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Living Concepts’ house plans, floor plans and home plan designs are distinctive, functional, and satisfying to live in. Great care has been put into the benefits each house plan promotes to your lifestyle for ease of living.

However, since building codes are subject to change and local interpretations of building codes often vary, we cannot warrant compliance with any specific codes or ordinances.  The purchaser is responsible for verifying that our house plans comply with all local building codes and are suitable for a particular site before actual construction begins.  We recommend you consult with a local builder and/or engineer to assist you with this verification.  However, as Living Concepts Home Plans has no control over the builder, engineer, or subcontractors you choose, we cannot be responsible for advice or assistance you receive from them or the methods they use.

Square footage calculations for each house plan are approximate and include exterior stud wall thickness. Consult working drawings for exact calculations for construction cost estimates.  Renderings of house plans are an artist’s conception only. Photographed homes may vary from the construction drawings due to modifications made by the owner or builder to suit personal preferences.

All Living Concepts home plans are protected by Federal Copyright Laws and unauthorized reproduction, sale or use of these plans is prohibited.  With the purchase of a Living Concepts home plan building package, purchaser is licensed to construct one house only.  Additional re-use licenses may be purchased to construct it more than one time.  House plans are non-transferable and cannot be resold.

Note:  Due to regional variations in climate and building codes, mechanical and plumbing layouts are not provided. These should be supplied by local subcontractors.  House plans may need to be adjusted to meet current and local building codes and requirements.

Note:  Photographed homes may have been modified from their original construction documents to suit individual homeowner's preferences.

What are house plans and whats included in a set of house plans?

Your house plans and specifications are the documents used by your builder and contractors to instruct them on how to build your new home.  Each set of house plans includes a fully dimensioned foundation plan with information on footings and framing; floor plans; framing plans; front, side, and rear elevations; roof plan; misc. details and sections necessary for construction; and a basic electrical layout.

Each set of house plans includes detailed documentation which fully describes the specifications of the materials needed to complete the building of your home. You can take your detailed house plans to any building supply company or a building contractor to get precise estimates of the total cost to build your home.

House plans are used to provide the builder with a complete set of two-dimensional instructions on exactly how to construct the home. The most common sizes of house plans for the construction of a new home are 18" x 24" or 24" x 36".

We offer a variety of house plan packages ranging from 1-set (for study purposes only) to CD-ROM AutoCAD disks. Once you have selected a house plan to view in more detail, click on the 'View Prices and Order Plan' button to view the house plan packages that are available for the home you are interested in. We recommend that you purchase at least a 5-set package so that you will have enough sets to get you through the building process. In addition to a set for yourself, you will need to supply a set to your builder, mortgage lender, local building department and any subcontractors who need one.

A very popular house plan package for individuals who will be making modifications to their house plans are reproducible vellums. A reproducible vellum set gives an architect, builder or other construction professional the ability to make minor changes to the drawings without having to redraw the house plans. For more major modifications such as making changes to exterior walls or adding/subtracting floors, we recommend you order the AutoCAD on CD-ROM, if it is available for that plan.

A typical set of house plans will include...

  • Dimensioned and detailed Foundation plan (type as listed on home plan description).
  • Dimensioned and detailed floor plans.
  • Framing plans.
  • Complete front, side and rear elevations.
  • Roof plan.
  • Typical building sections (as deemed necessary for construction).
  • Typical foundation details, wall sections, and cornice details necessary for construction.
  • Separate electrical plan (may be shown on floor plans in some cases).

Best Price Guarantee

Because we are the designer of our plans and not a third-party selling someone else's plans, we guarantee our prices to be the lowest you will find anywhere online.

Should you find another website that says they will match our price and even give an additional amount off, we will match that price plus give you an additional 5% OFF.  Call for details.

Return Policy

1-Set, 5-Set, and Reproducible Packages may be returned for refund only if the package has not been opened.  If unopened, they must be returned within 15 days and a 20% restocking fee will be applied.  PDF's and AutoCad Packages may not be returned for refund due to Copyright Laws. All shipping charges are non-refundable.


Architectural Styles

Architectural Styles are determined by the exterior characteristics which are often influenced by the area of the world in which they originated. Architectural styles are influenced greatly by the materials indigenous to the region as well as the climate where they were created.

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