and an under-the-counter fridge.

Finally, the media/safe room, which is across from the mechanical storage, offers you dual possibilities. The room is windowless, making it perfect for either purpose. Desire the media room? Add theater seating and a screen for your viewing. Want a safe room, too? You will need to stock up on supplies and store them in the two closets on either side of the doorway. (An aside- a safe room is the room where you store your safe and other valuables). Either way, the room is invaluable.

first floor plan showing garage, living and dining areas, laundry

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

     The First Floor: Garage, Laundry and Kitchen

The three-car garage is found on the left side of the home. When you are entering the home this way, a few steps up and you will be in the laundry room. Drop off those muddy boots here! On your right, a utility sink and a stackable washer/dryer will streamline your cleaning needs.  A counter top for folding clothes and cabinets to store your cleaning supplies (or maybe that iron that you say you might use one day) are included. 

Next, let’s head into the kitchen. Right before that, though, you will pass the stairs going down to the basement on your right and a walk-in pantry on your left. How convenient! Come upstairs from the basement, grab your snack from the pantry and head right back down for your game of cards. For a full meal, though, you’ll need to head into the kitchen. Here, in a “C” layout, you will     find space for the refrigerator on the left and for your oven(s) on the right. The stovetop is along the wall on the right, also. 

Then, on the far wall, is a designated space for you to sit and pore over your recipes or add to your calendar. In the middle of the kitchen, a large island provides seating, and includes a double sink with space for your dishwasher, too. The breakfast room is only steps away and will be awash in light on sunny days, as it has windows on three sides, with one side having sliding glass doors that lead outside.

rear elevation showing multiple stories, covered terrace, enclosed deck

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

     The First Floor: The Covered Porch, Deck, and Family Room

Step outside from the breakfast room onto the deck-remember, this is above the basement level, so you will have a grand view of your backyard and beyond. A table, some comfortable outdoorsy chairs, and you can get that vitamin D your skin requires. For days that are less than sunny, the covered porch may be your retreat. It is nice to have choices, isn’t it? 

Then, from the outside to the inside, you may want to lounge in the family room, where a fireplace in the far right corner begs you to stand closer to warm hands and feet. Since the family room is open to the breakfast room and the kitchen, you will find entertaining and the seating needed for those repasts, easy to accomplish.

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

     The First Floor: The Dining Room and Study

On the other hand, if your desire is for a more formal meal, you will want to retreat into the dining room, which is to the left of the foyer and faces the front of the Kipling plan. To the right of the foyer, however, is a closet for your current outerwear, and then the study, a quiet place where you can read the mail, study your stocks or simply put up your feet sans distractions. Included is a small walk-in closet. A powder room is adjacent and certainly adds to the convenience of this space.

second floor plan showing balcony, master suite and three additional bedroom suites

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

    The Second Floor: The Master Suite

Come upstairs now, and then take a sharp right turn. Step through the door, and you will see a countertop with space underneath for a small fridge. This is where you stash your I can’t face the day without my emergency cup of coffee. Enter the master suite, and on your right is the fireplace. A tray ceiling and access to the covered balcony add to the beauty of this room. 

Next, you will enter the master bath.  A linen closet is on your right. Ahead are two sinks that are separate and have counter space as well as storage underneath.  A walk-in shower, shelf or garden tub and enclosed toilet, plus two prodigious (aka huge) walk-in closets make this your own special retreat from the day’s worries.

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan

     The Second Floor: Three More Bedroom Suites

Turning left from the stairs will take you to another bedroom suite (#2 in plans). This one faces the front of the home and includes its own walk-in closet and bathroom with sink and shower/bathtub combination. A laundry chute is nearby- no more dragging dirty clothes downstairs (and it lands right on the X in the laundry room!).

Close to the stairs but on the left side of the home are the third and fourth bedroom suites. Step down and to the right is a room for storage before you reach the bedroom. The fourth bedroom suite is on the left; both suites share a bathroom with sink and shower/tub. However, they each have their own walk-in closets.

A Brighter Basement: The Kipling Plan- Conclusion

When considering a home with a basement, you will want to be sure it meets your needs, functioning just as you desire. With plenty of windows and a layout that is multi-purpose, the Kipling Plan may be just the one you need. To purchase it, be sure to click on the green button on the right that says add to cart.

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